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May 12, 2011

Herrera Beutler Joins Call for Countywide Vote on Light Rail

by lewwaters

C-Tran Board members have received a letter from Washington 3rd Congressional District Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler indicating her support of allowing a countywide vote on the issue of raising a sales tax to fund light rail maintenance. In spite of Clark County citizens being promised a vote on the in September 2010, Mayor of Portland’s Vancouver Tim ‘No Show’ Leavitt has steadfastly worked to ensure only a small portion of taxpayers would be allowed to vote on that sales tax, which inevitably would spread countywide.

The Columbian’s Andrea Damewood has supplied a copy of the letter in her post on All Politics is Local.

Bringing light rail from Portland into Vancouver has been a very contentious issue and as is noted by Herrera Beutler in her letter, without a countywide vote, it is impossible to gauge the true public sentiment on the issue.

Of late, under the guidance of ‘no show’ Leavitt, the promised vote that Clark County citizens was supposed to receive in the November 2011 election has stalled under threat of a block veto by Vancouver’s city cartel comprised of Tim ‘No Show’ Leavitt, Bart Hansen and Larry Smith, all in lock-step with ‘no show.’

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May 12, 2011

Leavitt Bails on Scheduled Interview

by lewwaters

All week long Victoria Taft has been announcing a scheduled interview with Mayor Tim Leavitt of Portland’s Vancouver for 11:25 AM Thursday, May 12. The scheduled interview was accepted earlier this week.

When Eric, Victoria’s producer called Mayor Leavitt, he did not answer and after first saying they did not know where he was, Eric was told the scheduled interview had been cancelled. Wouldn’t it have nice of the Mayor’s office to inform KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft.

Why is Tim Leavitt afraid to face voters and answer questions on his many changes since lying to get into office?

Leavitt says, “I would urge this board to hold off on making those decisions until we better understand the climate and have the facts and details at our fingertips.” Concerning voting on light rail maintenance funding Leavitt said, “There are a lot of complex machinations that are happening. Locking us into a decision either way is way too premature.”

However, he seemed perfectly willing to be locked into a decision last year when he pulled his sleight of hand trick to combine voting for light rail maintenance funding in with a vote for C-Tran funding.

And now, he reneges on a scheduled appearance where citizens would have the ability to confront him outside of the confines of the Vancouver City Cartel? He sends notice of cancelling two minutes AFTER the time scheduled to be on?

Bad form, Mayor Leavitt, Very bad form.

In lieu of the actual Mayor, callers to Victoria Taft’s program chimed as if they were him.

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May 12, 2011

Dump the Vancouver City Cartel

by lewwaters

With the latest stunt of Vancouver, Washington mayor Tim Leavitt and the city council, which more resemble a cartel than an elected body of representatives, it has come time to vote out any up for reelection.

Last September Mayor Leavitt, now known for his blatant lies to be elected as the Mayor in opposing tolling the new bridge that will eventually be constructed across the Columbia River, engineered a little sleight of hand trick, combining a citizen vote on extending Portland, Oregon’s financially failing Light Rail in with a vote for a sales tax increase to “preserve and expand existing C-Tran bus service” in Clark County.

One lone council member, Jeanne Stewart, gauging strong public sentiment against light rail from Portland, cast the deciding vote to split the ballot measures, correctly seeing that the public wasn’t going to fall for Leavitt’s trick and that C-Tran would most lose a significant portion of their funding.

Leavitt and the rest of the city cartel ungraciously voted to oust her from the C-Tran board, replacing her with Larry Smith.

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