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May 13, 2011

Leavitt to Announce A Ball Team Coming to Vancouver?

by lewwaters

KPAM News has reported ‘no show’ Leavitt has announced a press release for 1 PM to say a deal has been reached to bring a Minor League ball Team to Vancouver.

Updates will be following, but I have to wonder, since a stadium will have to built to accommodate them, how much will taxpayers be on the hook for that, where exactly where it be built?

Initial word was it would be built on Clark College property in the Arnada Neighborhood. But, isn’t that where they also announced a parking facility for Loot Rail once it is shoved down our throats?

I’m not opposed to a ball team coming to Vancouver, but I am concerned on just what this will cost Clark County taxpayers on top of every other pie in the sky scheme this Mayor is proposing, CRC, waterfront project, acquisition of the new city hall building, while closing fire stations.

Has he bought a printing press to print his own money?

Public to hear details of baseball proposal Friday

May 13, 2011

Obama’s Energy Plan – Hot Air

by lewwaters

From the NRSC,