This is Why, Mayor Leavitt

by lewwaters

In a recent exchange with Vancouver’s Mayor Tim Leavitt on the Columbian’s web page (in comments), he wondered about my saying I would not make the mistake of supporting him again. In addition to the reasons I listed there, the following video compilation should also explain the beginning of my decision to not support him should he run for another term when this one is up.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I believe every effort must be made by people to keep their word.

Leavitt’s turn around on tolling of the Columbia River Crossing is a sell-out in my estimation. He claims he could see no other way to fund the boondoggle project, yet when campaigning he boasted of years of involvement in all of the intricate matters of it while on the C-Tran Board.

Lest you think this is single issue matter with me, it is not. I also am disturbed by his lack of seeing how a proposed Special Events Ordinance easily could have impaired free speech as well as his spineless conduct during the now famous ‘Gavel Down’ incident with city council member Jeanne Harris, September 2010. Ducking out at the last minute on an interview with my friend Victoria Taft and efforts to silence critics at council meetings didn’t help him in my eyes either.

While I have appreciated his stand on helping out the local VFW Post and showing honor to Veterans as well as a few other lesser issues, his lying outright to get elected to the office over shadows them.

We need honorable people in office if we are ever to turn the city, county and country back around.

Tim Leavitt is sorely lacking in that regard as far as I am concerned.

Fortunately for Tim, he isn’t up for reelection this year.

20 Responses to “This is Why, Mayor Leavitt”

  1. I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for any response from the good mayor.

    And I’m just kidding about part of the sentence above.

  2. Honestly, I don’t expect a response from him either.

  3. The only reason Tim would respond was if he could get his new PR hire (communications director) to do the speaking for him. Why pay someone 100K$ when they can speak for you as Mayor?

    Honestly, I am not too hot about Tim either. He has a hell of a lot to prove. And I agree, one of his main thrusts that he used to clobber Royce with was the anti-toll commentary. Its what brought him the win.

    I have a feeling that you are going to get more agreement on this point that Tim hasn’t live up to his potential and that his word and words aren’t following the campaign rhetoric he espoused to beat the incumbent and if he doesn’t do some thing in his own right without help from his inner circle, he won’t get elected again.

    I don’t even know if he has intentions to run again in 2013. But I can tell you that see at least three potential city council members who are eyeing his job and have better credentials and possibly community support more than Tim does and could easily beat him.

  4. The sad thing about Tim’s sell out is that a simple highway bridge can be build cheaply enough to not require tolls if Oregon & Washington each could come up with a measly (in the context of billion dollar budgets) $200 mil each.

    If they refuse to come up with a penny, the tolls would still be well under a dollar for a bridge.

    The really sick part of this is that Tim & his fellow travelers are willing to impose a $1500 toll on commuters to get the money to build the worthless light rail whose only benefit is campaign donations to politicians like himself from the parasites that get their parts of the $3 BILLION waste.

    see and and


  5. Again Lew…an excellent write and absolutely on the mark… AGAIN! I wouldn’t count on Mister “I do care about what folks think” Leavitt answering you here in the wolf’s den, although I’ll be keeping a watchful eye. At the time of the last election, the folks in the City of Vancouver were trying to vote on the lesser of two evils…kind of that danged if we do and danged if we don’t scenario. I’d bet there’s a lot of people jumping at the chance to change things up in the next mayoral election!

  6. The man lied to get elected – a lie so big it can’t be excused or recovered from. If this man is re-elected, whose fault is it?

    p.s. I’m NOT a “notolls” person but I demand people walk the talk.

  7. We disagree on many things, Martin, but I commend you for living your values and being truthful about those values.

    Goldie, I’m not holding my breath waiting on Leavitt to show up here. It even appears he wised up and walked away from the exchange at the Columbian.

    As Martin said, he lied, plain an simple. I took heat for supporting him and rightfully so, looking back. As I first said to him, I will not make that mistake twice.

  8. It’s kind of funny Goldie, Conservatives have no problem facing these elitist schmucks when they come out from under their rocks in whatever forum they choose, but the elitist schmucks are afraid to come out from under their rocks unless they’re somewhere that they wield a gavel and can shut off the discussion.

    When little Timmy does stick his neck out he looks like a fool as he did with Lars Larson. It’s a real pity that little Timmy didn’t learn anything from that exchange.

    You can’t have any sympathy for some arrogant jerk who is obviously wrong and won’t admit it.

    Btw Lew, I do live in the city and you can be assured I will vote for anyone who runs against little Timmy, so will my wife and everybody in our neighborhood.

    I go out of my way to let everybody know that little Timmy lies through his arrogant teeth and I will continue to do so. You can be assured of that.

  9. Some times when you learn in political warfare, when you can’t win the battle or save the war, some times its bettter to retreat and retrench for a better fight that may come some time down the road.

    I think Tim and many of the other certain what I call local “elite” class are just waiting out for six month months until January 2012, that is WHEN they can statutarily by the new law that Jim Moeller? Remember that piece of law voted into existence in 2008 or 09?

    The reason why I don’t believe Steve Stuart, Tim Leavitt or any of other political officials are moving into the direction of having a vote this winter is they know it is not going to fly and if they wait six more measily months, what is it going to matter to most of the electorate?

    And in January 2012, they can start the REAL process of sub-districting west Vancoouver or the area they want, to make sure this high speed transit will pass.

    Want confirmation on this? Why did the Clark County have to use a veto at the last C-tran board meeting for the first time in history against the City of Vancouver? And the City was ready to block other efforts that the county wanted to do?

    I would LOVE opined opinion on my comments….

  10. Tick tock, Timmeh… tick tock.

  11. (I like “VancOOver”. It has a nice “ring” to it).

  12. Honestly, I highly doubt he cares. If he did, he would be right here answering some of his local constituency why the other options are not possible? I watch this video clips provided and one of the main ideas that Tim pushed one of the clips was looking at differing options that might not be as expensive?

    What about phasing the this current CRC project in phases? Build the rails, use BRT that is expecting to be coming some time within the next decade or sooner? and build the more important parts and use the tolls to pay for the bridge only right now.

    But alas, why do I think no one is listening?

  13. Elitists don’t listen to anybody except themselves and other elitists, Jeremy. They’re extremely arrogant.

  14. Lew, I’m really wondering something here. Why do you waste your writing talents on the Columbian? Why have any of us here for that matter?

  15. Goldie, that is one of the nicest compliments I have received. Thank you.

    As to why, I often just make a small comment there and instead of ignoring me, Leavitt, Moeller or at times, Columbian Staff engage me and I just can’t resist the challenge.

    Besides, they won’t come here, for some reason 😉

  16. Goldie, the reason some of us still take the time to spank the arrogant little kids at The Columbian is because they need to be spanked lest they get the feeling that they’re “getting away” with their BS.

    Lew isn’t afraid to take those people on, but they are very much afraid to face him on his own turf and are also of the arrogant opinion that their “turf” is the only “turf” in town.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, The Columbian just plowed up their “turf” and turned into a desert of mostly sycophants.

  17. Lew, they must shower in ice-cold water because they can’t take the heat.

    Jack, I give the C about two years max. I wouldn’t be surprised if a popular Clark County anti-tolls activist starts up his own independent newspaper in the not too distant future. Let’s just say…he’s got an amazing way with words.

  18. I think newspapers are dinosaurs, Goldie. I think blogs are the current “wave”.

    Today’s news happens way too fast for a printed sheet, and the average citizen’s opinions are way too empowered to be “controlled” by some arrogant Liberal jackass sitting in a newspaper office.

    I spent years in the printing industry and I’ve watched as computers have totally decimated it.

    Printing still has a large place in people’s lives, but bringing the day’s news is no longer a part of it.


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