Nanny-State Key Grab?

by lewwaters

Should the city have the keys to all business, apartments, and rental properties within a city? The Cedar Falls, Iowa city council thinks so.

This past May, council began holding hearings on passing an unfunded mandate on property owners requiring them have keys to their property in lock boxes to give emergency responders easier access to the property, in case of an emergency. The boxes will cost property owners between $250 to as high as $2,000 if passed.

WCF Courier

Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?

2 Comments to “Nanny-State Key Grab?”

  1. I would not give the right key, i would fill said box with quick set cement, and i would not submit. Glad i dont live in Iowa.

  2. Another stupid nanny-state idea. It’s based on the ASSumption that “nobody ever changes their locks”. I guess the morons have never visited a Home Depot and noticed the huge selection of door hardware. There wouldn’t be so many shelves devoted to door locks if people weren’t constantly buying them.

    Somebody must be putting “stupid juice” in the Iowa water supply.

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