Gregoire Not Seeking Third Term

by lewwaters

Being reported in both the Olympian and the Seattle Times, “The Associated Press is reporting that Gov. Chris Gregoire is not seeking re-election to a third term. Gregoire is still set to “announce her future plans” at a 10 a.m. news conference today.”

More to follow, but ever since Christine Gregoire snatched the governorship from Republican Dino Rossi in 2004, the state has drastically increased spending that is now unsustainable.

Gregoire has faced fire for her reluctance to reign in spending that has left the state facing multi-Billion dollar gaps necessitating extreme measures to meet the balanced budget law.

Republican Rob McKenna has announced his intent to run for Governor and it is expected Democrat Jay Inslee will now enter the race to replace Gregoire.

UPDATE from TVW: “She said for the next 18 months of her term, she’ll work hard to ensure the state gets out of the recession. After that, she has no plans — except maybe taking a break to get to spend some time with her family.”

I dread seeing what she classifies as “work hard to ensure the state gets out of the recession,” after how she worked hard to plunge us deeper into this mess.

6 Comments to “Gregoire Not Seeking Third Term”

  1. It looks like the guv is taking a lesson from Brian Baird and other Democrats who leave giant steaming piles in the middle of the room then split for the tall timber.

  2. I applaud that she term-limited herself. Leaders have a short shelf-life in one job.

    With Inslee v. McKenna you have 2 prosecutors running against each other, and Gregoire was a prosecutor. Interesting…

  3. It goes without saying that I will not support Inslee and I would rather support someone else than McKenna, but it looks like he is the one.

    I’d rather have someone run who isn’t an attorney (no offense). I feel someone who has actual private sector experience would do us better in these troubled times.

    But, it looks like it will be a race of prosecutors.

  4. Chris Christie was an attorney before he was Governor of New Jersey.

  5. I believe Rob McKenna will turn this state around. He is long on political courage which seems so rare in American politics these days. The only down side to Gregoire retiring is that she is probably on Obama’s short list for some cushy federal judgeship. They are appointed for life. She appears healthy and I imagine she could do much damage at the higher court for years to come.

  6. Liz, even though I feel there are better candidates, I don’t see one filing any time soon. NO way I want Inslee in.

    But, in order to really effect change, we will have to have some real good candidates for the house and senate as well.

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