Herrera Beutler Essentially Seems to Maybe Take a Stand

by lewwaters

It sure seems like she is essentially in favor of maybe opposing the project if perhaps voters and taxpayers once again get the chance to make their voices known if by chance a vote on funding is ever held again.

She has sent a “strongly worded” letter suggesting a district-wide vote, but declined to take a position on the major sore point of the project, extending light rail from Portland, Oregon.

She said on whether or not she supports light rail, “That’s an interesting question. I don’t want to get out in front and impose my feelings on the public. I’m not going to say, ‘I know better than you all what is needed here’.”

You just have to wonder, if she is like this in a friendly environment like Lars Larson, how would she fall apart in a hostile interview?

5 Responses to “Herrera Beutler Essentially Seems to Maybe Take a Stand”

  1. “impose your feelings?”

    Barbie, we can take ’em or leave ’em. You lack either the power or the gravitas to change anyone’s mind about anything.


    Not a “kinda-sorta-gee-whiz” cop out like you ALWAYS do.


    Your letters accomplish zip. Leavitt takes you for a coward so he’s not going to change a thing. Stuart does the same, and Boldt is going to wait for you to get told what you’re going to do.

    You know what? If you were Allen West, we wouldn’t be having this problem with your definite maybes. We would KNOW!

  2. I hope the Columbian posts a copy of the actual letter.

    Whether or not they do, I respect elected officials more that take a stand, even if one I disagree with than wishy washy opportunists.

    It’s really not that difficult to say whether or not you support something, if you have any spine.

  3. The reason that RINOS are so wishy-washy is because they keep hoping that the current “winds” will “change”, Lew. They want to CYA in either case.

    Speaking of The Columbian, I notice that comments there are getting more “caustic” and less “sycophant”. I don’t think the facebook thing has really “cooled down” anything. All it did was shut out a large part of the general public.

    Totally predictable.

  4. I too have noticed the gradual shift back to the old stuff there, as well as a drastic cut in the numbers of who is willing to comment.

    And, with names like “Irish Nativeson,” so much for real names, huh?

    As for Jaime, we knew she was a RINO before she filed to run. Thank sell outs like Ryan Hart and Nansen Malin and a few more for her making $174,000 of our tax dollars and in return, raising her finger to check which way the wind blows.

    I believe she is scheduled to be on Victoria Taft’s show tomorrow, so we’ll see how her on the fence balancing act goes.


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