I Thought People Were Dropping Like Flies?

by lewwaters

Early in Obama’s presidency, we saw a huge push for health care reform with rhetoric flowing on why we had to change health care in America, how government would do it better and basically, American’s were dying by the droves, dropping like flies in essence unless we allowed Obama’s socialist health care system to pass.

We heard claims of “Thousands of people die each year because they do not have health insurance or their policy does not cover the medicine or procedures they need,” and “Take a look at our life expectancy and infant mortality rate and you will find the USA has one of the highest rates of infant mortality among Industrialized nations and ranks with the lowest in life expectancy.”

Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) informed us, “Reform is neither easy nor cheap, but the cost of inaction is far greater – in terms of lives lost, quality of life, and dollars.”

Who can forget the graphic display of former Florida Democrat Alan Grayson as he announced on the House Floor, “the Republican plan for uninsured Americans is ‘don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly?”

A recent column in the Missourian claimed, “Repealing or preventing health care reform will likely kill many more people than terrorist attacks.”

In essence, Obama and the Democrats struck fear in the hearts of citizens with bombastic claims of people dying in the streets, dropping like flies unless we handed healthcare over to them.

After all of the rhetoric and pushing through the healthcare abomination, we read in a recent USA Today, “Age-adjusted death rate for the U.S. population fell for the 10th year in a row to an all-time low of 741 deaths per 100,000 in 2009. This is down from 758.7 deaths in 2008.”

The article also says, “The increase in life expectancy and decline in death rates for major diseases are encouraging, says Ralph Sacco, a neurologist and president of the American Heart Association, and show ‘that our treatments and prevention programs are working’.”

Oh, they claim we are still behind other industrialized nations, alluding to European nations with socialized healthcare, but a look towards those nations sees economic woes worse than ours and calls to transform their socialized medicine to more of private healthcare system.

But, the question remains, since America’s death rates have been decreasing and life expectancy increasing during the time of the heavy rhetoric selling Obamacare, just why did we need to hand a well functioning healthcare system over to the government?

If healthcare in America was so dysfunctional, as claimed by proponents, just how do they account for this increase in life expectancy and death rates decreasing long before shoving this abomination down our throats that hasn’t even taken effect yet?

Once again, the simple philosophy I learned long ago, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” was ignored.

How that will affect death rates and life expectancy remains to be seen.

But, we also know Obamacare was never about improving America’s health, but about controlling the people.

10 Comments to “I Thought People Were Dropping Like Flies?”

  1. You’re angry and disappointed at the wrong thing, Lew. The problem isn’t that socialized healthcare is wrong BUT Obamacare is socialized INSURANCE – except the public is paying not for the good of all but for the GOOD OF PRIVATE INSURANCE companies.

    Prisoners get socialized healthcare. Veterans get socialized healthcare. Seniors get socialized healthcare. Children get socialized healthcare. The military gets socialized healthcare. There’s nothing wrong with socialized healthcare – everyone should get it.


  2. Martin, first off, I’m not angry, just pointing out some of the hollow arguments presented to foist the monstrosity off on us.

    Second of all, the healthcare you listed isn’t exactly socialized in the sens of Obamacare. With the exception of children, everyone had to do something in order to obtain it, especially Veterans. In the case of most Veterans, we pay cash out of pocket at a reduced rate and still have to wait and wait and wait.

    Seems too, just a couple years ago, Democrats were blasting how substandard Military and Veterans healthcare was as the made a political point of it to attack Bush.

    Are you now saying it was good all along?

    In the case of prisoners, I think they should have basic healthcare as they broke the law to be incarcerated. Some of the care they receive is not only too costly and all too often elective. Taxpayers should not be n the hook for that.

    I have no problem with those truly in need, children and those really in poverty receiving basic healthcare, provided they are truly needy. Medicare and medicaid are going broke now, though due to fraud and too many abuses and doctors refusing medicaid due to low government payments.

    To extend your argument, why stop at health insurance? Shouldn’t we grant people a right to car insurance, home insurance and maybe even life insurance?

    Why don’t we work towards making health care affordable again?

    Another problem I have with socialized care is seeing how they are deciding what we can eat, what leisure time we must have and too much digging into personal lives to ensure we are living as they say we should, ostensibly so that socialized healthcare won’t be needed.

    So yes, there is plenty wrong with socialized healthcare, as many European nations are discovering.

    Margaret Thatcher said it best, “Socialism is great, until you run out of other people’s money.”


  3. Car INSURANCE, home INSURANCE, and life INSURANCE all have something in common. INSURANCE is NOT what needs to be socialized.

    “Socialism” means more than just group over individual – it means controlled costs through single payer management. The military is a good example of socialism. We’ve got to be VERY careful what we socialize – it has to be incredibly important to subvert individual liberty for. Healthcare easily falls into this category.

    Half-implemented socialism, like Social Security, doesn’t work either. And Public Employee Unions certainly don’t fit into controlled-cost-controlled-goal socialism.

    I’m NOT a Socialist. In fact, I’m the opposite of a Socialist but nothing is 100% bad.


  4. We just don’t need to be Socializing anything. Period.


  5. I’ll discuss the merits or disadvantages of socialized medicine rationally and scientifically, but don’t let bogus anti-healthcare political demagoguery be your source of information. The incontrovertible reality is cited below – with reference, (and I have more).

    “In an international comparative study of the health care systems in six countries (Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United States), the British health care system was ranked in first place for quality of care. It also gained first rank position for equity and efficiency and a top place ranking for performance overall.”



  6. For as grand as Britain’s Socialized Health Services is supposed to be, Martin, it sure didn’t help former NHS director Margaret Hutchon who died after waiting for nine months for an operation – at her own hospital.


    Why is the British National Health Service abandoning small children, leaving them to die and forcing parents to travel to America to keep their child alive?


    Why were British doctors warning that patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives?


    Why have doctors complained of the fewest number of ICU beds available in the developed world?


    Why is the British Medical Association continuing to cry out that health care in the nation is heading for crisis?


    Why isn’t the British government heeding the cry of “Pensions and health care pledges put UK at ‘extreme risk’ of another economic crisis?”


    British home care providers continue to face extreme financial crisis.


    Then we read, “Britain must charge for health care and raise retiring age to escape debt crisis, says IMF.”


    If these are examples of being “ranked in first place for quality of care. It also gained first rank position for equity and efficiency and a top place ranking for performance overall,” how much worse are all the rest?

    And, the whole point of my post was to show that “bogus pro-healthcare political demagoguery was source of information” used by too many to sell and shove Obamacare down our throats.

    I agree reform is needed in both health care and insurance coverage, but giving government control of them isn’t the answer.

    After all, government bureaucrats only make things worse and muck up the works.

    Government is not known for efficiently doing anything, not even the Military as some on the left try to claim.

    The Military succeeds because the little guys in the trenches ignore government mandates and do what they need to do to accomplish the mission.


  7. Lew, I appreciate you providing those links.

    I will be personally researching the NHS for the next few years. Their socialized healthcare is premium (though nothing is 100%). I have no political axe to grind so I will provide an unbiased report of any understanding I gain. Assuming our nation does socialize healthcare, it would be nice to get it right.

    p.s. I wish our political representatives weren’t so biased towards Special Interests. I would love to help but my ideology is Liberal, so I can’t be a Republican, and I’m anti-Progressive, so I can’t get through a Democratic primary.


  8. Yes Martin, every program has its problems, even ours.

    Still, we shouldn’t be so fast to jump into another that is also bereft of troubles, possibly worse than our own.

    All that is needed is an objective look. Liberal, progressive, conservative, middle ground can and should be reached to improve what we already have, since so many supposedly with better end up coming here for ours.

    Oh, not every Republican is a conservative.


  9. I don’t think that “middle ground” exists any more, Lew. Somebody built a wall on it.


  10. Hard to argue with that, Jack. But, as we see with martin, he is willing to seek it. So, maybe there is hope for our kids.


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