Advertising Marijuana and Green Cards in Hazel Dell?

by lewwaters

I noticed this morning some strange new signs popping up along Hwy 99 in Hazel Dell.

















Before any illegal immigrants run to grab your phone, the Green Card listed isn’t for immigration, but a medical card for medicinal marijuana, which remains controversial and against federal law.

The phone number will  take you to Medtech WA, “a full service consulting company with expertise in the evaluation, selection and implementation process facing medical practices today!” and PacMed Labs who claims, “PacMed Labs was formed for one simple purpose: to bridge the gap between doctors who believe in the medicinal properties of cannabis and qualifying patients who seek non-pharmaceutical relief.”

The Washington State Dept. of Health states, “Marijuana possession is illegal in Washington. The medical marijuana law, Chapter 69.51A RCW, provides an affirmative defense for qualified patients and designated caregivers. People who qualify have a valid reason to possess a 60-day supply of marijuana. They may use that reason to defend against a legal action taken under Washington law. However, medical marijuana is not legal under federal law. There is no affirmative defense for people who are arrested or charged under federal law.”

While there is some merit to claims of smoking marijuana for “medicinal reasons” helps some people suffering certain diseases, there is no doubt that some claim “chronic concerns” solely to obtain marijuana to smoke it.

We also see another effort in legalizing marijuana in Washington with yet another initiative filed to legalize it, the last effort failing to gain enough signatures to make it on to the ballot.

But, I remain bothered with a Seattle Company erecting signs up and down Hwy 99 in Clark County advertising for Medical Marijuana, even if their web page does claim, “Practices who are changing to meet new government regulations and implement new systems to achieve ‘Meaningful Use’!”

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