My, My, What Pat Campbell Finds “Encouraging”

by lewwaters

An email copied to Victoria Taft just today

Click image for larger view

First off, whoever “Jeff Nice” is, the description of “basement blogger” hardly applies as my house doesn’t have a basement.

Did Pat Campbell actually issue the reply to this insult laden email?

If so, what is so “encouraging” about it, Pat?

No one is forced to listen to Victoria Taft or any radio program for that matter. Just as no one is forced to read the Columbian or vote for Pat.

Then too, there is always that sticky little matter of the first amendment.

If you did in fact issue the reply, Pat, I’d really like to know what is so “encouraging” about it.

I’m sure your opponents and voters within the city limits would too.

8 Comments to “My, My, What Pat Campbell Finds “Encouraging””

  1. Is there really a person called “Jeff Nice”? I’d like to meet him. Maybe I could judge him as a person then make insulting public posts. Right now my only impression is that he is a scumball. He should probably move to Portland.


  2. Isn’t it funny, whoever or whatever this Jeff “Nice” is, isn’t he/she/it engaging in the very thing he/she/it is condemning others for?


  3. You’ll notice that all “Jeff” engages in is character assassination. Very typical of a Leftie. When Lefties can’t present or refute facts, they revert to name-calling.

    Lefties can’t also stand their ground and debate the facts unless they have control of the microphone. That’s why you’ll never get to debate either “Jeff” of Pat Campbell.

    They will both run from the facts when confronted. They’re very afraid of people with “balls”.


  4. It appears to be a fake email address. Ran a google and came back with nothing… And no one by that name is registered to vote in this state. Suppose Campbell made the whole thing up?


  5. I don’t believe Pat would fabricate the entire thing and send it to Victoria. I can’t imagine why he or Victoria would.

    I assumed the name was fake, but i also wonder if it was a throw away email that was deleted right after?


  6. Just to make a minor note to Lew,

    Lew I have heard of this guy before. I just don’t remember where online. He has posted around town before. You might try some web searches….


  7. Elected officials are expected to maintain a level of decorum whether they think their constituents are ugly, have stringy hair, make sense or are absolute kooks.

    Making personal attacks on the public by an elected official is indicative of a small person who has been elected above his or her deserved station.


  8. This is true even if it is only by agreement or acquiescence. Agreeing with rudeness is being rude yourself. The rudeness factor seems to be contagious on the city council.


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