Archie Bunker is Not Happy With Obama Either

by lewwaters

Many laughed at his rants over 30 years ago and ridiculed what he portrayed.

Inadvertently, he portrayed what was coming.

8 Comments to “Archie Bunker is Not Happy With Obama Either”

  1. Archie nails it.. He actually was a seer it appears… There was more insightful truth in All in The Family than any of us thought…


  2. I’m not trying to insult anybody here, but you are aware that the “funny” thing about All In The Family was the bigotry and close-mindedness of Archie? If Archie says something and you agree with it, you probably want to contemplate your own feelings a little more. I’m not saying he’s “wrong” but he is a negative stereotype.


  3. Martin, I know full well what Archie Bunker was, a caricature of what Norman Lear thought of conservatives.

    Everything you mention was there in exaggerated form.

    Lear, as I am sure you also realize, is much further to the left than you and many other liberals and has been behind several left-wing causes such as the People for the American Way and Born Again American, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

    The real shame is that many came to accept Archie as a semi-accurate portrayal of conservatives and never picked up on how he cared for and carried his family, even as they ridiculed and belittled him (Meathead, who early on was little more than a sponge).


  4. I can agree with your assessment, and I also found the eerily matching video clips extremely ironic.


  5. I must be a negative stereotype… 😛


  6. We both are, Fred.

    Norman Lear has a long history of left-wing activism and sought to portray conservatives in a negative light in just about every production of his.

    Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times and Maude all gave a negative image to conservatives through ridicule and exaggerating us in a caricature sort of way.

    Today, it appears where he had his writers exaggerate what we think is beginning to look prophetic.

    But that’s okay, he’s one of those left-wing Millionaires that would want others to lose their wealth, while he keeps his. 😉


  7. I just got back from your “learing” and scurrilous compendium of insults and name calling to publicly denigrate David Hedrick and, subsequently, all those who pointed out your lack of logic, integrity and civility at The Columbian (

    It is clear that Archie is an apt representation of your brand of “conservatism.”


  8. Boo hoo, boo hoo, do I need to call you a whambulance Doug?

    You Ron Paulies really crack me up.

    But, you have the freedom to walk through life with your head buried as far up your ass as you desire.

    You can’t even tell when you are being taken for a ride to nowhere.

    But, your boy has you lackey’s to do his bidding for him, while he lines his pockets.

    This comment is your freebie, son.

    Anything else off topic of the post will be deleted at my discretion.

    Go stack some online polls.


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