Is Someone Trying to Set-Up Jeanne Harris?

by lewwaters

Vancouver city council member Jeanne Harris, who made International news last year for her melt-down, has publicly apologized for her behavior, expressed embarrassment over it and wishes it would go away. No doubt, any of us would, given the embarrassing nature of the famous “gavel down” incident.

However, once something is on the internet, it is there forever and only time drops people’s interest as they move on to something else.

I was a little surprised to find on Victoria Taft’s blog a posting of someone claiming to be Jeanne Harris posting a bombastic email purportedly from Ms. Harris to a constituent that is little more than a vitriolic blaming of everyone else for the incident.

I expressed my doubts then that the sender, a val380 was in fact Ms. Harris and quite honestly I’m still not convinced it is her.

val380 Seems to be going all over YouTube with comments like seen below.

Click on photo to enlarge

A couple points that cause me to question the veracity of it actually being Ms. Harris.

It is public knowledge that I disagree with most of Jeanne Harris positions. Still, I make every effort to be fair in my criticisms. So, I question whether or not Jeanne Harris would be so willing to post her personal cell phone number on YouTube. The email to city council is public knowledge, but her personal cell phone number?

Another point, in the comment posted on my YouTube accusing me of “slander at it’s very worst,” Jeanne Harris is neither mentioned nor quoted in any fashion. Fellow council member Jeanne Stewart is.

Why would I be accused of slandering Jeanne Harris by showing a public comment by Jeanne Stewart? I doubt Jeanne Harris would make such a mistake as the comment from Ms. Harris had absolutely nothing to do with Jeanne Harris.

Val380 would also do well to actually find out about libel and slander law prior to running around accusing others of it. From the online Encyclopedia of Everyday Law we read,

“The Court saw the need for balancing an individual’s right to be protected from false and defamatory accusations with the country’s right to be informed via a free marketplace of ideas. It determined that in the case of a public official, such as the police official in Sullivan, the First Amendment rights of free speech and expression outweigh the public official’s rights unless the public official can prove that the defendant acted with actual MALICE. Actual malice means that the defendant who communicates a defamatory statement does so knowing that the statement is false or very likely false.” (emphasis added)

I am left wondering if val380 is in fact Jeanne Harris or someone trying to set up bloggers to fall for false claims. Possibly too, is someone trying to set-up Ms. Harris and keep an ongoing embarrassment for her that is beginning to die down alive?

As said above, I disagree with most of Jeanne Harris’ positions and will oppose her where I feel the need, as I do every other elected official.

But I will do so as honestly as possible and by documentation, which is not slander.

Only Jeanne Harris can say if she is actually val380 and she is welcome to admit or deny whether or not it is her either here on in an email to me. I’ll gladly post any email comment without any changes.

If, as I suspect, this is not actually Jeanne Harris, I suggest whoever it is stop as you are who are actually engaging in slander and libel by falsely claiming to be her.

If it actually is Jeanne Harris, it is a foolhardy act as it only keeps the incident open to public view.

3 Comments to “Is Someone Trying to Set-Up Jeanne Harris?”

  1. And if it is her, Lew, this person is just bringing a HELL of a lot of attention to an issue that was almost a year ago? And pretty soon, some time in September or October when her year is up, she will be allowed back on to various community boards after she paid her penalty to community over that action.

    I am always for fairness and being frank, if this is not Harris, then that person better be ready for a lawsuit and court issued discovery to find out who is posting this crap.

    I think I am in a minority here on this subject with you Lew. Jeanne is a lot of things at times but she does not deserve this level of stupidity. And if its her, she’ll taking herself further out of communities eyes by pushing more of this stuff.

    I would LOVE to see the c go do some research and really find out who this person is.


  2. Jeremy. Your minority status is getting smaller. I’m with you and Lew on this one.


  3. And John, you know our local newspaper will never cover this. They have better things to do like lambast others than real local issues.


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