Pat Campbell and The Gagging Maggot

by lewwaters

I always feel honored for any of our elected officials to stop by and leave a comment on the blog. Even if it is from one in disagreement with me, I still feel honored that they take the time to engage me or otherwise offer their wit and wisdom for all to see.

Such is the case with Vancouver City Council Member Pat Campbell who left a comment on my post, What will Happen if Citizens Vote Down Light Rail Maintenance Funding? Perhaps he did so because I credit fellow Council Member Jeanne Stewart with being the lone Council Member standing up for voters & taxpayers is granting us the privilege of voting whether or not we wish to accept another tax increase to fund light rail maintenance and operations.

Apparently, Pat disagrees as he stated,

The url leads to a March 14, 2011 Columbian article Councilor Campbell seeks Vancouver vote on crossing crediting Pat with “seeking a backer on the council to help him put a discussion of a citywide vote on the Columbia River Crossing on the agenda.”

Just a little smoke & mirrors there, if you missed it. Last September, voters were promised a county-wide vote. A vote that Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart ran for re-election on.

Pat’s little parry of calling for a “city-wide” vote is little more than agreeing with the gerrymandered sub-district to approve funding light rail maintenance and operation, while everyone in the County will end up paying the increased tax.

But still, he made that call, once!

What has he done since then, over 3 months ago? (insert crickets or gagging maggots here)

As shown in the video posted my previous post, Council Member Jeanne Stewart expressed herself tersely on voters “being duped” and how “it’s just not right.”

How did Pat react to that? See for yourself in this excerpt.

In fact, he said that he’s “satisfied with the Final Environmental Impact Statement and is sold on the project,” adding “You just gave me more confidence that we’re doing the right thing and the right steps are being taken.”

The “right steps” Pat? Where is your call for that vote you spoke of last March?

What happened to that, Pat?

Or, was the call just to add to your campaign to get re-elected to City Council?

It’s been over 3 months, Pat and I am unable to find a single instance of you bringing up a vote again, even though you acknowledged in March, “People have been promised a vote.”

Even the Columbian, who also supports this boondoggle, called for a county-wide vote.

So, whenever you’re finished gagging that maggot you mentioned, how about following through on your 3 month old call for a vote?

County-wide, though.

3 Comments to “Pat Campbell and The Gagging Maggot”

  1. Distrust of our elected officials has hit a new high at the local, state and national level and is because we have city council, a major, commissioners, and even a President who promised one thing as a candidate and do something else once elected. Our job is to expose them to the electorate so they will be held responsible.

  2. “””You just gave me more confidence that we’re doing the right thing and the right steps are being taken.”””

    Mister Campbell, I’m curious. Were you not confident in the project in the first place and why? Could it be your own gut instincts were telling you that it stunk like rotten meat crawling with maggots?

    You should’ve listened to your gut instincts, sir.

    Oh, and by the way, that’s not sushi.

  3. Campbell’s failure to condition his support on a county-wide vote for this entire project shows what a weasel he really is.

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