Leavitt Tries Campaign Spin and He isn’t Even Running for Office

by lewwaters

By now we all know that you can trust little if anything that Mayor Tim Leavitt has to say, after his multiple lies to get elected as Mayor and his major flip-flop on tolls across the Columbia River.

He has become a slick tongued weasel who, as all the sleaziest politicians we have ever seen like to do to scare voters and mislead them. He did that just today in the comments at a Columbian article on a back and forth between Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and him in regard to the vote we were promised and that he led the effort to renege on.

Leaders trade bridge barbs

Being raked over the coals by citizen comments, Leavitt pops in and says in part,

“The CTRAN Board is planning to place a sales tax increase measure on an upcoming ballot.
The vote is about a sales tax increase and where the sales tax would be increased.
Some would prefer that everybody in every City in Clark County pay more sales tax.
I don’t believe that has to be the case.

Raise sales tax on everybody in every city in Clark County?
That is what a vote of the entire CTRAN service area will do.

Or, raise sales tax on those who most directly benefit from the CRC light rail and the Vancouver bus rapid transit? That is what a sub district would do.

Does somebody living in Battleground or Washougal or Camas or Ridgefield feel like their sales tax should be increased to pay for CRC light rail and Vancouver bus rapid transit?

If you vote on it, then you’ll pay more in sales tax.
However, if you don’t vote on it, then your sales tax won’t increase.

This is the vote. Plain and simple.
Some would like citizens to believe that this vote is an “up or down” on the entire CRC project.
That is NOT the case.”

Pure smoke & mirrors worthy of the sleaziest of politicians. Slick too.

To begin with, it was just last September that a vote on light rail maintenance and operation was split from the vote on additional C-Tran funding, much to the irritation of Leavitt. It irritated him so much that he succeeded in having city council member Jeanne Stewart, who rightfully listened to and heeded the voices of citizens; cast the deciding vote to split the two.

We were promised the vote on both this November, but by political maneuvering and stalling, only the C-Tran additional funding will be voted on with more promises of the light rail maintenance & operations vote coming maybe in 2012 or 2013, AFTER sub-district lines are drawn to keep many in the county who will undoubtedly also pay for it from voting on it.

But, the most ridiculous part of the comment is that voting on it will raise taxes and not voting on it won’t raise taxes.

Does he forget that people vote NO and if enough people vote NO, as I intend to do on anything related to C-Tran, we also won’t see a tax increase?

This is campaign double speak that unscrupulous politicians use to hide their true positions and fool the public.

Leavitt is not up for reelection this time, so why he tries pulling this crap is beyond me, other than dancing to the tune of the downtown light rail mafia that intends to ignore voters three times before voting against measures for or perceived to be for light rail coming over from Portland.

We are stuck with Leavitt until we can vote him out.

Unless of course, a recall campaign is initiated or he does the honorable thing and resigns.

It is time to send him and the light rail mafia a message. Vote NO on any tax measure related to C-Tran until he, city council, county commissioners and others associated with the Columbia River Crossing begin heeding the voices of the citizens.

7 Comments to “Leavitt Tries Campaign Spin and He isn’t Even Running for Office”

  1. There is definitely something wrong with our political system. A system that allows a candidate to not only lie to the voters but to, without shame, violate the trust that the voters have placed in a candidate, based on promises and campaign speechs made by said candidate.

    And there is not a damn thing we can do about it, because the liars and cheats, once in office have the power to create new rules and regulation that sheild them from any voter action whenever they, in an effort to “feather their own nest”, abandon their campaign promises and start form day one to use the power of their office coupled wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars to run for re-election.

    The only way we can get a politician to listen to the voice of the people is to vote those who FLIP FLOP ON THEIR PROMISES OF IGNORE THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE “OUT OF OFFICE.”

  2. As a correction, Jeanne Stewart’s vote was not deciding. It was 7-2. Had she voted as told, that would have still been 6-3 for split.

  3. Since tolling both the I-5 and I-205 bridges is now possible by state legislation passed, and tolling is a major component proposed for financing the I-5 repleacement bridge with light rail, all areas of the entire county will be impacted. Many county residents drive over one of the bridges to go to the airport, shopping, family, travel, skiing, business, medical, etc.
    Every county resident should have a vote. In 2004 CTRAN held a countywide vote on a tax hike that failed. Therefore, the CTRAN board in 2005 cut out voters and gerrymandered a smaller voting district, and put the tax hike on the ballot again and voila! it passed. Cutting out more and more voters is not the answer. The voters are the check and balance that a proposed tax hike for a transportation use is in the best public interest.

  4. PS. I read this in the Columbian comments to the story.
    Jack Burkman · Top Commenter · Council Member at City of Vancouver
    ” our current bridge has a total of six lanes and no shoulders – effectively one through lane and two merge lanes in each direction. ”

    AN ODOT spokesperson explained that the existing 3 thru lanes in each direction are affected by merging, and called it effectively
    2 1/2 thru lanes lanes if the merging is considered on the outer lane.
    To say that 3 thru lanes are effectively one thru lane?

    The proposed I-5 replacement bridge includes 3 through lanes in each direction, plus 2 merge only lanes that do not go through.
    It is an improvement. Is it worth the proposed $4-10 Billion investment?

    A new bridge that provides a port to port connection could provide
    3 thru lanes in each direction, for a total of 6 new lanes and alleviate congestion, one of the ostensible reasons for the I-5 replacement bridge.

    A new bridge in an area now unserved should be considered and wasn’t seriously considered by the CRC. If all the transportation spending capacity is spent to re-do an existing bridge and add costly light rail, there won’t be anything left for the transportation needs of the rest of the region.

  5. I have been beating on Leavitt like a drum since he started his bogus “I’m against tolls” program. I have never seen, on the local level, a more tin-eared, arrogant punk.

    How do you know he’s lying?

    His lips are moving.

    But the question remains: will Herrera have the guts to do what has to be done?

    First of all, this vote should be county wide, not district wide.

    Secondly, she can not only kill the federal funding for this project, she can kill the federal funding for anything having anything to do with Vancouver until Leavitt does what he’s told.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe she has what it takes to do what has to be done, like flattening a punk like Leavitt. And her problem is that if she doesn’t, having gone though a rather surreal exercise to stick her neck out this far (But likely only for public consumption) she has shattered her own political career because Leavitt will tattoo her on a weekly basis, then ultimately run against her and try and take her out.

    I have been a relentless critic of Herrera, who, it’s reported to me, seem utterly mystified at my opposition to her holding elective office.

    Unfortunately for her, she has yet to prove me wrong. This is one of those rare opportunities where she gets the chance.

  6. Well K.J. Hinton, you’re not alone. I too have been contacting Mayor Leavitt and his writes have definitely taken a change since entering office. I’m wonder just what or who it was that made him go flip flop on the voters.

  7. It’s pretty simple, Goldie – plain, old, elitist arrogance. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Somebody needs to let the air out of Leavitt’s over-inflated head.

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