Inslee Already Disappoints Supporters

by lewwaters

It appears the 2012 gubernatorial race in Washington is off to a rocky start. With over a year to go before the November 2012 election, both of the candidates have already slipped up in their campaigns.

I discussed Republican Rob McKenna’s blunder earlier at McKenna Naively Falls for Democrat Dirty Trick. It’s only fair to now point out Democrat Jay Inslee’s blunders.

Inslee has long been considered the favored Democrat to run for governor when current governor Christine Gregoire called it quits. As expected, within days of her announcing she was not running again, Inslee threw his hat in the ring.

In announcing his run for governor Inslee said,

“I will propose using a small defined portion of our state pension funds to create a pool of capital available for startup innovator companies pledged to start here and pledged to stay here.”

What he means is to take state pension funds to give to risky start-up companies in biotech fuels and such.

A murmur rose up quickly from state retirees who began calling Cassandra de la Rosa, executive director of the Retired Public Employees Council expressing concerns over the proposal. She said she has been battling similar proposals for several years now.

De la Rosa said,

“I have gotten calls from members already, calls and e-mails, saying is this true what they want to do? What are we going to do about it? And we have already talked to Inslee about it and sent a message that this is not an acceptable position for us.”

Washington Wire’s Eric Smith tells us the State Investment Board says such proposals are “fraught with peril.”

A July 8 editorial in the Tacoma News Tribune agrees saying,

“His plan would use money that needs to be as secure as possible to fund the kind of investments that are about as risky as they come.”

The editorial continues,

“According to research by Harvard Business School senior lecturer Shikhar Ghosh, about 30 to 40 percent of new companies lose most or all of the money investors put into them. About 70 to 80 percent of start-ups fail to deliver the projected return on investment.”
“Failure is the norm,” Ghosh says.”

Needless to say, right off the bat Inslee’s campaign “found itself in hot water with a normally Democratic constituency” as Erik Smith says.

As if having thousands of state pensioners, many union members questioning his judgment already isn’t bad enough, Inslee disappointed another portion of the leftist base he hopes to elect him to governor. As reported by Seattle area Slog the Stranger, when pressed on where he stands on the legalization of marijuana Inslee replied,

“As far as total decriminalization, I’m not there yet. I’m a parent. I’m just not comfortable right now. And that’s my position.”

A position that would be more appealing to those that are right of center, such a position is very disappointing to many on the left who have been trying to legalize marijuana for several years.

They continue pointing out that Inslee’s “nuanced” explanation is both “disappointing” and “Not an entirely satisfying answer.”

While the position taken would be more appealing to many on the right, after so many years of Democrat mismanagement in Washington State, I seriously doubt that one position taken will endear him to any on the right.

It’s very early in this campaign and both of the major candidates have already stumbled. McKenna’s stumble will not alienate his base near as much as will Inslee’s. How either will affect undecideds is much too early to tell. This far out, both could recover from their early stumbles as the refine their campaigns.

Then again, with over a year to go, we might see other’s throwing their hat in the ring and give voters more of a choice. Who that might be is unknown to me at this time.

With both campaigns stumbling already, this just might turn out to be a very interesting gubernatorial race.

4 Responses to “Inslee Already Disappoints Supporters”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a candidate that has some common sense and doesn’t have his or her thumb constantly stuck up their rear-ends? What is it about politics that normal people are rarely candidates for anything?

    I wish I knew…


  2. Common sense died off years ago, Jack. I miss it.

    And, as dirty as politics has gotten, normal people probably don’t want to be subjected to all the crap.


  3. Just as the CIA Director said in 3 Days of the Condor…”I don’t miss the action, I miss the integrity”.



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