Josephine Wentzel Brings a “Taste of Guam” to the Campaign Trail

by lewwaters

Josephine Wentzel

Several people attended the Josephine Wentzel campaign kick-off for city council last evening, July 15 and were treated to a mouth watering sampling of treats prepared by friends and supporters. All were treated to generous amounts of delicious island BBQ ribs & chicken, Spanish red rice, Pancit, potato salad and more.

Dr. Rick Lee Jackson provided live entertainment with his musical talents and in the capacity of Master of Ceremonies.

But, savory food and live entertainment is not what drew as many as 100 people to Vancouver’s Historic Academy last evening. People turned out to meet and hear Josephine Wentzel, known to many simply as that “NoTolls woman,” for her community activism in opposition to exorbitant tolls on a new Columbia River Crossing. They came to hear what she stood for in her quest to gain a seat on the city council, now held by Bart Hansen who was first appointed in occupy the seat vacated by now Mayor Tim Leavitt after the 2009 general election.

As crucial as the proposed Columbia River Crossing is, people were pleasantly surprised to hear that Josephine is not a single issue candidate and that she is prepared to tackle much more in the way of what is happening to our community. Rising crime, high unemployment, lack of job opportunities, ever increasing taxes on an already struggling middle class and non-responsiveness to the voices of Vancouver’s citizens are well within the scope of issues she is prepared to tackle.

Josephine has a long history of community activism and volunteer work. From a teen ‘candy striper’ in Guam during the Vietnam War to being a Police Detective, the mother of 5, grandmother of 2 brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and ability with her.

Highly capable of sitting on the city council, she is also facing an opponent who recently won a special election for the position, Bart Hansen, in spite of his lack of life experiences. Hansen, father of 2 small children himself defeated several other citizens to be first appointed to take over now Mayor Leavitt’s seat in January 2010. He then had to campaign to retain the seat in the November 2010 special election and even though winning that election, now must run again due to the regular expiration of the position.

That he is an incumbent and has recently won an election for the seat does give him an advantage, but does not make him invulnerable. As I previously noted at You Need To Work On That Sarcasm, Bart, his youthful inexperience does show at times.

Josephine Wentzel has been targeted by city council in their efforts to marginalize her and her employer for advocating more transparency in the Columbia River Crossing project. In fact, as you will note in her speech in the video below, that is a major part of what encouraged her to run for a seat on city council and offer her vast experience, abilities and common sense solutions to Vancouver’s city council on behalf of Vancouver’s citizens.

So sit back, adjust the volume on your computer and meet Josephine Wentzel, “the People’s Voice.”

19 Comments to “Josephine Wentzel Brings a “Taste of Guam” to the Campaign Trail”

  1. Lew,

    We have known Josephine Wentzel for over 7 years years and she is a Margaret Thatcher, that we need on the Vancouver City Council to provide a voice for the citizens of Vancouver!!!


    Chuck Miller


  2. Good for Josephine. I don’t know her well but she’s around and active in a constructive manner, and seems to be very sincere. I hope she wins.


  3. The Vancouver City Council discussed ethics during four work sessions before coming up with a concenus that has yet to be voted on and still does not include personal conduct recommendations. This, among other things, tells me it’s time for a change. I am comforted in knowing that Josephine would not have to waste council’s time and taxpayers’ money to be able to define ethical standards and procedures as she is well-grounded in these principles as well as in her own personal conduct. This is the kind of person we need to represent citizens in the City of Vancouver.


  4. Lynn,

    I just wonder how many times she is going to be “gavel downed” by the mayor if she does get elected? She’s got a great spirit and a loud attention span but I dare say, she may not have the votes to get passed the Mayor.

    Why do I have a feeling she is going to get cornered and further marginalized by being on the council if she wins?

    Though I do want to say Josephine, I do wish you the best during your campaign?


  5. Hi Jeremy:

    I would like to address your comment.

    You are right in the fact that the majority on the council rules and that is why we need to replace all or at least one person on the council. Replacing one or all of council members could make a big difference especially for council member Jeanne Stewart.

    I have watched Jeanne Stewart silenced by the mayor most recently. Yet, Ms. Stewart continues to stand up against them and ‘ask the hard questions’. Because of her persistence, citizens have been attending council to question the issues she brings up. She could use others on the board to support her issue.

    If changing the council is done one member at a time, then so be it. It would be erroneous to leave things the way they are and allow council to continue on its reckless habits without resistance.

    I would love to hear your opinion on how we could change things even if ‘one council at a time’. You may email me at: Have a great week!


  6. For the rest of you guys in here, thank you for vote of confidence! I will do my very best to represent, report, and reveal should I be elected to council. Regardless of the outcome of the election, I will continue to be vocal for citizens, question issues and speak up for transparency! (Speaking about transparency, go to: and watch the issues discussed on video).


  7. Jeremy, it should be remembered, the left has spent many decades now slowly bringing their agenda in with little notice. They did so one thing at a time and it worked.

    We are facing out of control government at all levels and a populace who has learned to not pay attention or care.

    We cannot defeat that overnight and don’t have decades to slowly change it back. But, one seat a time, if that is what we have to do, is a good start.

    Better than sitting back doing nothing.

    We are waking people up slowly, a little a time.

    We cannot give up again and surrender.


  8. I do not know Josephine personally on a social basis however I do know her in a political arena. She sharp as a well honed knife and many times has educated me on issues. I was surprised to find out that she had been both a police officer and a detective the other night which only seems to compliment her compassion toward family issues. Her skills as a detective are probably the very reason she is so profoundly good at seeing the smoke and mirrors that are constantly part of the political arena in the “couv” and Clark county.
    I am excited that we might have a new level of representation brought to the city by her mere presence on the “other” side of the chamber bench.


  9. The arrogant jerks on the city council need to be thrown out, one at a time or all at once. Let’s do it.


  10. Just a note to Carolyn, there was a former city council member that served for many years and was a former LAPD employee. So its not like we don’t have others who serve on elected boards that are not fire fighers, detectives or other wonderful community options.

    Josephine, I wish you the best. I have not decided whom I am going to vote for or making a pre-announcement ~ judgement without thinking my precious vote. Some will choose to do that for their own reasons, but I choose to wait until the last minute to in case there is new information that comes through.

    There will be a great many discussions all over the community over the next couple of months. I hope to hear MORE of what is going on in the community because frankly I don’t see or feel that the local media is covering or the politicians will talk about what is going on.

    There are a great many subjects that needs to be covered and I hope to see more of our local leadership discuss those points.


  11. Good for you Jeremy! Be informed on the issues and vote your conscience! One media place you might look for media information is:

    Whether I get your vote or not, I wish you all the best!

    God Bless!


  12. Josephine, yes is one of several media outlets going on our community. There is also the, and few others that escapes my brain atm. Lew has a great banner to the right -> on the front of his wordpress site of other news options.

    And there is also a few satire sites that poke fun at the local snoozemedia.

    Though like I said to Lew, I am wondering what KKOV, the pamplin radio station is going to sound like when it finally gets it own website going and their radio station line up settled down and in. I do believe that David also has a connection 105.9FM to do some rebroadcasting of local material, though this isn’t the proper place to discuss that here.


  13. Josephine, it was about two years ago when I first heard about the project…and I was shocked to learn the particulars of the project, wondering what happened to the rights of the voters, of the taxpayers, of the families of the area. I’ve done a lot of research regarding the project, have asked the questions and received very little in return….either that or it was the runaround by public information specialists or one heck of a sales pitch by current city council members. Although the crossing is within the boundaries of city limits, this project affects each and every one of us who utilize the crossing and I believe we all should have the right to vote on this project yet community leaders are trying to prevent our rights as well.

    I wish I lived in the voting district of Vancouver which includes the ability to vote for city council. You’d better believe you’d have my vote if I was able. I do however have several friends and family members who do live within the boundaries of city limits and I will encourage them to listen to what you have to say and let them know just what it is you’ve been doing as a community activist, fighting the biggest boondoggle to ever hit the Vancouver and Portland area. I wish you all the luck…and when you are elected (yes, I think you will be in my opinion), go get em!!!!

    Also Josephine…you can bet on it that you’ll be receiving emails from me as well.


  14. Another thing Josephine, please do watch Kelly & Lew’s blogs. You might actually learn some thing from them. I told to post most of my commentary here or around other local blogs.

    Though I don’t tend to waste too much time over at the local snoozemedia outlet anymore, because frankly the facebook discussions tend to be Bob Larimar or local politicians? Do you see the average 3 to 400+ messages in the weekly forum of people that used to post on the articles and letters to the editor? Actually, since the change over, there is more vitriol on the fb messages then there is in general in the “forum section” as it is now called.

    Oh and ONE MORE big thing, Josephine, don’t get exasperated with Tim or Steve politically. If you don’t know, they use your emotions against you over and over and over again and you play right into their political fiddle playing. Just try to stay calm, watch and learn learn to play THEIR fiddles. Takes a few to six months to learn how to play their political fiddles without going after their families, significant others or dearest friends.

    Just kick back, relax, watch and learn. I hope Lew and Kelly will also learn this lesson.

    Because with every political stripe, there is someone ready to paint the jail bars right on.


  15. Actually, The Columbian’s FB blog has turned into a real three-ring circus full of clowns and sycophants. It’s isn’t at all representative of the views of the community-at-large.

    The “forum” is a waste of time because it’s just a place where The Columbian bottles up ordinary citizen commenters to keep them out of view of the general public.

    The Columbian itself is a total waste of time.


  16. Even the “Basement of the Columbian” (the forum) is returning to the three-ring circus it was prior to the Facebook Blog.


  17. Now goldie, you were a participant in one of those lovel exchanges with Bozo Basil! Now it is not that terrible. At least in the forum section of the columbian it has a really nice ignore function! if you don’t want to read someone’s comments, you simply hit that button and say “ok” next. Or as I may have suggested, you simply just walk away for a few days if your boiler ticker goes high.

    Believe me, I don’t like how the columbian pushed commoner commenters corralled into a three ring circus forum to keep them away from the real meat.

    But may I suggest for those who may have a real sense of wanting to air their comments, why not post them on Twitter? Or the multitude of differing ways?? Posting on the forums is just one of so many different ways.


  18. Jeremy…in my case, I don’t Tweet and I certainly don’t do FB. My point was that civility is whittling away on the C once again and a discussion by Josephine on the C through FB or even the “basement” may not provide the result she’d be seeking.


    I’m curious. Lew, do you ever check out the comments on the basement…I mean the Forum???


  19. 🙂 oh now Goldie! You KNOW you have other options? But I understand your point that it is just futile and frustrating to setup a separate forum, blog site or website to list your concerns?

    Jim Karlock, Lew, Kelly, Sharon Nasset and David Madore have various ways of getting it done through help or their own ingenuity. If you felt so estranged and vocal, may be this might be a great idea to let out the steam? I know that I have gone this route because I simply won’t put up with what I have suspected go on behind closeted doors?

    But I do agree with you. The Snoozemedia’s contempt for local dissent is so legendary and painful. And from I agree further with the comments made above. They simply just corral, move and feedlot the non-identified old commenters into a place that your average community member is simply not going to go.

    And at times, there is a general bargain basement armchair quarterbacking at play there. It can get rough, tumbleweed and accusatory froth seems to flow like the old sweet high octane beers from the past of Vancouver.

    I don’t want the admin staff to come down with the power of the old world staff without good reasons. And some times it takes time for them to ask people to shape up. I do believe that good people and comments worth reading but you have to wade through the chaff to find them.

    And one final point. You don’t have to be a person on Facebook OR Twitter to have an effect here. I know many times that stuff I have said has made a serious change in local political behavior. (sorry no, I am not going to list it here.)

    And some times it take a good face to face chat to learn more about an issue and how a politician feels. Has anyone here tried this tactic? Getting an appointment with a local or state representation to discuss a concern or to find out more about an issue?

    Do I dare say I am the only one who likes to dare others to try this? And their staff get to know the concern as well?


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