Should I Care What Life Pac Says?

by lewwaters

As a political blogger I am approached from time to time by candidates and supporters asking for support, inviting me to their events or speaking against a candidate I might have decided to support. But, I have to say that tonight was the first time a PAC has contacted me to ask that I consider withdrawing an endorsement of a candidate.

What strikes me as odd, besides the fact that I have not endorsed Anne McEnerny-Ogle, or any candidate for Vancouver City Council for that matter, is that the link shown is to a recommendation I made a year and a half ago, when she was vying to be appointed to the city council seat that Bart Hansen ended up winning the nomination to.

Anne is running opposed to Pat Campbell this time around though, along with Bill Turlay.

Looking at the link provided, this National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington is more of a liberal organization than I usually pay much heed to. But, they have every right to endorse who they wish according to their own standards.

For the record, I do not live within Vancouver City Limits and as I cannot vote for city council seats, do not intend to endorse any of the candidates, even if I cover their campaigns. As a matter of fact, that is why my sidebar contains links to the campaign pages of all candidates for city council, the 4 challengers and the 3 incumbents.

I have spoken with both Anne McEnerny-Ogle in the past and Bill Turlay more recently and find both qualified and very likeable. Either would be good for city council, in my opinion.

But, what I really find disturbing and makes me question Life Pac’s endorsements is last year’s campaign for the 18th legislative district seat vacated by now 3rd Congressional District representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler.

In that race, Life Pac chose to endorse Washougal city council member Jon Russell, who is willing to say anything and do anything to get a vote. He walks around with the phoniest used car salesman smile possible and often relies on dirty campaign tactics.

Because he said he does not support abortion under any reason, they gave him the endorsement over Ann Rivers who said she opposed abortion but would make an exception in case of rape or incest.

What irked me in that regard is that Ann Rivers proved herself a pro-life candidate long before she was even a political candidate. She gave proof that no man ever could. As a young teen, she was sexually assaulted, became pregnant and although encouraged to obtain an abortion, refused, carried the child to full term and gave a little girl up for adoption to a very nice, loving couple.

If that isn’t a strong endorsement of pro-life, I don’t know what is.

By what right does Life Pac have to now ask me to consider removing a year and half old endorsement of Anne McEnerny-Ogle because a left-leaning group has endorsed her?

I don’t believe in abortion myself, but as a male that is an easy position for me to take. It is a decision I have never been faced with. Not by any old girlfriends, my wife or my daughters.

I abhor the idea of abortion as a means of birth control, but can I live someone else’s life? No, it’s hard enough living my own life.

Life Pac too has every right to endorse whoever they desire by whatever standards they desire. But, abortion is not my number one priority. As much as I personally dislike it, the country, state, county and city is facing far greater problems.

How am I to take Life Pac seriously after they short changed Ann Rivers just last year in favor of a political opportunist and considering that in 2009, they endorsed Anne McEnerny-Ogle over Jeanne Harris?

Consistency goes a long way with me.

13 Responses to “Should I Care What Life Pac Says?”

  1. Lew, sometimes I think you’re a Closet Liberal. 😉

  2. A very well written, very thoughtful post, Lew. And I agree.

  3. Lew, I’m beginning to think you’re a Closet Liberal. 😉

  4. Excellent points, Lew.

  5. Sorry Martin, the closest I was ever to that was as a plain clothes hippie (somewhat) back in the 1960’s 😉

  6. Lew, Might I suggest to you that if LifePac comes back to you again and asks for you to remove links for no good or obvious reason like the site is down, its passed the election or there is a real clear indication like Mr. Russell’s campaign.

    And you might also want to remember, that a city council race is non-partisan? Meaning that any elected candidate could be a mixture of political influence, connections and private feelings than what they put out as political ideals. Do I want to believe Mrs. McNerney-Ogle is one politics stretch or another? Honestly, I want the woman or who runs against her to push VANCOUVER issues, not any thing that is one sided painted in one political direction.

    I could care less about the PACs that are giving her money unless it surely is politically one sided. From what I know of being in her Neighborhood is that she is dogged about helping support what her neighborhood wants. She’s articulate, well informed and if she doesn’t know something, she seeks out the information to answer a question posed to her or a question she would like answered. Bill also surprised me that he seems to do similar ideas though he’s not as polished as Mrs. Ogle is.

    I wish all the candidates in the race the best.

  7. Jeremy, we need the best people we can elect representing us. I am impressed with both Anne and Bill.

    But, as you say, the seat is non-partisan an even though candidates will bring their political leanings with them, we need to elect people that are articulate and informed in all issues, not just a few that we may favor.

    So, like you, I wish all of them the best and hope we manage to elect the best person for the job.

  8. After a brief email exchange with Anne, I went back into Life Pac archives of past elections and you’ll never guess, but Life Pac endorsed Anne over Jeanne Harris then.

    And now they don’t because someone else endorsed her?

  9. Touche Lew! May be it is just now a good idea to ignore these people unless they have a good reason! And like you said, this *IS* a nonpartisan race. And yes, some people might have political leanings one way or another. As long as it doesn’t serious effect their community credibility or objectivity, why is LIFEPAC not seriously focusing on that level of attention on Mrs. Ogle?

    Reality to me says that probably in this case, they really just need to butt out and let the City of Vancouver community vote with their intelligence??

  10. Your position on abortion-right-to-life-freedom-of-choice is the liberal viewpoint.

  11. As I understand it, Martin, the more liberal view of abortion is one of whenever.

    Right wing is not at all for any reason.

    Since we seem to agree on our view of abortion, I’d say it is more a centrist view.

    I know Hillary espoused such a view in her words during her presidential campaign, but her actual actions say pretty much whenever.

    That’s just how I see it.

  12. Lew, I think you just said it best. We need people that can effectively represent the best ideas and ideals of us, maybe not 100 percent perfect. But someone who knows Clark County or their political region and just does not bow to special interests….


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