Jim Moeller, Democrats and Unions vs Washington Voters

by lewwaters

I can’t really say I was surprised to read in the Columbian: Moeller joins lawsuit to overturn Eyman initiative

Just last year, Tim Eyeman’s Initiative 1053 was passed by voters with a wide 64% margin, requiring a 2/3 majority for the Washington Legislature to be able to rise of impose new taxes upon us.

Democrats including 49th L.D. Jim Moeller and Teachers Unions don’t like that and have filed a lawsuit challenging the initiative in court, seeking to have it overturned.

The Columbian tells us, “Democratic leaders could not get Republicans to support any tax increases this year, forcing lawmakers to balance the budget with heavy cuts to education.”

The article also tells us those heavy cuts “reduces salaries for teachers and classified educational staff by 1.9 percent while slashing pay for administrative staff by 3 percent. It suspends programs designed to keep class sizes low.”

Chris Korsmo, CEO of the League of Education Voters is quoted saying, “Washington’s constitution makes it clear the state’s paramount duty is to ‘make ample provision’ for the education of every child. This statute, and similar measures enacted in recent years, hamstrings our state’s ability to invest in the quality public schools our children need to succeed in life.”

“Investment,” if you recall, is a left-wing catch word for “tax increase.”

The Teachers Union adds that the constitutionally passed initiative (they seem to forget that citizen initiatives are also written into our constitution), “unconstitutionally infringes on the power of the Legislature to pass laws and prevents the state from fulfilling its constitutional obligations to adequately fund education.”

Nowhere is the union and Democrats willing to “share in the sacrifice” by accepting marginal cuts far less than what the private sector has sacrificed since this Great Recession began.

Other Democrats who have signed on to be able to take more of our hard-earned money and thumb their noses at the constitutionality of the citizen initiative are Laurie Jinkins of Tacoma, David Frockt of Seattle, Reuven Carlyle of Seattle, Deb Eddy of Kirkland, Sam Hunt of Olympia, Timm Ormsby of Spokane, Eric Pettigrew of Seattle, Chris Reykdal of Tumwater, Cindy Ryu of Shoreline and Mike Sells of Everett.

These are names that the middle class taxpayer in Washington State needs to remember next election.

They need reminded that they are elected representatives, not “Diktatoren.”

5 Comments to “Jim Moeller, Democrats and Unions vs Washington Voters”

  1. As nicely stated above, Jim is going to do what Jim wants to do. When has anyone ever in the 49th LD ever been held to account? Jim Jacks? never….

  2. Attach the legislator to their legislation or we will live with their personal agenda items in our communities forever. Jim Moeller is the “candyman” “taxman” and self proclaimed spender of our money period end. He feels that is his job. Wake up Vancouverites!

  3. Carolyn, Yep, attach the legislator TO his co-sponsored legislation and voting records! And that means for every single legislator in SW Washington, not just Jim Moeller.

  4. To Jim Moeller
    I am so tired of reading of representative becoming dictators when they don’t get their way and believing that they know best! There are three generations of Democratics in our family representing 26 voters. I’m a Republican and I have worked to convert them. Last Nov. only one out of 26 voted for the Democrats and in fact changed their voting status. The 25 believe this is still a Republic based on a Constitution. U.S. and Washington State.

    Moeller will only get one vote from the family!

  5. Thomas,

    The only reason Jim will start believe the in his local community is when he starts to lose an election? And yes, I do so tire of him blaming the other political base when GUESS who is the one helping to head the state house legislature?

    Jim, if you read this blog, its time I and other voters hold you to account for your votes and political choices. Please show us why you deserve to run again instead of using your pontifical powers to BLAME others for the state and our regions problems.

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