Show The Yakima Bears the Door

by lewwaters

[Updated to reflect a major correction by the Columbian in who owns the stadium]

[Update 2: More on specific ownership of the stadium from Stephanie Rice added]

Vancouver’s city council got their first formal presentation for the Class A ball Team, Yakima Bears planned move to Vancouver. All council members except Pat Campbell have given City Manager “Erik Holmes the OK to research the issue and engage in potential discussions with Clark County” for adding a 5% entertainment tax throughout the county pay for construction of a $23 Million stadium adjacent to Clark College.

The Columbian

There are several pros & cons to relocating a Class A ball team to Vancouver, a large con being that 5% entertainment tax added to movie tickets, golf courses and several other forms of entertainment.

Although Clark County taxpayers will be on the hook for 70% of the costs of the proposed stadium, we were told “the stadium would be owned and maintained by Short Season LLC.” Stephanie Rice, the writer of the article posted this morning, “Key correction: the sentence should read (and now does) ‘the stadium would be publicly owned but maintained by Short Season LLC’.”

UPDATE 2: Comment from Stephanie Rice, “Lew, to be even more specific, the team would own it while the debt was being repaid, then it would be publicly owned. Here’s what I was told by the team when I asked why in documents it says the team would own it: ‘Ownership is during the period in which the facility is indebted. It secures the asset until the debt is retired. Then it is free and clear a public facility’.”

City council members Larry Smith and Jack Burkman asked to hear alternatives to the entertainment tax and were told of none.

Asked why taxpayers should pay for the stadium, Mike Thiessen of Short Season LLC said that “the team would be putting up 30 percent of the construction costs for a stadium it would use 13 percent of the time.”

That’s not exactly reassuring.

I have kept an open mind on this proposal, even though voicing concerns over its location next to the Vancouver Campus of the Veterans Hospital, but reading “After the workshop, co-owner K.L. Wombacher said the team does have alternate plans, but they don’t involve the city of Vancouver seals it for me.

It’s time to close the books and show these people the door.

We do not need to be threatened into coughing up tax dollars for a new stadium to be owned by a private enterprise “at a time when public services are being cut, a fire station closed, federal grants used to keep cops on the street and the city lacks money to fill all its potholes,” as expressed by Tim Leavitt’s former campaign manager, Temple Lentz as she “questioned the rationality of raising a tax for a stadium.”

Ms. Lentz expressed, “The terms political will and vision were used as qualities to make this happen. But giving $20 million of other people’s money to the first guy who comes up and asks for it is not political will or vision.”

4 Comments to “Show The Yakima Bears the Door”

  1. Why do I have a feeling that this may be a done deal anyways like VCCV?

  2. I get the feeling that this podunk baseball team “idea” has been brought before the public to distract from the CRC bridge boondoggle.

  3. You know Jack, that might be a great IDEA! Bring baseball in at the same time and maybe a few other sideshow rallys and let us confuse the voting and local public so they are mindfully strewn all over the place instead of dealing with each & every subject?

    And why does this community have to have baseball by next season? Can’t we spend a year getting ready and allowing the community to have its say instead of it being ramrodded through in six month or less process?

    Gosh, this sounds more and more like the CRC process?

    Jack, you might be on to some thing!

  4. I am strongly opposed to bring the Yakima Bear’s baseball team to Vancouver. First, the owner gets an easy ride, profiting at the taxpayer’s expense. Why doesn’t he take his team to Portland? There is already a stadium there, but I doubt Portland would buy into such a ruse. Second, how come polictiacians think they can pull one on the taxpayers of Vancouver? Why can’t they put this to a vote of the people and let them decide what is best. It is a matter of principle. Let the people decide if they want this. There should not be a handful of people deciding what they think is best for the rest of us. They think they will find a way to do this and nothing will stop them.

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