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July 30, 2011

Either Brancaccio Never Served in the Military or It’s Been a Slow News Week

by lewwaters

I often look forward to reading Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio’s Saturday column, Press Talk. It gives me a chance to see how he thinks on pertinent issues that have impact on our community and occasionally the country.

We have a proposed tax increase being discussed to bring a Class A ball team to town, still fighting over the Columbia River Crossing, Loot Rail, another tax increase for C-Tran, a lawsuit filed to overturn an initiative passed by a wide margin of voters, 3 city council seats up for grabs and of course, the ongoing brouhaha back in Washington D.C. over how fast each political party wishes to increase our national debt to bring the country to collapse.

I eagerly looked forward to getting Lou’s take on what he felt was the burning issue of the week as although I often disagree with Lou and have never actually met him face to face, have shared cordial and friendly email exchanges. I respect Lou.

I was disappointed to turn on my computer this morning and signing into the Columbian webpage, did not see Lou’s new column.

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