Either Brancaccio Never Served in the Military or It’s Been a Slow News Week

by lewwaters

I often look forward to reading Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio’s Saturday column, Press Talk. It gives me a chance to see how he thinks on pertinent issues that have impact on our community and occasionally the country.

We have a proposed tax increase being discussed to bring a Class A ball team to town, still fighting over the Columbia River Crossing, Loot Rail, another tax increase for C-Tran, a lawsuit filed to overturn an initiative passed by a wide margin of voters, 3 city council seats up for grabs and of course, the ongoing brouhaha back in Washington D.C. over how fast each political party wishes to increase our national debt to bring the country to collapse.

I eagerly looked forward to getting Lou’s take on what he felt was the burning issue of the week as although I often disagree with Lou and have never actually met him face to face, have shared cordial and friendly email exchanges. I respect Lou.

I was disappointed to turn on my computer this morning and signing into the Columbian webpage, did not see Lou’s new column.

After doing my daily check outs, attending a great barbecue at Martin Hash’s with several other bloggers covering the political spectrum, came home and saw Lou still didn’t put his column online.

Feeling dejected, I broke down, scrapped together a dollar out of my Social Security check that wasn’t supposed to be sent out until the debt ceiling crisis was settled and with total disregard for the environment, started my Dakota and drove almost a mile to Fred Meyers to buy a paper.

Admittedly, I had other purchases to make too, so the trip wasn’t a total waste of my time and justified the teaspoonful of expensive gas to get there and make it back.

Opening the paper, there it was, right on the front page of the Clark County section, Lou’s column today, “Be gentle on my Ears… Please!”

Unable to connect such a title to the issues we have been reading about and with bated breath, I began reading the column.

After reading how he almost stiffed an Evergreen High grad of $8 at the Vancouver Farmers Market, but the flood of realization that he really is a nice guy drove him to go make good on his delizioso wood-fired anchovy (anchovies, Lou? We need to talk) pizza, Lou got down to business, the burning issue of the week.

It seems Lou was one of us in wondering why Mayor Tim Leavitt did such a rapid flip-flop on his opposition to tolls for CRC and asked him about it in email, receiving the standard politicians pandering non-answer, just like we all receive from him, our Senators and Representative in D.C.

Unbeknownst to Lou, until very recently, Leavitt sought the advice of his former campaign manager Temple Lentz on answering, who tongue in cheek I presume, advised Leavitt to reply, “Dear Lou, Go **** Yourself.

I recall using the term “****” a time or two myself and prior to the Army using it might result in a few bars of soap being shoved down my throat, 5 pounds of flesh being taken off my hiney and a line forming outside the house as neighbors lined up to take their share of flesh off of me.

But, that was decades ago. Times change. I even recall on my first trip home from Vietnam, now being desensitized by hearing “****” from everybody in every use imaginable, sat across the table from my Mom at breakfast and without thinking or realizing I was back in the land of niceties’, asked my Mom, “Please pass the ****ing ketchup

Fortunately by then, being a hardened Veteran just home from the battlefields of Vietnam and that I now stood a few inches higher than my Mom or the realization that she had probably used it herself, the moment slid by quickly, if not rather sheepishly.

Although using **** in emails still isn’t considered high society, it has gained more frequent use and acceptability, even to the point of “Panati’s Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things” giving it a sentence or two.

Even with the increased usage of “****” by so many and society being desensitized to it somewhat, I’m sure Ms. Lentz feels a twinge of remorse in giving such advice.

But for Lou, who seems to consider such ill-given advice almost 2 years ago more of a burning issue than spiraling debt, high unemployment, potential tax increases or a citizenry growing increasingly angry about being ignored, I can only say be glad she only said “****.”

I have no doubt that my words posted on this blog towards Jim Moeller, Jaime Herrera, Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick and several others has gained me several “&^#%$,” “&$@%,” “$&%^#*%#” and the most dreaded of all, “&$^%#@!%#*&^$%@” more than once.

Had you served a little time in Army Barracks, Lou, you’d know it is much easier when told “Go **** yourself,” to give the more proper response of, “Oh yeah? Go **** yourself, you “&^#%$,” “&$@%,” “$&%^#*%#” piece of “&$^%#@!%#*&^$%@.”

Lou, I thought you said you were from Chicago?

8 Comments to “Either Brancaccio Never Served in the Military or It’s Been a Slow News Week”

  1. I, on the other hand, have precisely zero respect for Brancaccio, who seems to take a psychopathic, pulling-wings-off-flies delight in using his bully pulpit to try and inflict damage on people who cannot fight back by virtue of his column.

    It was exactly one year ago when he came after me. He had been beating the hell of of Peter Van Nortwick and blowing up our slimeball prosecutor, TV Tony Golick, like he was an inflatable doll. His playground bully tactics to get me to respond… the emails from him goading me… Imagine, I just could have sent Temple’s advice in reponse to his sick ass.

    Lou then telegraphed the same punch against Brent Boger and found his own head being returned to him in a basket as a result.

    In my experience, there is no lie he won’t tell, no exaggeration he won’t engage in and no effort to ignore the will of the people on his agenda; ignoring, demeaning and belittling those of us wise enough to oppose him; demanding and decrying the lack of civility while unleashing his pit yorkie, John Laird, on people like you and me.

    And now, because Lentz has stood up to the “The Liar” and his moronic agenda, Leavitt throws Lentz under Brancaccio’s bus; Brancaccio being the unrestrained adolescent he is and, well, because The Liar Leavitt is now carrying Brancaccio’s water like Gunga Din, Brancaccio uses information The Liar provided to attack The Liar’s former ally.

    Leavitt, who has never been the brightest bulb on the tree, fails to understand that Lentz knows where all of his skeletons are buried… the stories that I hear about hushed up/covered DUI’s… sexual harassment and dating staffers in the City of Vancouver and the like… Lentz can likely provide some specifics.

    Of course, our despicable waste of wood pulp isn’t interested in what Lentz has to say. But this time, there seems to be, well, the paper trail these clowns can’t go to the bathroom without following.

    And Lou, you really should take Lentz’s advice on this. Find a fence post, and get it done.

  2. Kelly, oh? Doesn’t Temple also love to a serious satirical bent through her own web site? So f she wanted to, she could bend him over and give him a serious throttling?

    I don’t worry about her or Tim, they have way too much time conversing.

    Oh? Did anyone notice the NEW attempt by Milwaukee Oregon to go after the same baseball team as Vancouver? Look the article and tell me how many coindences can you find?

    I’ll give you the first one. Seems Akrom Moisen is the lead architect? And the price for the ballpark is in a similar range as our own?

    Gosh, how many other can YOU find with this where’s waldo….


    And Lou, you better watch out, some of us DO love reading your column. Its too bad you don’t get enough comments under it anymore?!?! Do you think maybe the facebook change over did some hard for the personal back pat downs you could get every week?

  3. Brancaccio is an arrogant, smarmy, spoiled little kid with probably the most swelled head in Vancouver. That’s why watching The Columbian slowly go out of business is such a delicious thing.

    Right now The Columbian online is but a comic-book shadow of it’s former self. I dare say there just as many sockpuppets used by a few cloistered sycophants, and the comments posted online are just as rowdy and and inflammatory as they ever were before the FB fiasco, perhaps even more so.

    The only difference is that with the FB requirement, The Columbian has effectively cut itself off from any participation by the community in general, and has restricted the online discussions to just a select few who elect to join the notorious FB “club”.

    Funny thing about Liberal Elitists, they just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

    Apparently now Brancaccio thinks his column should only be in the printed edition where online commenters can’t immediately tell him just how full of crap he is.

    If you haven’t already noticed, Liberals and Elitists also make great cowards.

  4. Has anyone guessed or looked into where the email came from, and how it got to The Columbian?

  5. Jill, how he received or heard about it isn’t half as important as how he is responding. Who hasn’t heard something similar in the past?

    But, to devote a whole column about it when there are some really important issues going on?

    I’d say her words from nearly two years ago really have no bearing on issues currently effecting us today.

    Besides, as I wrote, I was Army for 8 years and “****” is nothing compared to “&$^%#@!%#*&^$%@.”

    It wasn’t me though.

  6. Brancaccio must be reading your blog because his column “magically appeared” online today. Isn’t that “amazing”?

  7. Someone tell Temple Lentz that as entertaining as it would be to watch Lou attempt such an act, it is anatomically impossible for him to consummate it…..

    And did Tim Leavitt teach her what that phrase means or did she teach him…??

  8. Jack, Lou has the blogs on rss field or linked to the bookmarks. I doubt he spends less than 8 to 10 times a day checking his ego in the mirror and story ideas from those of us who blog. So it would not surprise me if he was reading these comments also to check on his real competition for community eyeballs.

    And if Temple has some thing to teach Tim, you all know whom is the real teacher in this situation?

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