Herrera Beutler Screws Us and She’s Frustrated?

by lewwaters

I can’t say I’m surprised to one, see Jaime Herrera Beutler (R Wa 03) support the largest debt increase in the history of the nation, two express frustration over the deal she voted for and three, justify selling out constituents.

But that is just what she has done, Herrera Beutler admits frustration with debt-limit deal

No one else should be surprised either. This is a pattern seen during her brief tenure occupying a seat as 18th legislative district representative. After all, she didn’t bat an eyelid when she crossed the aisle to help Democrats strip the last $229 Million of the states Rainy Day Fund last year.

She justified that boner as to prevent a tax increase too, just as she did in voting for this sell-out debt limit increase.

She didn’t even bother to check out a bill she co-sponsored and twice voted for that would have forced childcare centers into the unions. That one she justified by claiming it would do such thing and having her then campaign manager, Casey Bowman issue a press release stating that I and any others exposing her record were “spreading false information.”

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

Amongst the comments she now makes are, “For instance, I would like to have a firmer commitment to a balanced budget, which would mean no more debt ceiling crises ever again. Not every spending reform is where I would like it. But the U.S. will be able to meet its obligations, and this deal builds the framework to end overspending in D.C.”

And, “we have addressed D.C.’s habit of overspending. This agreement signals the first time in modern U.S. history we have come to an agreement that cuts spending – more than $2 trillion – without taxes, and we’ve done it in a bipartisan fashion.”

First, there is absolutely nothing in this bill about balancing any budget. A balanced budget does nothing about lowering the actual debt of the country, soon to be a staggering $16.7 Trillion with the approval of this bill.

What framework to end overspending? What addressing overspending?

The so-called spending cuts she voted for are promises of cuts in discretionary spending maybe in 2013. I say maybe because a new congress is not bound to the promises of the last plus discretionary spending is easily manipulated and changed.

In simple terms, there is a planned increase in government spending, but now it is promised to not increase it by as much.

That is not a spending cut. Even reduced it is still an increase!

But, the highest debt increase in the history of the country is NOW!

You can fully expect borrowing to pick up a fever pitch just as soon as this passes the Senate and Obama signs it.

Granted, she isn’t the only one to fall into the trap and sell-out constituents. Democratic governor candidate Jay Inslee rushed back to D.C. to vote alongside Herrera Beutler to stick it to us.

Any of you that have read my blog for any length of time will recall that I did not support Jaime Herrera for the nomination to replace retiring Brian Baird. This is the very reason why. Instead of standing on principle, she caves, sells us out and no doubt will enjoy the D.C. party circuit now.

In the past Herrera has said she would “vote for her district, not the party or partisan interests, every day and twice on Sunday,” and that she “could not be coerced by her party.”

If that was true then, she chose to do this herself.

She now says that the latest deal meets the conditions she has set for supporting a rise in the debt limit.”

What about constituents, Jaime? Do they count?

No, I did not support Jaime Herrera last year feeling this is exactly what sort of representation we would receive. For my effort to support and elect a real conservative Republican, I came under fire and castigation by many of the Clark County GOP, Ryan Hart, Pacific County GOP Chair Nansen Malin, Cowlitz County’s Keath Huff, a certain “former Marine” who shall remain nameless and several other Republicans, some who have now asked me to “return to the fold” since I parted ways with the GOP over this.

Ryan Hart got his 30 pieces of silver in the way being named her district manager, at a nice salary.

Nansen Malin wrangled a seat on the WSRP that she left right away for selection as chair of the Washington State American for Prosperity chapter. Keath, I don’t what he received, but one thing for sure, my honor and integrity is still intact and many things I tried to caution voters on are coming to fruition.

Well, you all wanted her and you got her, along with the largest debt increase in history and hollow promises of phantom spending cuts down the road somewhere.

Don’t blame me, I supported David Castillo. Several of us tried to warn you, in fact.

UPDATE: I just received word of Fannie and Freddie vanish from debt ceiling proposals

“According to the Congressional Budget Office, the original Boehner plan and subsequent Reid proposals would have saved the government $30 billion via reductions to Fannie and Freddie operations. This, sources within the House told HousingWire, would have meant raising the guarantee fees — the fees Fannie and Freddie charge for guaranteeing a pool of mortgages — up 5 basis points.
Sources said this contributed more than $26 billion to government “cuts,” but it was eventually considered a “tax revenue” and was removed from not only Boehner’s proposal but Reid’s as well.
A report released by the CBO Monday morning attributed none of the proposed $917 billion in cuts to reductions in Fannie or Freddie operations.”

10 Comments to “Herrera Beutler Screws Us and She’s Frustrated?”

  1. Can’t add a thing, here, Lew. Right in every respect.

  2. Glad I voted for David the first go around. And probably would like to see who is going to run in the next election coming up soon?

  3. I get so tired of seeing the same old BS from the people who get elected. I sure would like to see someone get into office who would do the job right for once instead of these mealy-mouthed, lying scumbags.

  4. I have a plan that can’t be beat. Let’s let them know we are dissatisfied, and let’s take action that will (1) defund and (2) remove from office. They do not expect to remain in office come November 2012. Let’s not disappoint them.

  5. Ok, Lew I respect your opinion, and I find merit in the argument you have presented, which essentially holds that Herrera misled (or in my perspective never said) what her core beliefs are or where she stood on certain issues. I did not think she was a tea party candidate, but she hasn’t exactly been a Scott Brown style sell out, nor has she maliciously lied like the Mayor of Vancouver, just to get elected. She appears to be a conservative in many of the ways you are and in some ways similar to my beliefs. But the lack of a track record here at home and a vacuum of expression about her past role and work in Washington, leave us all guessing.

    So far she is doing about what I expected her to do, and her stance on Light rail will tell us all a lot more about how to approach her and how to bring her around to our side. But you have to know Lew, Congresswoman Herrera is politically savvy as well as being a very smart Conservative Lady in a part of Washington leaning more and more, Democrat. I think we all would be better off learning to work with the Congresswoman than pissing her off. I for one would love to see her call the CRC to force them to lay all of their cards on the table, and the experience getting house and senate dems do the same would be something to relish.

    I think she is made of sterner stuff than you think.

  6. Naturally Dennis, we all have our opinions and in spite of my dislike of Jaime, for the reasons listed, I have posted in her favor and defense.

    Rest assured, I did not just form my opinion because who I supported did not win. I wish that was all it was. I came away from the campaign last year feeling stabbed in the back by the local GOP.

    And as far as her being made of sterner stuff, I respect that you think that, but I learned what I needed to the night she kept calling me at home until I answered, all to ask why I wasn’t supporting her and then making me a promise she never kept.

    Instead, her campaign manager decided to accuse me of being a liar, despite documentation of my claims.

    That is why at the top of the blog it says, “Nothing is useful which is not honest.”

    Nobody receives a pass from me based upon party affiliation after last year.

  7. Okay, Lew, Small consolation. I have done my homework. I didn’t base my comments on who you were for or who you opposed, I must say that while I had very low expectations of our congresswoman, based on a few hours worth of face to face discussion last summer, I see now, that even those low expectations were too high.

    Still, given the nature of the beast (the deficit and congress), I cannot fault her vote or the reasoning behind it as stated. I don’t believe a default would have helped anyone. I would rather find a way to hold her feet and proponents of more government spending’s collectivist feets’ to the fire. By carrot rather than by stick.

  8. Just my personal opinion, Dennis, but i don’t believe we would have gone into default. I firmly believe there was enough money in the treasury to pay the bills.

    What I do believe is that once again, we sat out here and watched a game of chicken and saw who caved first.

    While they all make a fuss about the deficit, it is the debt and the interest on the debt eating us alive and that will bring about a collapse one day.

    Politicians discussing bringing down the deficit, while driving our debt through the roof is a smoke screen.

    Slowing the rate of increased spending just prolongs the debt and buries us deeper into the hole.

    What do we do if creditor nations call in their debt? They have every right for it to be repaid.

    Even if they don’t call it in, they receive Billions of dollars in interest. That’s our tax dollars going out for nothing in return.

    There isn’t even enough wealth in the country to confiscate to pay down the debt significantly in my lifetime.

    It’s a mess and if they don’t get to doing something soon, Pelosi’s claims she made to win in 2006 will come true. “Nearly half of our nation’s record debt is owned by foreign countries including China and Japan. Without a return to fiscal discipline, the foreign countries that make our computers, our clothing and our toys will soon be making our foreign policy.”

    It’s too bad she didn’t believe it herself.

  9. A small slice of what would happen if the holders of our federal treasury instruments called them in was played out in the shorting of the derivatives market and subsequent bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. That was peanuts in comparison. That is no smoke screen.

    If a concrete plan to lower the debt and significantly reduce spending does not come out of this blue ribbon committee the loss of faith in our currency will act as a trigger to cause the greatest global financial implosion since 1928, This globalization movement has tied everything together and like the house of cards it is, it can easily fall apart. Mz. Pelosi thinks she facing off with a turkey, And whether she believes it or not that rubber chicken on the hood of her imported car is about to get crushed by a fully loaded eighteen wheeled semi-truck.

  10. It might be well to remember that the “carrot approach” doesn’t work with Lefties. The only thing they understand is the “barrel of the gun” approach when it’s pointed at them.

    Lefties are totally suicidal, mind-numbed robots.

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