Has Vandalism Become Just Another Political Tool?

by lewwaters

I recently blogged on the vandalism of the home of Tiffany Couch, the forensic auditor hired by Vancouver businessman David Madore to independently audit the records of the Columbia River Crossing and expressed my disappointment with the Columbian for not seeing her home being vandalized as they did the car of an Obama supporter back in 2008.

This case of vandalism drew a lot of outrage in the community meriting no less than 3 articles in the Columbian and even a blog post by me at the time. Even though conservatives joined in the outrage over his car being vandalized, that did no stop Mr. Wastrodowski from writing a letter to the editor a year later excoriating conservatives and Republicans, that the Columbian was very obliging to publish.

Fast forward to this past weekend, July 31, 2011 and the photos below.


Do these photos show any less vandalism than was done to Mr. Wastrodowski’s car back in 2008?

The vandalism of his car was hoisted as a racist act by hopeful politico’s running for office even though Police noted that no other home nearby with their Obama ’08 signs was vandalized. The Columbian saw a story there even though the Police saw it as just a prank.

Ms. Couch is auditing the books of CRC and her home is vandalized around 2 AM in the morning. While it is too easy to claim related, there is no evidence of that neither Ms. Couch, her husband, Mr. Madore nor I even suggest it. At best, I could think a hothead supporter, but as was noted in both cases, there is no real linkage to either Mr. Wastrodowski’s supporting Obama nor Ms. Couch auditing CRC.

So, what makes one so newsworthy and the other not?

In my opinion, crying racism in the former case of vandalism was a campaign tool and used to build public sympathy.

Running with Ms. Couch’s home being vandalized would no doubt draw sympathy towards her, given our desire to sympathize with the underdog. People sympathizing with what happened to her could easily transfer that sympathy to her work in auditing the CRC.

Of course, I have no real idea why the two instances of vandalism are being treated so differently, but it seems plausible to me that it could be a big reason.

What ever the reason, it is a disservice to the community the Columbian serves to be so one-sided in the reporting.

This is the very reason so many accuse them of bias.

8 Comments to “Has Vandalism Become Just Another Political Tool?”

  1. Politicians and the media (IMO the tools of politicians) have strange ways of looking at things, for example, here in the UK we have had a lot of problems with knife crimes, there was a huge campaign to get it stopped which included a lot of media coverage, (rightly so).

    What did the politicians do? Did they increase penalties for knife crime? No.

    Did they set up a dedicated police group to respond to and tackle knife crime? No.

    What they did was no pass a law that states carrying a fixed blade knife in any circumstance apart from using one in ones work is illegal, not so bad you might think, however:-

    They also included that carrying a folding knife with a blade longer than 3 inches is illegal.

    Then an over zealous police officer arrested one guy for carrying a 3 inch blade Lock Knife,(a locking blade knife is obviously safer to use won’t fold shut on your hand), the magistrates found the man guilty, the man appealed to Crown court (court with a jury) they upheld the sentence. This now means that carrying any Lock Blade is illegal, and that decision would take an Act of Parliament to overturn.

    So has knife crime diminished here? No.

    What has happened is that more people are being prosecuted for carrying ‘illegal knives’ and the politicians look good…………….”We are tackling knife crime, look at the figures!”

    Anything in the media about the unfairness of this? No!

    Has this affected me personally? Yes. For years I carried a Swiss Army pocket knife which I found useful in all sorts of circumstances, it is now illegal for me to carry it as it has a locking blade and is 3 1/8 long on the blade.

    So I agree with you Lew that media coverage has a very strong tendency to be aimed toward a specific political agenda.

  2. We’re not quite that restrictive yet, but I fear we are headed that way.

    The media is always crying no bias, but the examples one can see are glaring of bias.

  3. Unfortunately Lew it’s a problem I have been seeing for a number of years now, the media cheer them on all the way and distort what is really happening.

    Everyone has, and is entitled to, their own opinion but I expect news to be unbiased and not one-sided, nor the opinion of the newscaster/media bosses.

    I know, I know, I am being naive.

  4. Editorials are where bias should be restricted to.

    News should be fairly reported and given equal balance to all sides.

    Compared to some twisted and distorted reports, this one is mild.

    I once did a 5 minute interview with a local TV station on gun control. All but about 5 seconds ended up cut out, just enough to twist what I said to make pro-gun people look fanatical.

  5. The issue with the local Pravda and their deliberate decision not to mention this is primarily that if you oppose them, they WANT this sort of thing to happen.

    Tim “The Liar” Leavitt’s silence on the issue, so eloquent compared with his campaign-driven faux outrage back in the day, speaks volumes. The fringe-left rag we’re cursed with will do nothing to help, because they HOPE this kind of thing happens to those who oppose them. The only thing that would have made it better for the rag is if their house had been firebombed and they had been hurt or killed.

    That would have given Lou and the Lazy C crew a chuckle.

  6. Sorry, Lew… I thought those comments would publish under my name. Could you fix that? If not, delete them and I’ll try it again.


    Corrected 😉

  7. While I don’t condone vandalism, I can attest that Tiffany definitely has some karma that needs to come her way. Maybe this will remind her to treat others with respect.

  8. Riiiggghttt, you don’t condone vandalism.

    No one deserves their home vandalized.

    But, it’s easy to make baseless accusations under an assumed name.

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