Have the Light Rail Votes Already Been Counted? Before A Vote?

by lewwaters

As we all know, citizens of Clark County have voted against 3 measures to approve extending Portland’s financially plagued Max Light Rail into our community. In 1995, a vote was held for a direct approval and was defeated by a 2 to 1 margin.

In 2002, state-wide Resolution Bill 51 for transportation improvements was seen largely as a back door approval for funding light rail and was rejected state wide in the 2002 general election.

In 2004 we defeated a sales tax increase in Proposition 1 in the general election in large part due to the written statement against that said, “C-Tran contributed $3,000,000 out of the $65,000,000 cost for I-5 HOV lanes. Now Clark County Commissioners can ask taxpayers to raise car license fees for additional tax dollars; possibly paving the way for light rail.”
“C-Tran paid over $3,000,000 for light rail studies. Portland owns the MAX gravy train. Washington taxpayers will pay a percentage of Tri-Met’s total transit costs even if only one inch of light rail crosses the river; more Clark County taxation without representation!”

In 2005, it was brought back and passed, but with a gerrymandered sub-district, much like is being planned for the promised vote on Light Rail Maintenance and Operation sales tax increase we were originally promised for this year, but may not see until 2012, 2013 if at all.

Clark County citizens have made it well known to Portland and Vancouver’s ruling class, WE DON’T WANT PORTLAND’S LIGHT RAIL!!

In spite of our continued loud voices opposing this intrusion into our community, we pretty much continue to hear from the ruling class of both cities, Light Rail is coming, Deal With It!

Further indication that Light Rail is being imposed on us with no Democratic Process is now supplied through Couv.com where they have placed a written transcript and audio of a downtown businessman’s encounter with city workers and a Qwest/Century Link crew on Main Street in downtown Vancouver, in front of his business.

Asking workers why Main Street was closed between 11th and 12th last month, he received the reply that they were “putting in a new man hole to support light rail.”

The Qwest/Century Link crewman also mentioned to him that they have “three years of work to re-route for light rail.”

If there is any semblance of a Democratic Process, where citizen’s voices and desires are not only consulted, but heeded in a multi-Billion Dollar project during an extended economic downturn, it isn’t in Vancouver, Washington.

We have seen for some time now how Mayor Tim Leavitt blatantly lied his way into office.

We have recently exposed mismanagement in how our tax dollars have been handled by the city.

Now, we see that the ruling class has thrown out the Democratic Process as they ram this boondoggle down our throats, deliberately ignoring our voices and denying us any vote, advisory or otherwise on the project.

If the workers the businessman spoke to are correct, this is just the beginning of tyranny as the ruling class in Vancouver, just like in medieval times when Kings stripped their subjects of whatever they desired.

You must lend your voice in a loud outcry against this and let them know downtown that they are elected representatives, not the ruling class who may do as they please with ours and our grandchildren’s futures.

They must hear that we citizens throughout the county are at least entitled to vote whether the majority wishes this boondoggle intruding into our community before construction begins.

If the workers are mistaken, Mayor Leavitt and the other members of the city cartel must correct this and quickly!

But, we the people must stand together and let the self-appointed ruling class know that we will not tolerate being steamrolled or denied our rightful participation in the Democratic Process that is the cornerstone of our Republic.

In my best Desi Arnaz/Ricky Ricardo imitation, Somebody got some ‘splainin to do.

If you have information you’d like to share, call the anonymous CRC tip hotline, 360-816-1426.
Or, if it’s okay to air your comments on couv.com, call our ‘permission to publish’ hotline, 360-816-1429

11 Comments to “Have the Light Rail Votes Already Been Counted? Before A Vote?”

  1. Not sure if it’s connected. But Qwest is doing more work downtown right now……via an email I received from the folks at city parking:
    “…..Our investigation found that Qwest is beginning a utility project on Evergreen, from Daniels to Main Street. At the time of your email, Qwest was in the process of obtaining the appropriate meter hoods for these spaces and providing information about the use of the parking stalls that will be disrupted by this project. Based on the information we received from Qwest today, the utility project will involve approximately 13 stalls on the south side of Evergreen, between Daniels and Main Streets, beginning today until approximately September 2, 2011. “

  2. Here’s portland’s answer to controlling further debate:


    Could they do this on the Vancouver side?

  3. Jeremy, they have never acknowledged that there is any debate on Loot Rail and have consistently ignored the voice of the people since 1995.

    If what the business owner told above was true, what more proof do you need that citizens voices don’t mean anything to the ruling class, unless it is in support of their agenda?

    The Democratic process our founders created and entrusted to us is just a stumbling block to Leavitt, Stuart, Boldt and the city cartel.

    Pat Campbell once expressed fear of an uprising in Clark County against the ruling class. I assured him then that cooler heads would prevail.

    With their continued dictating, denying votes and usurpation of the Democratic Process, I’m not too sure on cooler heads myself any longer.

    1946 The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

    I’ve long encouraged the ruling class to listen to the people, or at least ask, to no avail.

    I have no idea if anyone would dare try such an act as happened back in 1946, but if they do, it’s not like we haven’t tried to have our voices heard.

    Is it so hard to find out what the will of the people is, then abide by it?

  4. I fully expect to see citizens taking up arms against the ruling classes, Lew. Nothing else will get rid of the bastards.

  5. Lew,

    For the past twenty years I have watched Clark County politics from my teen years up until this very day, I doubt I have heard anyone actually LISTEN to the local people except in a few minor cases that caught me off guard. And those instances, I treasure because I learned those people cared enough to seek me out when I had some thing to say, had some ideas and they actually had to go through hopes.

    For privacy reasons, I won’t name those names. They were great local leaders and they taught me a hell of a lot of GOOD civil discourse and engagement. And I’ll treasure those people because they could have faced serious criticism and problems.

    The current crop of leaders does leave me with a LOT to be desired. Do they seriously want to listen to people or do they love to continue to play the political games just to piss off the same rotation of regular folks that come up the podium in differing venues to continue to air the same continuous tired comments usually without some thing to add that would be new?

    You know, I would LOVE to see a new crop of people stand up in front of the whole community and tell us what they think. With New and fresh ideas. I do see some new people in the community that I think might have the same leadership ideals that I dared hoped that Tim Leavitt had before he became mayor and started playing games.

    I could go on and on with the subject. I’ll leave this for now.

  6. What bothers me Lew…now that the debt limit has been raised, what is to stop Patty Murray from writing that $850 Million Dollar check to the Columbia River Crossing Project, along with a couple of hundred million more to operate and maintain the system for the first year?

    That would effectively allow the vote on raising the Sales Tax to be kicked down the road for yet another year, and give Mayor Progressive time to gerrymander a Special Transportation District with 3 dozen voters in it who will approve the already built system??

    At this point I don’t rule anything out, and since Patty has been seen standing right behind Harry Reid for all of his statements about increasing the borrowing, I figure the Democrats owe Patty a favor…and an even $1 Billion ought to be a good start.

  7. It is my understanding that no federal funds can be given until there is a guarantee of local matching funds (Tolls, sales tax increase and whatever else the downtown mafia dreams up).

    Murray and others are no doubt chomping at the bit to write checks to payback large donors for their campaigns who support this boondoggle, citizens be damned.

    I’m not even sure defeating the current sales tax increase for C-Tran would be heeded. I’m sure they have a plan B to thrust their hands deeper into our pockets if it is.

  8. Lew, I believe they also have option c, d e or f if any thing for their way to making sure this bridge happened.

  9. yah Lew…it was my understanding that Vancouver City Council wasn’t going to spend another thin dime on the Waterfront Project either, yet in tis morning’s business section, there is a new bid announcement from the City of Vancouver, seeking bids on “The Waterfront Park”. It’s a standard legal blurb looking for bids, and there is no detail beyond that, but Contractors can pick up an information pack…(get a paper copy of this morning’s C…)

    My point is that these “understandings” are worthless, because the only people making the “understandings” that count are members of the Ruling Class who could not care less what thee and me think about anything.

  10. And yes Bob, I agree with your comment, they seem not to care unless you take the cry baby rattle away from them.

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