Dealing With “Crazies?”

by lewwaters

With all of her claims of once being a “Senior Legislative Aid” to congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, how could she have not known what negotiating was like in Washington D.C.?

Voting to raise the debt limit by the largest amount in history is not courageous, it’s caving.

3 Comments to “Dealing With “Crazies?””

  1. Jaime, that was not a real smart comment! Even if you decide to stay or not, you should have kept that to yourself. Best bet, you should have let him ask his question and answered it truthfully to the best of your ability.

  2. She wouldn’t do us that much of a favor.

  3. Yes, I understand your belief and commentary about Jaime. But I doubt she ever would want to come here to Lew’s blog and answer my commentary. She did not do it during the campaign run and doubt she would risk the discourse here.

    But then again, why do I think that her underlings would post for her if she ever got the hair brained idea?

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