Herrera Beutler on Federal Funding Availability for the I-5 Bridge Replacement

by lewwaters

Taped August 4, 2011 on Jaime Herrera Beutler’s tele-townhall. Her reply to the question on whether or not federal funding is still available for the bridge project.

Of concern to me, the song & dance in regards to local matching funds. She mentions taxes, but we have also been hearing about tolls. While she calls for a county-wide vote, does she support or oppose Clark County residents coughing up more taxes or paying tolls in perpetuity to pay for a bridge and extending Light Rail into Clark County?

4 Comments to “Herrera Beutler on Federal Funding Availability for the I-5 Bridge Replacement”

  1. No hard position from her on this stuff because McMorris hasn’t given her one yet.

    Tim “The Liar” Leavitt knocked her political teeth out with his letter telling her to STFU and MYOB while doing what WE tell you to do, in this case, “we” meaning Tim.

    Her cowardly lack of response speaks eloquently to her lack of testicular fortitude that goes to the heart of the matter: it’s just Babs…. being Babs.

    She’s everything I thought Ridgefield Barbie would be… and less.

  2. From what I could hear of the broadcast, our Congressional Representative called for a vote, either countywide or districtwide.
    I believe this project warrants a countywide vote, as the sales tax is applied to all who shop in Clark County and it is the largest regional transportation project in our area in decades, estimated at $8.7 Billion if costs such as financing are included. Kudos to our representative for including the citizens given the major concerns about the project’s faulty projections for use, population, and costs so far. Any vote should include pro and con arguments in a voters guide.

  3. Margaret, there will be a pro and con in the voters guide. C-Tran enlisted people to write both already.

    As for Jaime and CRC, it would be nice to see her get off of the fence one way or another and state her position on it. You simply can’t be on both sides.

    What I wonder, given the news on CRC funding and the project itself made known in the last few weeks, why isn’t she calling for a freeze to the project and a Department of Justice probe into what appears to be shenanigans costing us $130 Million so far?

    What little Tiffany Couch has been able to ferret out and CRC document dump after dragging their feet for so long on all records looks suspicious by itself.

    An internal audit is a farce.

  4. From what I can tell, I do not think or believe that Jaime will do more than write letters to officials or local politicians. And see how Tim dealt with her?

    Honestly, I believe the whole scam is just waiting to be brewed up in some ones nightly dreams. And if the politicians cared, this bridge would not be in the position it is in.

    And why do I feel after the C’s article about money being lost at the federal level that this whole thing is going to be a toll bridge in the amount of whatever they come up with. No state, No federal money at all?

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