Why is Sharon Wylie Hiding Her Position on Issues Concerning the 49th?

by lewwaters

As surprised as many of us where when lobbyist n former Oregon State legislator Sharon Wylie was chosen over Temple Lentz to replace Jim Jacks, who abruptly walked out on constituents mid-session earlier this year, I am equally surprised to see that although she is campaigning to retain the seat she has been appointed to in the 49th legislative district, that she is not upfront with voters on her position on issues that concern us all.

Looking over her campaign webpage, conspicuously missing amongst the tabs is one titled “ISSUES.”

Understandably, not every voter can make it to campaign events or participate in web chats and candidates cannot make it to the door of every voter. In such cases we voters depend on campaign WebPages to learn more about a candidate wanting our vote.

Her opponent Craig Riley lists his position on several matters of concern to us in the 49th. But, Ms. Wylie’s page is silent on her position on anything of concern to us.

Clark County Democrats endorsing Ms. Wylie have listed links to two newsletters concerning her here and here. We read of events, fundraisers and vague descriptions of doorbelling, but she still says nothing about her position on issues such as Light Rail, tolls on a new I-5 bridge, high unemployment in Clark County and the 49th legislative district. The closest we see to any word on issues is a recap of doorbelling where she says,

“This last week I had some great conversations at the door and on the phone with my constituents. One house I went to was a self described independent voter. As I spoke with him on his porch I didn’t realize he had one of my opponent’s yard signs. We had a great conversation about the issues close to him and when I left he took out my opponents sign and placed one of mine in it is place.”

Fantastic! One anonymous voter out of all of the voters in the 49th legislative district allegedly knows what her positions on the issues are. What about the rest of us? Her WebPages contains suggestion donation amounts, upcoming fundraising events and very prominent links asking us to volunteer or make your contribution. But for whatever reason, she is not being upfront with us about any position taken on issues of concern to us all.

I am also left wondering if she took the time to explain to this one voter why she is not one of the legislators volunteering to accept a 3% wage cut while the state remains in such dire economic condition.

During the nomination process, she did admit to being a fan of Light Rail from Oregon into Clark County and made sure to mention, “Democrats believe in transparency.”

Jim Moeller, our other Democrat 49th legislative district representative is very transparent in his position. Whether we agree or not, Jim does not hide his views. Whether he is campaigning for reelection or engaging commenter’s on the Columbian’s online page, you are not left wondering what Jims’ position on an issue is.

Sharon Wylie, on the other hand seems to be being coy with her views while seeking election to the seat she was appointed to. How “transparent” is hiding your position of so many issues of concern?

Are people expected to just step up and vote for her because of her party affiliation? Isn’t such lock-step voting a large part of what has led the country and state into such abysmal condition today?

Are the Clark County Democrats suggesting she keep her positions unknown until after the election, in the hopes of keeping the seat and not letting voters unable to attend an event of hers or whose door she doesn’t make it to know just where she stands?

If Ms. Wylie cannot be upfront with us on where she is on issues confronting us all, I see no reason we should vote for her.

What she did in Oregon’s legislature or what she lobbied on in the past is one thing, but we need to know where and what she looks forward to for tomorrow.

Is it so difficult to let voters know where you stand when seeking their vote, Ms. Wylie?

5 Responses to “Why is Sharon Wylie Hiding Her Position on Issues Concerning the 49th?”

  1. She’s just another mealy-mouthed politician who doesn’t need to be elected to anything. We already have entirely too many mealy-mouthed morons the way it is.


  2. She can’t because when she opens her mouth and expresses herself she lets us know she has a communist position and her votes will be for a controlled social environment where all the sheeple do and go and eat and live like they are told to.


  3. Wylie, unfortunately, is going to win this. Equally unfortunate for Riley is that she’s going to run an Obama-light campaign, understanding that she’s a democrat in the 49th, and as a result, she doesn’t NEED to talk about the issues… as long as she’s willing to rip off the rest of the state to bring home the bacon.

    Talking about issues to voters who don’t care as long as you suck a lot more money out of the state treasury then they have to put in is such a burden.

    You know, like Moeller?

    So, why complicate the matter with “issues” or “positions?”

    The problem for the GOP in the heavily-government service dependent district, a “slave” district if you will that people like Moeller have done all they can to KEEP them service-dependent, is that the GOP message of smaller, more efficient government is typically the opposite of the message they want to hear.

    If the 49th was concerned about breaking free of their bonds of government crack (cash) they’d have gotten rid of Moeller years ago, since he’s the biggest cash (crack) dealer around.

    Besides, it’s really rather easy to infer her positions, isn’t it? Look up Washington State; look up “fringe left political positions” look up ways to waste our money and increase dependence on social services… and there she is.

    Wants to enslave the commuting public with life long tolls; wants to jam loot rail down our throats; wants the moronic “enrich the Yakima Millionaires” plan, wants a state income tax to redistribute a little more of that wealth into her district… etc.

    Craig’s messaging would likely do well in the 17th. But in the 49th, absent, perhaps, a hidden armed robbery conviction or something of that sort, it’s likely to be Wylie.


  4. Riley lost against a widely-known incumbent last year with 47% of the vote. A 3% swing in voters is all that is needed to win this year against an appointee who has less name recognition than he has. It can and will be done.



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