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August 9, 2011

City Manager Eric Holmes Clarifies “Rumors” of Manholes Being Moved

by lewwaters

As previously noted here, was informed of work being done in preparation of Light Rail coming to downtown Vancouver. At the August 8, 2011 city council meeting, Debbie Peterson inquired about such work starting already and after her comment, council member Jack Burkman asked for clarification from city manager Eric Holmes on the “rumors” of that work.

Now, what would lead workers to believe the work they are performing was in preparation for Light Rail if the companies didn’t believe it was coming?


UPDATE Aug 11, 2011: The Columbian tries to cover for this now with Rumors rile up light rail opponents

Their sub-headline claims, “City manager says CenturyLink work not tied to CRC.” Yet, they quote the city manager saying, “It appears, through (CenturyLink’s) own volition, they made a choice to make some upgrades in anticipation of potential CRC investments in downtown.

August 9, 2011

‘Baghdad’ Jim McDermott Divorcing, Asks for his Privacy to be Respected

by lewwaters

In what must go down as one of the most hypocritical comments ever spoken, Washington Democratic congressman Jim McDermott has announced he and his wife of 14 years are divorcing. He issued the statement, “The end of a marriage is difficult and painful. This is a personal matter and I hope you will respect our privacy.”


McDermott it should be remembered, fought unsuccessfully for several years against charges he “violated federal law by turning over an illegally taped telephone call to reporters” in 1996, violating the civil rights of now Speaker of the House John Boehner.

McDermott leaked the illegally obtained phone conversation between Boehner and then Speaker Newt Gingrich to the New York Times. He was ordered to pay more than $700,000.

McDermott had no respect for others privacy and now that he might be embroiled in scandal, depending on the reasons for his wife divorcing him; he asks that his privacy be respected?

That is hypocrisy at the highest level.

August 9, 2011

Civil Rights Violation Alleged at Fort Vancouver “Guys Only” Event (Updated)

by lewwaters

Blog Note: I initially thought this was a story worth covering. I disagreed that it was worthy of an investigation, but the tip I received said there was an ongoing investigation. Apparently that isn’t so as of yet. Women have been purchasing tickets to attend all along. The more I see about it the more I feel it is an effort to create an issue where none exists in an effort to force a leadership change at the Fort Vancouver National Trust.

UPDATE: The Columbian raises serious doubts as to the existence of the woman, Rebecca Pulliam who is said to have filed a complaint over this event. A name familiar to us all, Marcus Griffith is tied to the matter.

Word has reached CCC that a fundraiser for the Fort Vancouver National Trust is under formal investigation by the Washington State Human Rights Commission for a Civil Rights violation concerning their Suits and a Keg event scheduled for this Friday evening, August 12, 2011.

The issue? It was initially billed as a “Guys Only Event,” that wording having been discarded since the investigation was begun.

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