City Manager Eric Holmes Clarifies “Rumors” of Manholes Being Moved

by lewwaters

As previously noted here, was informed of work being done in preparation of Light Rail coming to downtown Vancouver. At the August 8, 2011 city council meeting, Debbie Peterson inquired about such work starting already and after her comment, council member Jack Burkman asked for clarification from city manager Eric Holmes on the “rumors” of that work.

Now, what would lead workers to believe the work they are performing was in preparation for Light Rail if the companies didn’t believe it was coming?


UPDATE Aug 11, 2011: The Columbian tries to cover for this now with Rumors rile up light rail opponents

Their sub-headline claims, “City manager says CenturyLink work not tied to CRC.” Yet, they quote the city manager saying, “It appears, through (CenturyLink’s) own volition, they made a choice to make some upgrades in anticipation of potential CRC investments in downtown.

4 Comments to “City Manager Eric Holmes Clarifies “Rumors” of Manholes Being Moved”

  1. According to, David Madore has copies of the work orders and they are stamped with street car on them. I am only taking this on as rumor now but their was talk about two or three years ago of running a street car IN that area.

    I remember, because it was during the time that Royce was mayor and there was talking of running a line throughout downtown from Boise Cascade and looping around that area. Now I don’t remember the exact details but maybe someone good could do some further research…

    I believe the talk was in either 2007, 08 or 09. If you check the cvtv videos, you might find some information there.

  2. Anyone remember the history of Vancouver & the Orchards street cards before 1940s? 🙂 Do a little diggin with Google and you might find some serious fun history.

    Not that its not serious so serious for THIS thread.

  3. So let me see if I get this right, parsing what Eric said…

    1. Mayor Progressive is wrong (I’m SHOCKED!) as usual, these are not “rumors”.

    2. These workers really are moving their equipment to prepare for the arrival of Loot Rail. Eric and Progressive’s attempts to play this down are as lame as usual, and of course nobody who is running for reelection has anything to say about this.

    3. Once again, this is taking place right under the nose of the Columbian, yet they fail, (or more likely, are directed) and ignore this issue, just like they ignored Ellie Kassab’s good deal $100,000 a year, 12 year long property tax break that sailed through Council with nary a mention either. No surprise there, since Ellie Kassab and Scott Campbell both sit on the Executive Board of Identity Clark County, and they have underwritten every single Council Critter’s campaign at one time or another.

    4. The Columbian would rather report on who shot who the bird up in Tanya Harding country up in Yakoltistan (this time), or which Uber-Liberal told Lou Brancaccio to go %$@# himself lately.

    In any case, good catch on this one Lew. This is more evidence that the deal on Loot Rail has already been cut and that some Downtown businesses can read the writing on the wall. They know it has to be done, so why not do the work now when it is convenient to schedule, instead of being caught off guard when Loot Rail arrives.

    That said, it appears that nobody in this Washington is paying any attention to the budget battles over in the other Washington…but I still give it better than even odds that Patty Murray will find a way to funnel more money into the CRCP. Too much talk from the Left about “bridges”, “infrastructure banks” and “Federal investments” to ignore the possibility.

  4. Bob, Did you hear that Patty Murray is going to be one of the chairwoman of the BIG DEBT cutting supercommittee by none other than Harry Reid appointed her? (Do you think she is going to cut transportation NOW?)

    And Norm Dicks is on the short list too?

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