Democrats Long History of the Blame Game

by lewwaters

From a 1936 FDR campaign speech. About the only thing missing in comparison to many of Obama’s is, “It’s Bush’s fault.”

3 Comments to “Democrats Long History of the Blame Game”

  1. And FDR was running against Thomas E. Dewey who was a RINO to boot. Strange how some things never change.


  2. Actually, Jack, he ran against Kansas governor Alf Landon this year (1936) who couldn’t even win his own state. The Dems used their usual hatemongering, blaming the other guy while they implemented socialist after socialist program, prolonging the Great Depression and then won with 98% of the electoral vote.

    It seems even back then the GOP lacked any spine.,_1936


  3. The GOP’s problem is that it lacks Conservative candidates, Lew. All the GOP ever runs is RINOs, and they’re no different than Democrats.


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