A Strong Message Sent To The Vancouver City Council?

by lewwaters

Bill Turlay, Anne McEnerny Ogle, Pat Campbell

The latest results from Tuesdays primary election show that incumbent Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell losing to both challenger, Bill Turlay and Anne McEnerny-Ogle. I have to admit, even I didn’t think both would beat Pat in the primary, but they have.

Pat Campbell will be gone after only one term on the city council.

Given the contentious nature of the ongoing controversy over matters effecting the city and taxpayers, the largest being the proposed multi-Billion dollar Columbia River Crossing Project, to include extending Portland’s MaxLine (Light Rail) a short distance into the city, it cannot be ignored that voters, who have been denied a vote to approve the project, are sending a strong message to city council, 3 of whom sit on the C-Tran Board that votes in favor of Light Rail.

On three separate occasions, 1995, 2002 and 2004, voters said they didn’t want light rail from Portland, Oregon coming into Vancouver. 1995 saw a direct vote asking about Light Rail and was defeated by a 2 to 1 margin.

2002 saw a statewide transportation measure defeated due to linkage as a backdoor deal for Light Rail.

2004 saw a county sales tax measure defeated after it too was linked as a backdoor deal to extend Light Rail. After losing that one, C-Tran officials gerrymandered a sub-district and brought the measure back in 2005 and it passed, although much of the county did not have the chance to vote on it.

Plans are now in the works to gerrymander yet another sub-district to pass the sale tax increase for Light Rail operation and maintenance that we were promised were promised last year would be on this years’ ballot when it was split apart from the current measure we will vote on in November to increase sales tax to fund C-Tran bush service.

That one merits a NO vote from me due to the ruling class lying to us and denying us a vote.

Campbell, although not sitting on the C-Tran Board, has been a strong advocate of Light Rail. Week after week saw citizens appearing before city council in opposition to the planned extension and were ignored as plans continued to move ahead.

Bill Turlay, who finished the primary on top has been an opponent of Light Rail, but would listen to citizens if they were permitted a vote.

Anne McEnerny-Ogle is a little more measured by advocating a vote for Light Rail, but has not taken a strong position on it.

Both believe a new bridge is in order, though.

Campbell also voted to close Fire Station 6 while he voted to approve other measures for spending that do not reach the level of priority as do our Police and Fire Fighters.

While Light Rail is a contentious matter for taxpayers in Vancouver and Clark County, it should be remembered that it isn’t the only issue the city faces. The city faces several issues with declining revenues and citizen needs as well as continuing high unemployment.

Union contracts are all currently under negotiations for city employees and just recently, the Chief of Police stated the Police Department could not continue relying on federal grants to keep Police Officers employed. While asks for dedicated public safety revenues, taxes, city council is hesitant to ask for more taxes at this time.

We are also facing the prospect of an additional $20 a year fee on reregistering our car license plates, a 5% entertainment tax to pay for 70% of proposed stadium to host a Class A baseball Team and seeking hundreds of millions of more taxes to build a Bus Rapid Transit system down Fourth Plain Blvd.

There are several matters the city must decide on in the future beyond just these.

Two other council members are also up for reelection and did not appear on the primary as they each had only one challenger. Bart Hansen, first appointed to replace now Mayor Tim Leavitt when he won the Mayor’s race in 2009 will be facing community activist and former Police Detective Jospephine Wentzel. Larry Smith, a retired US Army Colonel and Vietnam Veteran will be facing 24 year-old Ron Paul supporter Cory Barnes.

I will continue my policy of not endorsing any of the city council races though as I don’t get to vote in the city, living outside the city limits. Nonetheless, I will urge you that do vote in the city races to look over the candidates well and choose the one who you feel will best represent the people.

Attend every campaign function you are able to, visit each campaign web page and don’t fear approaching these people. They each want your vote, whether a challenger or incumbent and will answer your questions. Contact them through email too, if you so choose.

But, I do think the defeat of incumbent Pat Campbell by both challengers is a message to the other City Council Members from voters.

Will they heed it?

Bart Hansen, Josephine Wentzel, Larry Smith, Cory Barnes

9 Comments to “A Strong Message Sent To The Vancouver City Council?”

  1. No Lew, the city council won’t heed the results of this primary because they’re totally arrogant, politically suicidal, and they think they’re somehow “invincible” like all elitists think.

    Hansen and Smith need to be thrown out as well, and to complete the housecleaning for this period Leavitt should be recalled for lying.

    Then there would still be a few more elitist jerks to get rid of before we get a city council that will actually listen to the citizens of Vancouver.

    Next, we need to go after the people who keep The Columbian propped up. We need to get on the businesses that keep The Columbian afloat with ad revenue.

    It would be far better for Clarke County to have no newspaper at all rather than to have the corrupt, sabotaging elitist rag that The Columbian is.


  2. Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck,Quack, Duck….

    Sorry to gloat, (not really, I’m overjoyed at Campbell’s Lame Duck status…) but I haven’t felt this good about an outright expulsion from the Ruling Class in quite some time. More than one incumbent Council Critter ought to be good and nervous now that Pat Campbell has been summarily removed by the voters, and if I were Larry Smith I would be making some defensive notes about all of those Loot Rail votes he joined Pat Campbell in voting “YES” every chance he got.

    I wonder if Larry Smith dreams about the “Locally Preferred Option”….he should be having nightmares about it now…

    And just who the hell are all of those 31 percenters who voted for Pat again?? Someone get those folks a cluepon!!

    I know Bill Turlay and I like him well, but I also know Anne McEnerny Ogle, and I think it is high flying time she earned a place on Vancouver City Council. She’s worthy of trust, and I can assure people she will do more in her first six months on City Council than Pat Campbell has done for his entire term. She will be exactly the kind of tonic that is needed and she will be able to step effortlessly into the leadership vacuum that Pat Campbell’s very presence on Council created.

    The other factor that made up my mind to support Anne, is that Pat Campbell is on City Council in large part because Larry Patella and his crew pushed his candidacy to replace Dan “Tonks” Tonkovich. Since Patella and Company are pushing Turlay’s candidacy, I figure anything Patella supports is directly in the Public interest to vote against, and that is what I did.

    Can anyone name me one memorable thing Pat Campbell accomplished while on Council, other than to go apologize to Portland Metro because “Rolls” Royce had talked mean about them…remember that…??!!

    I’m pouring an extra shot of Bourbon to celebrate tonight Boys and Girls….the only thing that will make me happier will be to vote Mayor Progressive out the door at our next available opportunity. Frankly, Anne would make a fine candidate for Mayor, (post Leavitt), with a couple of years on Council to season her a bit…

    Cheers everyone!


  3. Bob you might want to check with Larry about the supporting Bill thing. I believe he is more closely aligned with Anne. Ralph has been putting up her signs. You wrote a good summary but that part may not be totally accurate this time. With this momentum if the other challengers get on it they could tip over the council really easy.


  4. I for one don’t care who supports who. I don’t vote for the supporter, but for the candidate.

    But, as I said I’m sitting this one out and not taking a position on any of them.

    I’ve sat don with Anne and had a very nice conversation. I’ve interacted quite a bit with Bill and Josephine both. I’ve never had a conversation with Bart, have had a few exchanges with Cory and have worked with Larry on Veterans issues.

    I’m not within the city limits so I don’t get a vote in city council races.

    But, the overall message I see, Light Rail and city council just ignoring the voices of the people in such an important and overly expensive matter that we all will get stuck paying for.

    That’s why I recommend you all that do vote for city council to pay attention to the candidates, do your homework and find out what each offers and stands for.

    The people have to do their part in turning things around by knowing who or what they vote for.

    So, as I said yesterday, Good Luck to all running.


  5. Thanks for the forum Lew. Josephine and Bill are excellent candidates. People who care about people and freedoms. People who speak up for people. Cory is young and I have spoken to him several times lately. He is a good guy and I believe will learn quickly if we give him the chance.


  6. Lew, why Is the best thing thing you have to report about my candidacy is who I supported in a presidential election cycle?

    You pick the major city issue that we disagree on. I appreciate your reporting on the Vancouver City Council, and I agree. I’m bold enough to ask for your public endorsement, because I believe I am the candidate representing your positions in this race.



  7. Cory, first and foremost, I don’t have to explain anything here, I write as I deem appropriate and do support my views.

    That being said, if you note above, I am not supporting or opposing any of the council candidates. None will receive my endorsement. Not that I have any grudges, but because I am not in the city and do not vote in city council races.

    I have links up in my sidebar to all of the candidates in the Vancouver race websites.

    Through no fault of your own, you’re young yet, your resume’ is slim. In and of itself, that does not disqualify you. But, just as all of us older folks were, our resume’s took time to build.

    I’m also a bit confused here. You seem to indicate my noting you supported Ron Paul (and I imagine you still do) is negative. Whether I support him or not is irrelevant. All I keep hearing is he is now “The One” and the best and that he enjoys a lot of support of in the Vancouver area.

    I have not identified you as a rabid supporter like some, as I do not feel you are like that. I remain a bit surprised that you would take offense at acknowledging your support of a presidential candidate (if it were Obama, then I would understand). 😉

    State your case to the voters and may the bet candidate win.


  8. I guess a Lew Waters endorsement has become a valuable commodity. It’s a tribute to your hard work, Lew.


  9. Funny thing is, Jack, although Cory did not engage in it himself, his friends, supporters of Jaime Herrera and Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick were all too quick to trash me just a year ago.

    Trust me, if I had wanted to hurt Cory’s chances, I’d have already ripped him to shreds.

    But thanks, I appreciate the compliment.


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