Sore Loser Pat Campbell Trashes McEnerny-Ogle and Turlay, Plans Write-in Campaign.

by lewwaters

UPDATE: A Columbian All Politics is Local blog post informs us, “Elections chief Tim Likness has informed us that primary losers cannot, we repeat, cannot, mount a write-in campaign.”

Ever the arrogant, self serving, sore loser, soon to be former Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell, who finished third out of three candidates in Tuesday’s primary campaign, has come out slinging mud at the two who easily defeated him and has vowed a write-in candidacy.

Ousted Vancouver councilor to seek write-ins

The Columbian article states,

“In a fiery email sent Friday morning, Campbell came out swinging against the top two candidates, Anne McEnerny-Ogle and Bill Turlay.

He said that McEnerny-Ogle has made “vague impossible promises given our city’s short term financial outlook” and has a reputation for “an inability to work with others.”

Turlay, Campbell continued, is an “avowed Tea Party member” who “would rather the country go down the tubes rather than (see) an elected President succeed?”

“Two well-financed special interest campaigns that barely succeed against an incumbent with proven service and no special interest funding won’t succeed this fall,” Campbell wrote. ”The voters this fall wont be the ideologues.”

Apparently, Pat thinks the turn out Tuesday being fairly low, 21.7% gives him a shot to trash both challengers that defeated him and convince people to keep him on the council, even though he continually trashes citizens and has a history of slinging vitriol at voters in comments left on the Columbian website.

Elected in 2007, Campbell did not face the primary and just barely won the council seat then held by Dan Tonkovich by just a little over 200 votes, out of over 23,000 cast. Turn out in the general was 43.3%. Turn out in the primary was 30.23%.

Campbell lost in this year’s primary by almost 600 votes to Bill Turlay and by over 300 votes to Anne McEnerny-Ogle. Total votes cast were 16,244.

Campbell has shown a degree of spinelessness as a council member by agreeing to be part of the ethics committee that censured fellow council member Jeanne Harris last year for her now famous “gavel down” incident, agreeing with other council members then, but coming out later and saying he wasn’t comfortable with the process back then. Why didn’t he express any reservations he had then?

Campbell, a staunch supporter of the CRC project and extending Portland, Oregon’s Light Rail into Vancouver, makes note of calling for citizens to receive a vote months ago, but has not uttered a word of support for the vote since.

On July 27, 2011, Pat left the comment on this blog, “Many of us who got our personal budgets in order followed Dave Ramsey’s methods of quitting spending foolishly and directing the saved money and any extra money that could be made on or debts,” yet he doesn’t seem to oppose many, if any at all, spending measures that come before council.

I might be mistaken, but I can’t recall a single large spending measure he has opposed.

Once addressing the cities increasing debt on an October 11, 2009 Columbian article, Pat commented, “Those of you who state the city is in debt and has no way to pay those debts off you are dead wrong. Those are budgeted debts like the mortgages many of you have on the homes occupy. If you have paid off your mortgage then you might have a pebble or two to throw at city council Mr. Waters.”

If I owed as much as the city does and show less revenue coming in as the city does, my house would have already been foreclosed.

Pat has every legitimate right to seek a write-in campaign, even though (State elections law prohibits a candidate from losing in the primary from mounting a write-in campaign) It is clear voters do not feel he should not continue as a city council member. But, I can’t help but recall that when city council was seeking ways to place restraints on citizen’s comments contrary to their desire to force Portland’s Light Rail on us, in spite of 3 past votes defeating Light Rail, Pat sided with those restraints on citizens’ ability to freely speak before council.

Pat favors banning citizen’s use of fireworks on the Fourth of July as well as spoke favorably on banning certain breeds of dogs within the city.

While all too ready to vote to raise your taxes, he votes along with all but one other council member, Jeanne Stewart, to grant an over $1 Million property tax abatement to Millionaire developer Ellie Kassab to construct another downtown apartment building.

Voters sent a fairly clear message Tuesday that they tired of the business as usual attitude displayed by the Vancouver City Council. Pat was the only incumbent facing more than one challenger and was defeated by both by those fed-up voters.

And now he feels a mud-slinging campaign will draw more people to vote for him in a write-in campaign and keep him on city council?

If this is how you wish to campaign, Pat, your record of ignoring voters is much greater than either of those who challenged and defeated you.

Bring it on. But don’t forget, with the anticipated higher turn-out in the general, there will also be more voting for Bill Turlay and Anne McEnerny-Olge as well.

12 Comments to “Sore Loser Pat Campbell Trashes McEnerny-Ogle and Turlay, Plans Write-in Campaign.”

  1. I don’t understand Pat. He doesn’t like people, he doesn’t like the job, he has no respect for the voter’s judgement, he’s disrepectful towards colleagues, opponents, and those he “serves”. Why is he even running?


  2. Craig, I don’t think it pays but maybe $2K a month at tops, so it can’t be money.

    Maybe he is on power trip.


  3. Elitists are so arrogant that they can’t believe that citizens reject their narrow views.

    It’s also quite “fitting” that an arrogant jerk like Campbell would whine about the “success” of the current occupant of the White House, especially since the current occupant of the White House is directly responsible for this nation “going down the tubes”.

    Campbell reinforces the notion that there are a lot of absolute morons in government that need their sorry asses kicked out.


  4. Btw, you’ll notice that The Columbian, being the scummy Elitist rag that it is, published Campbell’s “snipes” at Turlay and McEnerny-Ogle but it didn’t ask Turlay and McEnerny-Ogle for their responses to those “snipes” and publish them, so it’s obvious that The Columbian is in the tank for Campbell.

    Amazing how that works.


  5. Jack, there is no need to get a response to Campbell’s ravings because he is completely off base. Let’s see if the Columbian publishes the entire text of that e-mail tomorrow.

    Too bad for Pat Campbell and his sour grapes that Washington State has a “Sore Loser” law that prevents malcontents like Pat from attempting to avoid a Primary loss by waging a write-in campaign.

    So no Lew, Pat does NOT have “every legitimate right” to wage a write in campaign; quite the contrary. What Pat attempted to do was illegal, and he had no right to try this stunt at all.

    This e-mail rant of Pat’s is proof positive that the voters acted appropriately, and reinforces my view that he should never have been on Council in the first place.

    Adios Pat. Now sit down, and shut up.


  6. You’re right, Bob. I had forgotten last year after being trashed by the GOP how Castillo couldn’t do the same.

    I did acknowledge in the update that he may not mount a write-in.


  7. I was looking at some of the comments over at the usual place…and it kills me how some of the local leftists who were just praising AMO’s win yesterday, are whining about poor Pat Campbell and vowing to give him a write in vote.

    yeesh. Again, besides apologizing to Portland’s Metro right out of the gate, someone name me one single thing that Campbell displayed any leadership on during his entire term on Council.

    I’d advise Pat to keep his day job, but I think City Council was his day job….


  8. Paraphrasing the Great Donald Rumsfeld…Pat needs to abide by the election laws he has, not the election laws he wishes he had….


  9. That’s right, Martin. Watching some arrogant Leftie get his miserable butt kicked a second time is always better.


  10. Like Pat did before he won this time, remember guys? He’s run against incumbents before and lost.

    So Pat, take a year off and run again in 2012 against the Mayor or Jeanne Twins. Or come by and let us know here how you feel about subjects EXCEPT your election loss.


  11. You won’t hear anything out of Pat for a while…


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