More Liberal Democrat Double Standard

by lewwaters

Now that rebels in Libya are close to overthrowing Qadhafi, the following photo has shown up.

First off, can any liberal explain what is wrong with a little physical work? Has Obama ever actually performed any physical work? I doubt it, not with the soft hands I see on TV.

Secondly, just what did Obama do but begin a third war, bypass congress, essentially giving them his middle finger by telling them he did not need their input to send our Jets in to bomb and strafe Libyan forces? Why did we even go to Libya?

They have been no threat to the U.S. I wouldn’t call them a friend either, but what was so important to Obama to overthrow a dictator in Libya, but oppose overthrowing a dictator in Iraq?

Yes, remember Iraq? President Bush gave Saddam Hussein some 6 months in his “rush to war” to leave before commencing the attack and has been soundly trashed for it ever since doing so.

Obama has made no case for attacking Libya and no one is questioning his decision to lead NATO forces in deposing a sovereign head of state, as he and his fellow Democrats did with George W. Bush.

Obama never served a day in the Military, but receives credit for great Military leadership?

But, the biggest problem I have with this, why praise Obama for doing what they condemned Bush for doing?

Gotta love Liberal Democrats and their continuing double standards. Praise Obama for doing exactly what they protested Bush for doing.

7 Comments to “More Liberal Democrat Double Standard”

  1. 15 months or so to our OWN regime change.

  2. Earlier this evening I received a news alert quoting Obummer saying, “Tonight, the momentum against the Gadhafi regime has reached a tipping point. Tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant.”

    I take that as one tyrants message to another.

  3. Funny. When Obummer goes on vacation he isn’t doing a thing except Golf. When he’s working he isn’t doing a thing except Golf. Inbetween times he’s busy trying to destroy America.

    I think we all know that.

  4. Gadhafi was no threat? The relatives and loved ones of the victims of his terrorist tantrums might disagree. The President of the US has no military experience? He has access to the greatest military minds in the world, and if we the people choose correctly, the good sense to know whose advice to follow. (Maybe you think Rumsfeld’s “war on the cheap” was a good strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq). Of course we don’t yet know how events in Libya will end, but how many American lives have been lost so far? When it appeared that we were not involved in Libya, you guys decried the plight of the freedom fighters there and shrieked about our inaction. Once we had buy-in from our allies in NATO, we led the assistance to the Libyan rebels. I don’t expect the Libyans who have been raised to hate us to ever bring us flowers but there is a better chance that we can help them to achieve a legitimate democratic government now than if we declared a formal war and attacked their country rather than assisting their cause. You can’t bet on unknown personalities and people will always act for their own reasons (never yours), but maybe our odds of gaining Libya’s future friendship is better than the odds in Afghanistan or Iraq. Lastly, look at how our elected congress handled our well-being over the debt ceiling. Is this how you would want the Libyan decision to have gone?

  5. My my, Bill, but I so enjoy seeing a liberal in a tizzy when their own words are thrown back at them.

    Just keep remembering the left’s claims over Saddam Hussein.

    BTW, would be so receptive had Bush said the War Powers Act did not apply to what he was doing?

    Is Obummer going to launch a Military assault in Syria as well? If not, why not? Is not the humanitarian crisis there just as important to overcome?

    What about Iran?

    But above all, just recall the claims made against Bush over Saddam Hussein. But, replace Saddam with Ghadafi.

    That, my friend, is where the double standard lies.

  6. Bill must have “forgotten” about the political prisoners Saddam had put into a shredder feet first.

    Leftie, thy name is “hypocrisy”.

  7. I’m a card-carrying Liberal, and I say “No Foreign Entanglements!”

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