Beware Scam Email Sent in Candidates Name

by lewwaters

Once again, a Clark County candidate has seen their email hacked and a scam email sent out alleging to be from them, it isn’t. In this case, Bill Turlay, candidate for Vancouver City Council, now running against Anne McEnerny-Ogle is the victim.

Rest assured, I just corresponded with Mr. Turlay and he is safe and sound in his home in Vancouver, not struggling in Spain as the scam email claims. Of course, a quick look over the email reveals someone who obviously isn’t as adept at English as they think.


How are you doing ? Sorry I didn’t inform you about my traveling to Spain for a program,i hate to do this but am some difficulties here because i misplaced my Wallet on my way to the hotel where my money and other valuable things like my credit were kept in . I already contacted my credit card company to Stop my cards immediately,But where my problem lies is that it will take another 5 days to get me a replacement. I will like you to assist me with a loan of $2,800 to sort-out my hotel bills and get myself back home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with and I promise to reimburse you at my return,Kindly let me know if you can be of help? so that i can let you know the wire transfer instructions.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

As you can see, that is not how we Americans write.

A similar scam email went out in August 2010 in former candidate for the 17th legislative district, Brian Peck’s name. That one too was quickly seen to be a scam.

Any thought of this a political tactic, since the two who have been the victims were both conservatives, should be quickly discarded as well as the email simply deleted if you receive it. I don’t know of anybody from either political camp that would stoop to this level with such poor English for a non-partisan city council seat. I see it as merely coincidental that the two we know of are conservative.

Bill says he has received one phone call from a voter blasting him for this email and labeling him as “despicable.” That is uncalled for and erroneous. Many of us have been victimized by such scam emails and more. They are so prevalent today; anybody using the internet should be capable of spotting them.

I even received different sort of scam email once from Jim Moeller, someone I rarely agree with. A simple phone call to warn them or email letting them know is all you need do, besides deleting the scam.

NOTE: Don’t ever click on any link contained in such message. That is how scammers obtain your email list and sometimes, your password as well.

But, should you receive such an email, don’t take it out on the candidate, regardless of who it is. I don’t know of any candidate for any office who would try to raise campaign money with such bogus claims. It’s too easy to run afoul of the Public Disclosure Commission if they did.

Judge the candidates on their merits and values and record in office, if an incumbent. But is a poorly worded and punctuated email shows up requesting money because they are in another country, see it for what it is, just another scam.

One Comment to “Beware Scam Email Sent in Candidates Name”

  1. One does not have to hack into anyone’s email to send a fake email in someone else’s name

    Fake return address are great for directing replies to the company’s email address while you send from your home account.


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