Tea Party Terrorist Training Uncovered

by lewwaters

3 Comments to “Tea Party Terrorist Training Uncovered”

  1. This was one of the few videos that I couldn’t stomach the idiocy. I turned it off. Its not funny, its not serious, it just feels dumb.

    Kind of like watching Bill Maher…


  2. I for one feel more of these totally stupid videos need to be made in order to expose the word of the ridiculous idiots who would call anyone this.


  3. Well Carolyn, maybe I have not been exposed to this level of just sheer irritation. I don’t think them productive or essential for my point-of-view but maybe you and others may see that differently.

    I would rather like to know about a subject of what is going on in peoples lives instead of watching people parrot hooks, lines and sinkers of political media that has no basis in reality of decent, common sense though.


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