Wisconisn Unions Protest Black Children Receiving a Good Education & Gov. Walker’s Visit

by lewwaters

With as many as 85% of Messmer Catholic School children going on to college, when public schools under union control see drop-out rates as high as 50%, you’d think the unions would encourage more schools like Messmer. Not so, as the below video shows.

Governor Walker supports results like those seen at Messmer Catholic School. We hear lip service from Democrats and unions that they seek it too, so why then do they so heavily oppose schools like Messmer that actually teach Black Children, not just shuffle them through the system and get them on welfare checks, stuck in the ghettos?

Americans are beginning to see both Democrats and unions for the thuggery they encourage to stay in power while they ignore the plight of the people they claim they serve.

H/T Hot Air and WisconsinReporter.com

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5 Comments to “Wisconisn Unions Protest Black Children Receiving a Good Education & Gov. Walker’s Visit”

  1. It looked to me as though MOST, if not ALL, of the students were BLACK, while most of the protestors were ….
    Nah! It’s just TOOO racist to think that that card might be played by Republicans!

  2. Google “McIver Institute” to learn about the history of the think tank that produced this video. This is a piece of shoddy yellow journalism. How stupid do you have to be to fall for this?

  3. LOL, Milo. Every time you leftists are caught red handed, somehow it’s “yellow journalism.”

    Sorry, that don’t fly no more.

    Cry all you want, it’s right there for all to see.

    Like it or not, people are waking up.

  4. Amazing that anyone would challenge the freedom of a parents choice and the advancement of a child’s education in such a way as to make it all about them and what??? Their union job? God help us if we are really that stupid!

  5. Milo,

    Does the school have an 85% going on to college rate or not?
    does it have a higher graduation rate then the public schools or not?
    Does it do it at a smaller cost per student then the public schools?

    If the above is true, whats wrong with this school?

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