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September 30, 2011

ILWU Member Issues Threat

by lewwaters

Amazing how far some people will take things. Case in point, Tony Baur, whoever in the hell that is that has decided I no longer have a first amendment right to my opinion and who thinks threatening me through the Columbian’s comments section frightens me.

Full exchange here

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September 30, 2011

Teacher Reprimands Students For ‘Bless You’

by lewwaters

It is objectionable that a teacher would even think it a disciplinary matter for a student to say “bless you.” That is not teaching, it is imparting personal prejudices on young students.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just another example of the intolerance of the “oh so tolerant” always demeaning others.

UPDATE: School Superintendent John Niederkorn spoke on the incident saying the teacher, Steve Cuckovich “thought the students were sneezing in dramatic fashion with the intent of disrupting class”

Niederkorn said, “It was brought to the District’s attention a few days ago that students were disciplined for being disruptive in class. The teacher believed that students were dramatically sneezing and responding in repetitive fashion “Bless You”. One of the concerns is the social convention of saying “Gesundheit”, “God Bless You”, or “Bless You” after someone sneezes. Of question is whether a series of these repeated remarks by several students constitutes freedom of speech or a classroom disruption and merits student discipline. Vacaville Unified’s Administration is continuing its investigation of this reported classroom disruption. We are reviewing the impact of this disruption and the student grading policy. Certainly a blessing by one individual to another after a sneeze is a welcomed acknowledgement of a social norm. Hopefully it is not abused as a disruption of classroom instructional activities.”

CYA anybody?

September 29, 2011

Washington State, Let’s Honor Our South Vietnamese Allies

by lewwaters

Most of us have heard the derision against the ARVN (Army Republic of Viet Nam), “Want to buy some ARVN rifles? Never been fired and only dropped once!” That it is a rehash from earlier times makes it no less stinging in its denunciation of the South Vietnamese Forces that fought in South Viet Nam many years ago.

It’s also very untrue. The South Vietnamese soldiers, sailors and airmen fought for their country as hard as any other soldier ever has.

While America lost over 58,000 of our sons in Viet Nam, South Viet Nam lost about 266,000 of theirs. In all, the South Vietnamese Forces were effective fighters, even though they were often under trained and under armed while facing a hostile communist force well trained and well armed by the Communist Chinese and the former Soviet Union.

Knowing this, I am left perplexed reading the Olympian’s headline, Plan to honor Vietnamese soldiers on memorial in Olympia angers U.S. vets.

It seems that a small band of U.S. Veterans groups, Vietnamese Veterans and community members has been working with the State Department of Veterans Affairs to add an inscription alongside the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Olympia to honor both Republic of Vietnam and American soldiers who fought in Viet Nam.

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September 28, 2011

Longshore Local President Dan Coffman on Escalating Union Thuggery

by lewwaters

After a carjacking, vandalism of rail cars, dumping (not spilling) grain, destruction of private property, interfering with interstate commerce, assaulting Police Officers, preventing security guards from leaving while they trashed the facility and the possibility of involvement in rail tampering, Governor Gregoire, it is time you called out the Guard to protect innocent American workers, Union workers in Longview.

This thuggery must stop before someone is seriously injured or killed at the hands of these thugs.

Read more and see full video at

September 28, 2011

When Government Plans Communities

by lewwaters

The video shows a sad legacy of a policy that began well meaning, but ended up hurting people more than helping.

Imminent Domain is being used in Clark County to take land and buildings for widening roads and will undoubtedly be used in the future should the County Monarchy succeed in forcing Light Rail upon us, along with Major Leavitt’s notion of “High Density Residences” downtown along those rail lines.

It’s no longer referred to as “Urban Renewal,” but “Social Engineering” where government “encourages” people to move into apartments in designated living areas.

No, there are no slums along the proposed rail lines, but just as we see in Portland, where hundreds of trees are currently being chopped down in order to place light rail on a block that runs parallel to a street car line on the next block, a once quaint neighborhood is being turned into a hell hole of asphalt and steel rail lines.

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September 28, 2011

NASA Satellite Falls On Car

by lewwaters

Wonder what happened with the recent NASA Satellite that returned to earth?

Relax, it’s just humor 🙂

September 28, 2011

Zandamela Announces Website for Battle Ground City Council Run

by lewwaters

The following Press Release was received today from incumbent Battle Ground City Council Member, Paul Zandamela:

DISCLAIMER: Clark County Conservative neither supports or opposes this candidate. This page is presented for your information only.

Click on image for larger view

Visit for more information

September 28, 2011

Cowlitz County Requests Judge to Expedite EGT Decision

by lewwaters

From the Daily News, Cowlitz County Commissioners, apparently fearful of further union thuggery have requested U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton “to expedite a decision in the dispute over union labor at the new EGT grain terminal.”

Commissioners maintain “they aren’t taking sides but want the conflict resolved quickly,” citing the reason they fear the already “very volatile situation” could escalate into “serious injury.”

The letter sent to Judge Leighton states, “We believe the situation is at a high risk of escalation with potential serious injury to citizens or law enforcement.” Commissioner George Raiter added, “We don’t want to take sides. We just want to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Union officials say they are opposed to rushing the decision and in spite of commissioners saying they do not wish to influence the judges decision either way, maintaining a neutral stance, the union also questions whether or not they are truly neutral.

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September 27, 2011

Of Union Thugs and Newspaper Writers

by lewwaters

AP photo by Don Ryan

The Longview Longshoremen have been making a lot of news lately, none of it very favorable to them. Since they are in a dispute with the EGT Grain Terminal in Longview over their hiring a another union to do the work, local 21 of the ILWU have resorted to vandalism of trains, threats towards the Police, assaulting the Police, breaking down fences and smashing out windows, keeping people against their will by blocking them from leaving the grounds during their early A.M. rampage a couple weeks ago, carjacking a security car and driving it off into a ditch an interfering with interstate commerce by repeatedly trying to block shipments of grain into the facility by sitting down on train tracks and holding up trains.

These are actions we most commonly refer to as “thuggery,” the actions of a ruffian; a hoodlum or as many of say, union thugs when they don’t get their way. You can also call it violent extortion, forcing a company to cave to their demands of higher wages or benefits, or else risk vandalism and destruction of the companies’ property.

Not all unions engage in such despicable conduct, but the ILWU in Longview recently has. Many suspect it was someone associated with or supportive of them that tampered with railroad tracks and shut down rail traffic for hours on Monday, September 26, 2011.

We all see whenever thugs of any type engage in such nefarious conduct. Be it union violence or thuggish teens and anarchist rioting, it is apparent and if reported in the local news outlets, even if not national media.

But how many of us have noticed or paid any attention to any media thuggery?

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September 27, 2011

Is It Time For More Transparency in Battle Ground?

by lewwaters

I find it ironic reading many comments in Columbian articles disparaging Vancouver Businessman David Madore for donating funds to some candidates in the Battle Ground city council race. Some seem to think Mr. Madore’s constitutional rights end at the city limits of Battle Ground and do not apply there.

I know there is a bit of contention in this race on both sides. As in all races, even non-partisan positions such as city council, some support incumbents and some want to see changes. Some supporters don’t even live in Battle Ground, which seems to be the main sticking point when it comes to Madore.

He is accused of trying to buy influence by donating the maximum amount he is entitled to by law. As a successful businessman, he can afford it and last I heard has the right to donate to any candidate he desires, just as the rest of us do.

So far, only one candidate in the Battle Ground council race has made all of his donations public, Adrian Cortes. He is the only one not to have filed “mini report” with the Public Disclosure Commission and all of his donations and expenditures are available to the public.

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September 26, 2011

Rail Lines in SW Washington Shut Down Due to Tampering

by lewwaters

Initial report here and here

Burlington Northern has ordered rail lines shut down through Southwest Washington as BNSF police and inspectors investigate tampering along the railway from north of Vancouver to Chehalis.

The first incident was discovered near Longview where recent union unrest has been repeatedly seen along the rail line.

Will be updated as more information becomes available.

Derailing of trains is not just criminal, it is about the most reprehensible act someone can make. Innocent people who live along the rail could be killed in large numbers should a train carrying hazardous substance be derailed and tank cars broken.

The last time I saw such action was instigated by a union in Florida striking against the Florida East Coast Railway. One of the longest an most violent strikes in history, lasting from 1963 to 1977. One derailment was near where I was growing up at the time, in the mid-1960’s. We were fortunate, the primary cargo was beer.

It appears the time the first incident was discovered coincided with the union president turning himself in to law enforcement. No one has taken responsibility for this cowardly act and I doubt they will step up and admit to it, but let’s face it, it’s pretty clear who is behind it.

UPDATE: The lines are now reopened here

Trains will continue to be escorted through the corridor near Longview and BNSF personnel will continue inspecting the tracks.

As union thuggery continues to escalate around Longview, what will it take for Governor Gregoire to activate the Guard to protect people from these violence prone thugs? Will someone have to die before actions are taken?

September 25, 2011

Herman Cain, You Are Not A Racist, But A Patriot

by lewwaters

Not issuing an endorsement of Herman Cain just yet, but the man definitely deserves a serious look.

“You are not a racist for disagreeing with the President who Happens to be Black, you are a Patriot for standing up for what you believe in.”

The more I hear from Herman Cain, the more I like what I see and hear. The question now is, will the establishment GOP undermine him while they promote their favored RINO to win the nomination, as they did with the 3rd Congressional District race in 2010 and others in 2008 to give us one of the least liked candidates?

September 22, 2011

ILWU Longview, Washington – Opening the Public’s Eyes

by lewwaters

After yet another show of violence and more arrests of ILWU members in Longview, Washington, Local 21 V.P. says they are “opening people’s eyes.”

Yes they are, but not quite how he thinks.

September 21, 2011

Union Thugs Yanked Off Railroad Tracks By Police

by lewwaters

A handful of protesters who were blocking railroad tracks at the Port of Longview were handcuffed and hauled away by police officers Wednesday morning.

Vancouver Police earlier guarded rail crossings as the train passed through Vancouver.

Union thuggery has to stop. They make unrealistic demands and when they don’t get them, set out to destroy a business? Extortion anyone?

via Protesters yanked off railroad tracks by police.

September 20, 2011

Craig Riley on Healthcare

by lewwaters

Craig Riley, Republican candidate for the 49th legislative district running against Democrat Sharon Wylie, who nominated earlier this year to replace Jim Jacks, who walked out abruptly on constituents during the midst of session, discusses his views and thoughts on Healthcare.

Sharon Wylie’s plans and thoughts?

Your guess is as good as mine since she continues to refuse to list her position on any of the issues affecting us all in the 49th.

Craig Riley is not ashamed of his positions and is willing to let voters know where he stands.

Why won’t Sharon Wylie let her position on the issues be known?

September 20, 2011

Saudi’s Stifling Ethical Oil Ads in Canada?

by lewwaters

The ad that has the Saudi’s upset?

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September 18, 2011

Sharon Wylie or Craig Riley?

by lewwaters

We in the 49th legislative district have a choice to make this November. Keep Democrat Sharon Wylie, who was appointed to replace Jim Jacks who abruptly walked out on us in mid-session. Or, make a change in Olympia by electing Republican Craig Riley.

Ms. Wylie, married to Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe is a former Lobbyist and Oregon Legislator. In other words, more of the same who will not even list her stand on pertinent issues on her webpage.

Craig Riley represents a fresh choice and a change in how our state operates and what sort of representation we have in Olympia.

Our state is near bankrupt with another multi-Billion dollar gap projected and the 49th remains mired in high unemployment. Democrats have shown the only solution they have is to further bankrupt the state by taxing individuals and businesses more, adding more people to the unemployed, while they strive to protect public unions.

We need change and new voices in Olympia who are ready to take the state in a different direction.

We need Craig Riley, a successful businessman who knows how to balance a budget, open up jobs, live within our means and help guide us back to prosperity.

September 17, 2011

Rees Lloyd: A Liberty Milestone: CONSTITUTION DAY – SEPT. 17, 1787

by lewwaters

On September 17, 1787, after weeks of often bitter debate by delegates of the States gathered at the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Constitution of the United States, beginning with the words, “We, the People,” was signed by thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates. The world was changed forever as America began its “great experiment “in self-government.

Never before had a constitution been established in the name of “the People” of a nation, rather than by and in the name of a monarch, a state, or other governmental power. Many of the most erudite thinkers of the so-called “Age of Enlightenment,” did not believe that a constitutional republic of limited government “by, for, and of the people” could survive in a broad land containing a large and diverse population. America is still an ongoing experiment in liberty.

The Constitutional Convention had commenced on May 14, 1787, with a challenge to the conscience and integrity of delegates by George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army which had won the Revolutionary war. Washington, then and now the model American patriot, was elected President of the Constitutional Convention by unanimous vote.

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September 16, 2011

Battle Ground City Council Races Heating Up

by lewwaters

Battle Ground, Washington continues to grow and along with that growth comes controversial elections and candidates. Even though Battle Ground still retains some of that small town flavor, controversies and questionable acts by candidates becomes public knowledge.

Three seats are in play this election and two of them seem to be plagued with controversy.

Shane Bowman is again trying to win a seat on the Battle Ground city council. He filed to run against Phil Haberthur for position 2. In 2009 he lost to incumbent Bill Ganley by over 9%.

I’ve never met Shane and have only met Phil once briefly at a council meeting. Phil has an informative campaign website here and seems to have a pretty decent record on council. He also received the honor of delivering the State of the City Address in Mayor Ciraulo’s absence this year and by all accounts, filled in very well.

I’ve never met Shane Bowman and cannot find a webpage for his campaign. In fact, strangely enough I find very little on him anywhere, considering this is at least his second run for city council in Battle Ground. I find only mentions in the Columbian of him filing for another run, advancing to the general and scheduled to attend a recent campaign function for Battle Ground city council member Paul Zandamela who is also the subject of more controversy.

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September 15, 2011


by lewwaters

After Tuesday’s stunning defeat for Democrats in New York’s 9th district, where the Democrats have held the seat for nearly a century, the Democrat spin machine kicked into gear with several different excuses to deny that it was a repudiation of Obama’s poor leadership capabilities.

I was particularly struck by the comment from DNC Chair and Florida’s Representative, Debbie Wasserman Schultz who said the race had been run under “unusual circumstances,” and she asserted the public mood will change “when we begin to focus on jobs rather than spending cuts.”

It is quite a remarkable thing to hear a Democrat say “when we begin to focus on jobs” as I am under the impression that jobs has been their primary call since losing to George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election.

Bush came to office as a recession was growing and then the nation was blind-sided with the worst terrorist attack in history, throwing the economy in uncertainty. In spite of that, a March 8, 2002 CNN Money headline informed us, Unemployment drops to 5.5%, Jobless rate falls unexpectedly as nation begins to add jobs again.

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