Union Rent-a-Thugs Descend on Southwest Washington

by lewwaters

AP photo by Don Ryan

Ports up and down the Columbia River appear under siege by bused in thugs of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union as union goons escalate their dispute with the EGT Company at the Port of Cowlitz in Longview, Washington.

Union thuggery breaking out in Southwest Washington has attracted national news media as the Wall Street journal, the Associated Press and Fox News are covering the union goons storming the port, breaking down gates, to smashing glass to overpower security guards they held hostage for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning, Thursday September 8, 2011. From there, bussed in thugs rolled out train cars, cut brake lines and dumped food grain on the ground.

This is an escalation from Wednesday where hundreds of goons first stopped and blocked the train as it came through Vancouver Washington. Once it continued on, other goons blocked the train at Cowlitz County, tangled with the Police and vandalized the train. 19 union goons were arrested.

In a statement issued by Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson and published by the Columbian we read, “This was not like the peaceful protests we’ve seen in the past. The protesters today were loud, aggressive and assaulted my officers,” said Sheriff Nelson.

“We’ve danced this dance before. When our officers went in to make peaceful, lawful trespass arrests, they were rushed by a mob of hundreds of protesters who were resistive and throwing things at the officers,” he added.

It is now being reported that as the goons left Thursday morning they waved baseball bats and crowbars at the Police telling them they would “get theirs.”

This outrageous conduct on the part of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union falls on the heels of another outrageous comment made Sunday by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Jr., “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

A timeline published by the Longview Daily News shows the escalation as the union doesn’t get their way during this dire economic downturn we continue to face.

An August OPB article cites Dan Coffman president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21, “I look at it as they’re trying to bust a union. Everybody knows the ILW is one of the strongest unions in the United States, and I believe the attacks on.”

Negotiations between recently opened EGT and the union broke down earlier and EGT hired union workers from another union to operate the facility, angering the ILW, who feel they have exclusive right to work the port.

The federal judge handling the court case determining terms of a contract the union has with the port and the ILW had previously issued a restraining order against the union over their escalating violent acts.

The National Labor Relations Board has condemned the conduct of the ILW, writing in their complaint, “A longshore union has used death threats and physical assaults during protests at a new grain terminal at the Port of Longview” and “the International Longshore and Warehouse Union have used unfair labor practices. The board wants the union to write a formal letter saying that it will not block rail shipments to the facility managed by EGT.”

EGT head, Larry Clarke countered union allegation pointing out the union was demanding an outrageous $20 per man hour to be contributed to the union pension fund. Clarke said, “That is a significant figure. EGT did not create the multi-billion dollar shortfall in the ILW’s pension, and should not be responsible for filling that funding gap.”

Clarke added, “We believe the ILW’s illegal campaign of threats and violence is hurting the local economy.”

Both Clark and Cowlitz County’s have seen double digit unemployment for over 2 years now.

It is also being said today that wildcat strikes at other west coast ports seem to be breaking out. A spokesman from the ILW headquarters in San Francisco claims to not know anything about any such wildcat strikes, adding they must be doing it on their own initiative.

As our economy continues to struggle along, mired in high unemployment and closing businesses, union thuggery instead of sharing in the sacrifice with the rest of us is unacceptable.

As I recently noted, unions have a long history of such violent acts to force their way into private companies and now, public employment as well.

Such strong-arm tactics have raised our labor costs so high; many companies shut down operations and move to another country in order to remain profitable.

There is a plethora of evidence indicating the Unions destroyed the U.S. Auto Industry and is a major contributor in the decay of Detroit, Michigan.

And now, it seems they wish to destroy what few new jobs might come into Southwest Washington by their greedy, thuggish tactics.

Earlier on, the ILW president cried about “union busting.”

Given the escalating violence, mayhem and vandalism at the unions’ hands, maybe they should be busted and imprisoned.

Governor Gregoire, where is the National Guard? Will people have to be murdered by these union thugs before any action is taken?

10 Comments to “Union Rent-a-Thugs Descend on Southwest Washington”

  1. It’s time for law enforcement to grow a “pair” and start shooting anyone who threatens them like that. Nothing “quiets” a “protest” like a hail of lead, and in this case it’s well-deserved.

    Cops don’t hesitate to shoot when a deranged citizen threatens them with a club, so let’s see the cops open fire on these deranged union thugs.


  2. A couple passes by a National Guard Apache, letting loose with their mini-guns, rocket pods and 20 mm vulcans might get the thugs attention.


  3. If anyone else did this….
    damage property, disrupt traffic, assault people, assualt police, threaten people, threaten police, hold hostages…
    the feds would be here hauling them off in cuffs!!!


  4. Actually, since the Cops unload their weapons at anyone who even “threatens” them, I’m really amazed that the morons carrying the baseball bat or the tire irons don’t look like instant swiss cheese.

    Cops are really chicken to face a crowd of union thugs but seem to have hair-triggers when it comes to an unarmed drunk, someone with a mental problem, or someone acting out of confusion.


  5. After what we saw this morning, Gregoire should have activated the Guard and deployed them, fully armed with orders to shoot.

    What is 500 or so union goons up against a few thousand armed Guardsmen?

    Oh, and don’t forget the Apaches. Armed as well, of course.


  6. Men, women, and children in America are willing to physically fight for a job… it’s an atrocity. Shame to all those union or not for considering that violence is a solution. Non-American corporate government has been strangling the US, with a recession as proof. Detroit fell when China announced plans of bringing Geely automobiles to the US (priced at 30k for Rolls Royce quality and exceeding our safety standards). These “thugs” are fighting for a living wage, medical benefits, pension. It’s hard to believe that anyone would ask for less. These thugs are not asking for welfare, they are begging for work. I do not condone these methods, on either side and furthermore believe that the thugs are desperate enough to bare arms. The fight shouldn’t be against each other! The police, operating engineers, ilwu should stand together against a homeland security terrorist like EGT. Why are allowing terror, a company intentionally driving down American benefits and wages. Finally, shame on both unions for competitive bargaining against each other, your selfishness is a catalyst for terrorism!


  7. Who is paying ‘Clark County Conservative’ to write this Crapp? This Article is so laced with Lies and Half-Truth it’s plumb un-patriot!

    Thank you Clay for some sensible Input here – it is in Fact the EGT that is behaving like Terrorists.

    EGT signed a Contract with the Port of Longview that stipulates the Employment of ILWU Workers. EGT never intended to honor the Terms of their Contract and sued the Port of Longview in January asking the Court to remove that specific Clause.

    RSG Forest Products was forced to sell their little 6 Acre Parcel to make Room for EGT – how many Jobs were lost there?

    The only Violence that occured was an EGT Contractor purposely running down 2 Men quietly and peacefully standing with their Picket Signs (you can see the Video Clip on U-Tube!). There were no Baseball Bats anywhere and the Sheriff already retracted the Statement that Hostages where taken – that simply didn’t happen.

    EGT has hired professional Strike Breakers to fuel the Situation!

    Big Conglomerates like EGT are Part of the Reason for the sorry State this Country is in – the other Part of Course are the bought Politicians lining their Pockets as they’re selling out the American Public!

    Wake up Folks – this Economy can only recover if Money moves. As it is the Money is hoarded by the few Rich while they’re starving the average Worker with Minimum Wages that don’t even pay the Rent in many Places.

    I guess ‘Clark County Conservative’ is perfectly OK with big Companies making the working People nothing more than ECONOMIC SLAVES – after all it wouldn’t be civilized to put us into Chains.


  8. Nice to hear from a union thug apologist.

    Clark County Conservative is the words and opinions of me, who receives no pay, asks for no donations and pays what little expense there is for the use of a WordPress site.

    My opinions are based upon personal life experience and what information I glean from opening my eyes to the vitriol, vandalism, violence and greed of the left. In this case, union pukes.

    I live within spitting distance of this riotous behavior and have belonged to and been fucked over by unions myself.

    I am a retired auto mechanic, Vietnam Veteran nd conservative who sees the selective greed and misinformation hoisted upon the country by greedy union thugs is contributing to it;s downfall.

    As for you laughable claims of the sheriff retracting his words, we don’t need your lies. Or, do you ignore the updated release he issued just last night?


    You bleat about Money hoarded by the rich, typical communist talking point. Yet, do you object to the obscene wealth your union bosses steal from you? Do you object to the obscene violence unions have put off on citizens, companies and others for decades?

    You could ask Eddie York, if he were still alive. Oh, and his murder was excused an justified by a union boss.

    Little wonder you union thugs and leftists can you think at all, as dizzy as you all are what with all of the twisting and spinning you do.

    The unions are seen through clear eyes today. From their bogus claims of helping the American worker to giving us the 40 hour work week (thank Henry Ford, who himself despised unions), unions have been exposed and they are failing because honest, hard-working decent American citizens no longer fear threats of union violence.

    Your criticism of Clark County Conservative is duly noted, fuck you very much.



    Posted: September 9th, 2011 6:01 PM

    Kelso, WA – With officers far outnumbered by protesters, Sheriff’s deputies, police officers and Washington State Patrol troopers had to back off to a defensive position during Wednesday’s ILWU rally due to threats to their safety.

    “Our teams of 4 or 5 officers were confronted by baseball bat and axe handle wielding protesters.” Said Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson. “They had their protest signs attached to bats and axe handles. When we attempted to make simple, misdemeanor arrests for trespassing, the officers were rushed by the crowd. Officers were literally holding people back to protect other officers attempting to make lawful arrests.” Nelson said. “This is a game changer. We have actively worked with all parties in this situation trying to keep the peace. This is blatant disrespect of the process, the law, and we who are sworn to enforce it.” Nelson said.

    Due to being seriously outnumbered by violent protesters, additional arrests were not made at that time. However, “This investigation is far from over.” Nelson said. “I anticipate that as we review the evidence we have collected, we will be making many more arrests.”

    Also continuing is the investigation in to the Thursday morning assault and carjacking that took place on the EGT plantsite after security was overrun by a mob of ILWU supporters. At around 4:30 a.m., hundreds of supporters tore down fences, smashed windows, cut air hoses to a grain train, and opened the rail cars, spilling grain all over the ground. Several pieces of evidence, including bolt cutters, pipes, ILWU signs and fliers were left lying around the facility.

    Also of great concern was the perception of safety by the security personnel on scene. After seeing all the cars and people massing, then pouring through their gates, smashing out the guardshack window with a baseball bat, and causing damage, the officers had no way out. They were blocked from leaving down E. Mill Road, and there was no other open access out of the facility. At some point they felt that their personal safety was at too great a risk, and they ran for a vehicle and headed towards a back gate. They reported that a group tried to block them in, but the lights of approaching law enforcement vehicles stopped the group and the officers were able to flee.

    One of the most frightening parts of the incident was when several saboteures, blocked a Columbia Security officer, (a 48 year old Longview man)dragged him out of his security patrol vehicle, took the vehicle and after recklessly driving it around the EGT facility, crashed it into an embankment. “This is no different than if it had happened on the street, or in the parking lot of any local business.” Sheriff Nelson said. “It was a felonious act.”

    Sheriff Nelson urges anyone with information on this crime, or any portion of it, to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 360-577-3092.

    Anonymous tips can be left on Crime Stoppers, 360-577-1206.
    Contact Info: Deputy Rob Stumph, 360-577-3092

    (Replies to this message DO go to the originating party. To add or delete addresses for these emails, send info to craig@FlashAlert.net. For a cumulative list, visit http://www.FlashAlertPortland.net/)

    Do you need a photo of one of your thugs holding a baseball bat? If you do, I’ll gladly supply it. In the meantime, enjoy an example of a union thugs idea of “peacefully” declining to speak to a news reporter.


  10. If you go to the Facebook site of gubernatorial candiate Shahram Hadian, you will see some amazing boldness in calling this what it is….lawlessness! Vote Hadian for Governor in 2012 !


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