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September 13, 2011

“All This Just For A Flag?”

by lewwaters

If lip readers are correct, can Michelle Obama and her husband be any more disrespectful? Paying homage to those murdered on September 11, 2001, as Bagpipes played towards the end of the ceremonies they attended and as the American Flag is being folded, she is seen leaning into Barack Obama, apparently saying, “All this for a flag?” Barack seems to nod his head in agreement.

The Washington Times explains the disrespect shown, “Perhaps Mrs. Obama thinks that all the pomp and circumstance she experiences in her daily life has something to do with her, rather than the unofficial office she holds. If so she should disabuse herself of that notion quickly. The official gestures of respect shown to her are the same shown to any First Lady, and if she wasn’t married to the president she would be just another citizen.”

Recalling her frequent very expensive vacations and treatment to the very best there is, all at taxpayer expense, I can only nod in agreement with the Times as they say, “all this just for Michelle Obama?”

“Obama for America’s” makes no mention yet of this latest Obama gaffe.

Apologists are claiming she actually said, “I love how they fold the flag.”

September 13, 2011

Chuck Woolery on “Taxing the Rich”

by lewwaters
September 13, 2011

Foul Mouthed Union Thug Arrested on 4 Felony Counts

by lewwaters

Proving not to have come from top of the gene pool, 45 year old Kelso Washington resident Ronald Patrick Stavas, widely seen on the video where he verbally assaults a camera crew filming outside the Longview ILWU office has been arrested on four felony counts.

Stavas, who identified himself as F. U. [Blank]sucker in the video is charged with “burglary in the first degree, assault in the second degree, intimidating a witness and sabotage” for his participation earlier in the early morning invasion of the EGT Grain Terminal where guards were overpowered, blocked from leaving, a security car was carjacked and driven into ditch, windows smashed, brake lines cut on rail cars and grain poured out on the ground.

You just have to wonder who in the right mind would participate in such criminal activity then assault a camera crew while taping? Does he not realize there is an internet today and such videos are gold?

By all accounts, it was his appearance on the video that led to his identity being revealed and subsequent arrest. Obviously, he did not descend from the top of the gene pool.

CNN’s anchorette Carol Costello found the vulgarities wildly humorous, laughing through her report of the assault of a news crew.

I wonder now if his arrest on such grave felony counts is equally as comical to her?

September 13, 2011

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

by lewwaters

I’m sure we all recall the Disney song from the 1930’s by the same name, sung by 2 of the 3 little pigs as they danced around arrogantly believing their houses of straw and twigs would protect them from the Big Bad Wolf. It seems many in Clark County who have been arrogantly dancing around, feeling their own houses of straw and twigs are indestructible have created their own Big Bad Wolf, except this one isn’t so big or bad. In fact, he’s actually a nice guy and a very successful businessman.

What makes him a Big Bad Wolf is he isn’t going along with the current house of straw and twigs scheme in strapping struggling taxpayers with decades of tolls and higher taxes to pay for unneeded expensive projects that many members of the ruling class in Clark County desire.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes I am speaking of the owner of U.S. Digital, David Madore. David sees clearly how such projects as extending light rail from Portland across a new I-5 bridge is financially unsound and has spoken out, being gaveled down, ridiculed and made out to be a Big Bad Wolf by the ruling class and newspaper of record in Clark County for exercising his freedom of speech in openly exposing the project.

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