Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

by lewwaters

I’m sure we all recall the Disney song from the 1930’s by the same name, sung by 2 of the 3 little pigs as they danced around arrogantly believing their houses of straw and twigs would protect them from the Big Bad Wolf. It seems many in Clark County who have been arrogantly dancing around, feeling their own houses of straw and twigs are indestructible have created their own Big Bad Wolf, except this one isn’t so big or bad. In fact, he’s actually a nice guy and a very successful businessman.

What makes him a Big Bad Wolf is he isn’t going along with the current house of straw and twigs scheme in strapping struggling taxpayers with decades of tolls and higher taxes to pay for unneeded expensive projects that many members of the ruling class in Clark County desire.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes I am speaking of the owner of U.S. Digital, David Madore. David sees clearly how such projects as extending light rail from Portland across a new I-5 bridge is financially unsound and has spoken out, being gaveled down, ridiculed and made out to be a Big Bad Wolf by the ruling class and newspaper of record in Clark County for exercising his freedom of speech in openly exposing the project.

Mr. Madore started an informational website covering many subjects at Couv.com where he has hosted several interviews of people in the news. He offered to post interviews of all 6 of the candidates running for city council, only to have 3 scoff at the idea simply because he has been painted as the Big Bad Wolf.

It was previously noted how there was a concerted effort to marginalize and demean David Madore and those who stood with him.

It appears to be continuing in this city council race, not only because 3 candidates balk at the idea of a third party interview through his Couve.com but also as seen in questions being asked in other so called “fair” interviews seen on CVTV for positions 4 and 6 where candidates Bill Turlay and Josephine Wentzel were both asked about their ties to Mr. Madore.

I find questions as to whether or not these 2 would be beholding to Mr. Madore objectionable considering their opponents are supported, endorsed and funded by public unions, wealthy supporters of light rail and developers, including one who sought and recently received a $1 Million property tax abatement for an apartment building he is building downtown. No one seems too concerned whether or not candidates will be beholding to them, only David Madore.

If Millionaires like Ed Lynch, Ellie Kassab and public unions are free to finance, support or endorse candidates who share their views and values, why is David Madore demeaned for supporting candidates who share his views and values?

The last I have heard, this is still America where we are all free to support, donate and endorse any candidate of our choosing within election laws. That our newspaper of record, the Columbian sees fit to pick and choose who should support who or receive support from who long before they make any editorial endorsements is not only a disservice to voters in Clark County, it is manipulative and biased.

All candidates deserve a fair look and fair vetting by the community and the media to give voters a clear view of who they are selecting. Slanting interviews of coverage of any to tie them to an endorser those who stand to increase their wealth might not care much for, while not holding their opponents supported by those who stand to increase their wealth is uncalled for.

Voters can and should make their own choices. Slanting coverage denies voters an opportunity to make the best decision in who to vote for and can give us poorly equipped leaders, chosen for us by a few who stand to benefit the most.

If we are to hold candidates responsible for who supports them then it must be across the board, including public unions and Millionaire developers who stand to gain by collective bargaining and property tax abatements.

No one has shown yet how Mr. Madore stands to gain anything financially in his support of candidates. He can only “huff and puff and blow their houses of straw and twigs in” by exposing the questionable things going on in Clark County today.

UPDATE: Andrea Damewood from the Columbian has taken exception to this post.

As I assured her, this post is about more than just her interview. It is actually about one backer being targeted by many within the community and by some at the Columbian for so long. I fail to see other backers being demeaned by others in city and county government and the editorial staff of the Columbian as they have Mr. Madore.

See also Andrea’s latest Columbian All Politics is Local post Well, what DO you like? 

10 Responses to “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

  1. Unfortunately, anyone who joins Mr. Madore in questioning the wisdom of CRC or similar bone-headed ideas from local government is labeled a “Hound of Whinerville” by The Columbian’s John Laird. John seems to take great delight in doing so – and goes on to mischaracterize them as “BANANA”s (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything). I’d like to see Laird take a shot at building the kind of business that Mr. Madore has built up. Madore is contributing to the economic vitality of the area while all Laird can do is whine about things.

  2. Again, I think it’s time that Clarke County got rid of The Columbian and it’s Elitist, Establishment staff. The Columbian is no friend of the little taxpayers that it tries so hard to screw over. I think it’s time to let advertisers know we won’t support their businesses as long as they keep The Columbian afloat.

  3. Considering the deliberate efforts the local rag has made to twist and distort their information about me, I fnd it highly ironic when they complain over what amounts to an oversight on your part… deliberate or otherwise.

    They have a long way to go before they toss rocks at others for what they do every day.

  4. Showing their typical lack of competence, Andrea apparently missed Madore’s announcement that he won’t be there due to a “scheduling conflict” (Must have found out about Russell) and Harris never was going to be there.

  5. Maybe it is my own perception, due to the past demeaning of David Madore and anyone in agreement with him, but it did come across as a little more focus on Madore than the others.

    Andrea is one of two I see as actually being objective and fair minded at the Columbian. But also, focusing on one person for so many months now because he stands opposed to something the ruling class has decided we are going to get whether we want it or not comes across different that asking about a group.

  6. Lew, thank you for your decency and good common sense. I see why citizens shy away from getting involved. The power holders do not warmly welcome outsiders that question their agenda. I am not as concerned about my reputation as I am about the responsible citizens that have taken an interest in our future and have courageously tried to speak up. Let me comment on just one of your points.

    The Columbian should not be calling these citizens derogatory names.

    Derogatory definition: belittling, contemptuous, degrading, demeaning, dishonorable, humiliating, insulting, ridiculing, minimizing, vilifying

    That is a type of bullying and a type of yellow off color journalism.

    Scott Campbell as publisher, Lou Brancaccio as editor, and Andrea Damewood as reporter should all have higher standards than to support the Columbian’s practice of calling our fellow citizens derogatory names. These citizens are our friends and neighbors. They are decent Americans that have as much freedom of speech as the Columbian.

    I appeal to the Columbian staff to raise the bar and adopt a higher standard of respect, decency and civility for people, all people. It would be an encouraging step in the right direction if they would respond in agreement. Hopefully, they will.

  7. David, many newspapers are decidedly Liberal and biased to the Left. That’s because the people who run them are arrogant Leftist robots who cannot deviate from their “programming” and “agenda” even if it means they will go out of business because they alienate the citizenry.

    The Columbian is no less suicidal than their counterparts and no more willing to give up their obvious bias and parisanship. That’s why The Columbian needs to go out of business for the good of the community and the good of the nation.

    The Columbian has already shown that it will not change even when faced with bankruptcy and the overall scorn of the community.

    You’re a nice guy David, but the simple fact remains that The Columbian isn’t going to change.

  8. And since the defact model has worked in this community for nearly 30 years OR more, why change it? About the only thing that has changed has been the wagon wheel of different reporters coming and going.

    Have you seen many of the reporters stay? I can think of only Tom Vogt, Mary Ricks that are long term writers other than maybe lou and john who are going on twenty years of some form of connection there.

    I know that Scott has been flying around there for near 30 years and probably has another twenty before he might pull out the Tom Koeninger retirement card and try to pass this ship on to one of his three sons who are coming up on college age. Similar situation to what is going on with the Seattle times and Ryan Blethen who is hopping around different Pacific Northwest papers getting experience. I do wonder if he is going to take over for the ship?

    So all-in-all, does anyone believe that if we stand up and say some thing that the executive branch of the paper is ever going to change, even if they face harsh criticism from one time or another. The only GLARING example I ever remember of them changing some thing mid-sentence was when Lou went after Brent Boger and the elites just took a verbal and email pinata party to him.

  9. Boger’s best “line” was that The Columbian wasn’t worth subscribing to and that he was cancelling his subscription. Let’s try to get everybody to do the same thing. I think only 10 people subscribe to The Columbian now.


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