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September 18, 2011

Sharon Wylie or Craig Riley?

by lewwaters

We in the 49th legislative district have a choice to make this November. Keep Democrat Sharon Wylie, who was appointed to replace Jim Jacks who abruptly walked out on us in mid-session. Or, make a change in Olympia by electing Republican Craig Riley.

Ms. Wylie, married to Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe is a former Lobbyist and Oregon Legislator. In other words, more of the same who will not even list her stand on pertinent issues on her webpage.

Craig Riley represents a fresh choice and a change in how our state operates and what sort of representation we have in Olympia.

Our state is near bankrupt with another multi-Billion dollar gap projected and the 49th remains mired in high unemployment. Democrats have shown the only solution they have is to further bankrupt the state by taxing individuals and businesses more, adding more people to the unemployed, while they strive to protect public unions.

We need change and new voices in Olympia who are ready to take the state in a different direction.

We need Craig Riley, a successful businessman who knows how to balance a budget, open up jobs, live within our means and help guide us back to prosperity.