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October 31, 2011

Why Doesn’t Michael Moore Share His $50 Million?

by lewwaters

October 31 2011: Director Michael Moore [Occupotamus] refuses to answer questions regarding his own 50 Million dollar net worth at Occupy PDX. At the end the videographer assaulted (specifically pushed and shoved) by participants in OccupyPDX.

H/T daylightdisinfectant

October 31, 2011

Make Mine Freedom

by lewwaters

You can keep the Occupies, the hope & change, all the rest of the liberal garbage.

Make Mine Freedom

October 30, 2011

Occupy Vancouver USA: “My Taxes Are Too Low”

by lewwaters

Love the “non-partisan” flavor

October 30, 2011

More From Inside Occupy Portland

by lewwaters

Language Warning!

I may disagree with some of the voices heard in Occupy Vancouver, but I thank organizers for not following suit in how other protests are being conducted.

October 29, 2011

Occupy Vanvouver USA Part 2, Vote Out All Incumbents. Well, Sort Of

by lewwaters

You just cannot make this stuff up. The following highlights are from a single speaker and all spoken today, October 29, 2011 at the Occupy Vancouver, Washington rally, Part Deux.

October 29, 2011

Occupy Vancouver, Part Deux

by lewwaters

I sort of figured turnout was going to be much smaller when I arrived just before the start time at noon and easily found a parking space close to Esther Short Park.

Speaking with the Columbian’s writer Eric Florip after the rally took to their march, he expressed doubt that even the Columbian would cover this one.

UPDATE: It appears Eric guessed wrong Occupy Vancouver rally collects donations for food bank

Of course the Columbian will paint the movement in every good light they can muster. I do applaud them for conducting a food drive now, but what about all of the other groups around town that do it all years long and never make mention in the Columbian? This is hardly the first or only time food is collected for food banks in town.

October 28, 2011

Injured “Ex-Marine” Founder of

by lewwaters

The left’s spin of Scott Olsen, purported to be a two-time Iraq veteran who received a fractured skull in the Occupy Oakland riot, is typical of that ilk. It is unknown just what hit Olsen or where it came from, but is presumed to have been a Police Projectile.

As soon as he was seen injured, in typical fashion, the protesters leaped at a chance to now embrace one they would just as soon spit on, portraying him as a typical Marine, accusing the Police of targeting a Marine, blah, blah, blah, to quote Mayor Tim Leavitt.

While it is tragic that the 24 year-old has been injured, it should also be known that he was and is not your typical Marine Veteran.It turns out that Scott is the founder of a now defunct website, see here

A comment left on his facebook page here by a Jerry Dumas claims,

“In 2010, the Marines issued Olsen an “administrative discharge.” Maj. Shawn Haney, a Marines spokesman based in Quantico, Va., declined to discuss Olsen’s discharge, but said his departure could have been for anything from a medical condition to a punitive measure.
Im guessing the latter and not the former.
Anything less than an Honorable Discharge is a disgrace to the uniform.”

Additionally, the claims of brutality by Police at this “non-violent” protest falls apart as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell ended yup embarrassed on the air by a protesters admission that they were in fact throwing rocks and bottles at Police.

The left’s claims of this being a struggle for freedom or improving the lot of people in America is as bogus as can be. This is obviously just what we have claimed it is all along, a move by anarchists and socialists to being about the collapse of America.

And, they have no problem using any and every thing as propaganda to accomplish that, including dishonoring the US Marine Corps.

October 27, 2011

Mayor Leavitt gets Testy

by lewwaters

My opposition to C-Trans’ Proposition 1 is well known in town to any who read the Columbian or this blog. I have never hidden the fact from anyone. I frequently express that opposition in comments at the Columbian and elsewhere.

But, I was surprised to see the following reply left today on a comment I made weeks ago from Vancouver’s Mayor, Tim Leavitt.

Click on image to enlarge

One of the reasons I fought for this country in an armed conflict was so that we little people retained the right to speak out on what we see as wrong. Whether I agree with others or not, I do not try to silence them, as is seen in several comments on this blog.

But, that’s the best argument the Mayor can muster to promote a measure, telling a citizen “blah, blah, blah” and to “give it a rest?”

October 27, 2011

Reality Bites For Protesters Too

by lewwaters

For days now I have been watching and speaking of how the Occupy anything but a bar of soap movement is doomed to fall apart, just as we saw back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Pie in the sky dreams of a socialist utopia come crashing down on the bleeding heart feel gooders when they are smacked right between the eyes with the reality of the world and those in it who think they shouldn’t have to work or carry their portion of the load.

We are beginning to see it in Occupy Portland as reports of discontent and unsanitary conditions are literally leaking out and running down the street.

People in California and other states are getting fed up with cries of protesters having constitutional rights while infringing on the constitutional rights of others to live in a peaceful community and freely use the public lands protesters have decided are theirs to hold instead. In Oakland, some found out the hard way that confronting the Police who are charged with restoring law & order is not conducive to freedom, much less their health.

In Portland, who decided in “incorporate” their movement is raising eyebrows as some $10,000 in donations seems to be missing now.

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October 26, 2011

Confused About the Occupy Movement?

by lewwaters

A woman down at Occupy Atlanta explains what it is all about.

There, now you understand it all, right? Well, don’t you?

October 26, 2011

Turlay Endorsed by Campbell, McEnerny-Ogle Reaction Disappointing

by lewwaters

In a move that seems to have surprised most everybody, outgoing Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell has come out endorsing Bill Turlay as best suited to replace him.

Campbell endorses Turlay for his Vancouver seat

Campbell cites as his reason, “Although Bill Turlay and I take opposite stances on some local issues such as light rail, public bus service, and the Columbia River Crossing (not to mention our disagreements on national issues!), I am endorsing him for the citizens. Position 6 has a history of being occupied by straight shooters who have put service ahead of self or reelection.”

“Bill doesn’t make rash promises or play people for political gain. He hasn’t put himself in the middle of property or labor negotiations for political traction. Most voters know where Bill stands. Many more need to know that he is a man of integrity, friendliness, and grace. That is what we all will need during what look like even more difficult times until things eventually change for the better.”

Especially relevant to Campbell’s endorsement was Turlay’s recent “denouncing negative fliers and TV ads put out independently by the Save Our City Political Action Committee” on his behalf.

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October 25, 2011

Vancouver Hilton Employees & Supporters Comments to City Council

by lewwaters

Parts of a few of the comments made to the Vancouver, Washington city council, October 24, 2011 as they seek a 53% wage & benefit increase.

To see full comments, visit and click on “Citizen Forum.”

It is said they desire a 53% wage & Benefit increase and Hilton management is offering 3%. Many moan and groan that they earn less than Portland, Oregon counterparts.

The city is not involved in negotiations with the union, even though the Hotel is city owned, but privately managed. This is the same Hilton we were recently told the city would like forgiveness of a $4.4 Million debt from the county.

The Hilton continues to struggle in this economy, having dipped into their room-tax reserves last winter, but has not yet required any funding from the general fund.

The Hilton did lower rates previously to draw conventioneers in and claims are it has improved slightly.

But, if the unions, after their threats of boycotting and striking get their way, will the city have to step up to cover increased costs during this elongated downturn in the economy?

October 24, 2011

Why Is A New York Union PAC Investing In the Vancouver City Council?

by lewwaters

It appears the same New York Union PAC, Unite Here Tip State and Local Fund that spent over $50,000 in ‘in-kind’ contributions to see Tim Leavitt elected as Mayor in 2009 is back, pouring over $32,000 in more in-kind contributions to see Anne McEnerny-Ogle elected to the city council.

It should be noted that ‘in-kind’ contributions are not sought by candidates, but contributed without a candidate’s prior approval by those who wish to see them elected. And yes, they are made on behalf of many other candidates.

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October 24, 2011

Steve Bang Announces Write-in Candidacy for Camas City Council

by lewwaters

It looks like Linda Dietzman has an opponent for her seat on Camas City Council, Ward 2, Position No. 1

For Immediate Release
Contact Steve Bang
Tel. 360-210-7189

Steve Bang Runs for Business-Friendly Camas Council, Sensible Taxes

Camas, October 24, 2011– Business development professional Steve Bang announced his write-in candidacy for Camas City Council, Ward 2, Position 1.

A groundswell of sentiment in Camas is urging Steve to seek the Council seat now occupied by Linda Dietzman. Steve’s extensive experience in developing businesses indicates he can change the course of Camas policy and procedure.

“I’ve received overwhelming encouragement from Camas residents to run for this position,” Bang said. “Our economic situation is urgent, and the city needs the kind of business-friendly policies that I support.”

Steve’s top priorities for Camas City government are saving taxpayer money by prioritizing city services, and streamlining city permit processes to make property available for business development.

Steve not only understands the importance of creating a healthy business environment in Camas, but believes the City needs to live within its means.

Citing the example of C-Tran, Steve said, “C-Tran has over $35 million in cash reserves, yet my opponent voted for Proposition 1, which will create a tax increase. This is the worst time imaginable for higher taxes. All our government agencies need to live within their means.”

Steve and his wife, Sarah, have been Camas residents since 1999, and love living here. Steve wants to bring his years of experience and entrepreneurial skills to help grow living wage employment in Camas.

Steve Bang is a senior business development professional with over 35 years of both domestic and international experience in the high tech industry. Steve has been on management teams that have generated over $2 billion in shareholder value and resulted in the creation of hundreds of jobs all over the world. Steve has served on management teams that have resulted in 2 IPO’s and 3 acquisitions. He has significant high-tech expertise as well as over twenty years service on the board of a multi-billion dollar west coast Credit Union. Steve has spent over twenty-five years raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals including Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.

Steve wants to improve the quality of life in Camas and his top priority is to hear from you to understand your issues. Please contact him anytime to discuss any issues related to Camas.

More information is available at

Camas, you now have another choice. As in every other council race, this is not an endorsement, but for your information

October 23, 2011

Progressive Voters Guide Issued

by lewwaters

It should come as no surprise that once again, as we have seen many times before, a “Progressive Voters Guide” is set out to tell leftist Progressives which candidates they identify as leftwing Progressives and which measures Progressives think should be enacted. Whether the Columbian will be as outraged over it as they were to discover a GOP voters guide remains to be seen.

No surprise to see Sharon Wylie listed, we know her to be pretty leftwinged, even if the Progressives got it wrong that she is “non-partisan.”

What I think will come as a surprise, at least to two candidates comes next.

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October 22, 2011

Thanks to the Actions of Which President?

by lewwaters

As usual, Barack Obama is creating yet another false illusion on his effectiveness as president. The following was received in email just today.

Click image for larger view

If you note the second sentence below the video, you will read, “Now, thanks to the actions of this President, we can say that conflict is coming to a close.”

Nothing could be more deceptive. The Obama administration was actually negotiating a new Status of Forces Agreement to keep U.S. Troops in Iraq longer and negotiations ceased as the Iraqi’s would not agree to US. Forces not being tried in Iraqi Courts.

The Dec. 31, 2011 deadline of having all U.S. Troops out of Iraq is not an agreement made by Barack Obama, but was agreed upon between President George W. Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki before Obama was even inaugurated.

As  we read in a release from Defense Department dated December 15, 2008,

“The status-of-forces agreement outlines the framework for American forces withdrawal while providing authorization and protections for U.S. troops to continue support operations after the United Nations mandate expires Dec. 31.”

“Although the pace of meeting those agreements depends on the Iraqi government and military, Bush said, the SOFA acknowledges that U.S. combat forces in Iraq are required to withdraw from Iraqi cities, villages and localities no later than June 30, and it calls for a complete withdrawal of forces by Dec. 31, 2011″

Leave it to the Democrats, who always blame everyone else for their misdeeds, to now come forth grabbing credit for what a Republican President set in place before they were even in office and not give any credit whatsoever to him.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could be honest, just once?

October 22, 2011

Democrats Shameful Support of Occupy Wall Street

by lewwaters
October 21, 2011

A Stroll Through The Park, With Occupy Portland

by lewwaters

Video of my walk through the middle of the Occupy Portland campsites, downtown Portland today, October 21, 2011

What a far difference with the Occupy Vancouver people

October 20, 2011

The Columbians Glaring Hypocrisy

by lewwaters

Although we complain often, the bias seen in our media is glaring. What doesn’t get mentioned much is their hypocrisy. That is seen no brighter in the latest bash of businessman David Madore for the following flier a PAC he formed sent out.

NOTE: This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Neither candidate had anything to do with the ad and what is stated is the brutal truth, save the claim of Clark County having the highest unemployment. Four counties are now higher, but we are not too far behind. We have been in double digit unemployment for over 2 years now.

But, for the Columbian to express any outrage over the ad is as hypocritical as can be.

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October 20, 2011

Local Business Community Voice Concerns Over McEnerny Ogle

by lewwaters

I guess it was inevitable, after the Columbian raised concerns over Bill Turlay, candidate for Vancouver City Council position 6 misreading business license regulations and not having the city license, that somewhere along the line something concerning his opponent, Anne McEnerny Ogle would surface.

As I said back then, all of us have something we erred on or something someone can make an issue over, candidates for office especially.

I received a copy of a Press Release titled, “McEnerny-Ogle Candidacy for Vancouver Council Concerns Members of the Local Business Community” where it is claimed,

“Recent documents obtained highlight the ineffectiveness of Anne McEnerny-Ogle, candidate for Vancouver City Council, in her role as Chair of the Vancouver Planning Commission. One document released is from Vancouver City staff, dated October 30, 2006 to Mayor Royce Pollard. In the document, Planning Commission staff request that McEnerny-Ogle not be reappointed to the Planning Commission due to complaints about her decisions being based on personal prejudices and not criteria in the City’s development code.”

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