Do We Have a Viable Alternative Candidate for Governor?

by lewwaters

Shahram Hadian

With a little over a year to go to our next governor’s election, both political parties in Washington State have once made our selection for us on who we get to vote for. The Washington State Republican Party has given us State Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has long had his eyes fixed on one day occupying the governor’s mansion. The Washington State Democrat Party has decided on 1st District U.S. Representative Jay Inslee to occupy the governor’s mansion next, given that current Democrat Christine Gregoire has announced she will not seek a third term.

The establishment in both parties have drawn the lines and decided that is our choices, whether we like them or not.

For too long now we have had party elites deciding on who we get to vote for on many levels. Woe be upon any candidate who doesn’t just go along with the party elites. I saw a close up and personal view of just that in the 2010 election as the GOP undermined and back stabbed a good conservative candidate to ensure Jaime Herrera, the hand-picked and groomed candidate of the GOP establishment’s choice won the nomination.

With this in mind, I am pleased to see a third candidate standing up and willing to give us another choice to look at. Shahram Hadian is stepping up to the plate and by all outward appearances is a man deserving of our attention.

He immigrated with his family to America from his native Iran in 1978 when he was 7 years old, shortly before the Shah of Iran was overthrown and a brutal Islamic regime of took over, months later to see the Ayatollah Khomeini become the country’s Supreme Leader. He is a graduate of the Washington Law Enforcement Academy and served as a Police Officer for the City of Redmond.

Hadian ran for Washington State Representative previously and converted to Christianity from Muslim over a decade ago. He has served as a pastor, police officer, teacher, coach, and small business owner, now residing in Everett with his wife and two sons.

He remains a strong voice against radical Islam and imposing Sharia Law in America.

Little is known concerning Hadian here in Clark County, but there are steps being taken to get him down for us to see who he is and what he stands for.

If he is what we want for governor, we conservatives will have to stand against the establishment and block any undermining and backstabbing that will surely come down from the Bellevue Mafia to ensure McKenna is the only choice we are given.

McKenna has acted on our behalf and pleased many of us as Attorney General. But, he has also taken several positions contrary to our views over the years too. He is a moderate, not a conservative. If the choice comes down to either McKenna or Inslee, I will no doubt hold my nose and vote McKenna.

But it is up to us, the voters in Washington State and Clark County to weigh our options and decide for ourselves who we want to occupy the governor’s mansion and lead us. For too long, political parties have made decision for us.

The only way we will be able to make our own choices is by giving candidates like Shahram Hadian a fair and serious look when we can and decide based upon what we see and hear.

It is hoped we will have a meeting with him in the near future and I will announce when and where such a meet will be scheduled.

He at least deserves a fair assessment by voters.

24 Responses to “Do We Have a Viable Alternative Candidate for Governor?”

  1. I’ll have to look him over… because frankly, McKenna ain’t cuttin’ it.

  2. He’s linked to this post already and sounds eager to come down. We just need to set a time and place for the meet.

    We definitely can do better than McKenna. But, he is still better than Inslee, if only a little bit.

  3. The battle that has gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and now back to Federal Court to protect the names and addresses of those who signed the R-71 Petitions, the Referendum to reverse the domestic partnership law in the State of Washington, is finally coming to conclusion this coming Monday, October 3, 2011.

    As you may recall, the Protect Marriage Washington team has continued to fight in the courts to defend the signatures of those who signed Referendum 71. The Protect Marriage Washington coalition that we organized in 2009 has filed literally hundreds of pages of evidence documenting incidents of threats, harassment, and reprisals against traditional marriage supporters.

    It appears that our state government, rife with political correctness, has lost its way. Ever eager to appease homosexual advocacy groups and the liberal Puget Sound media complex, we are battling Rob McKenna, Sam Reed and their stable of hostile, liberal attorneys willing to misuse public disclosure laws and make vulnerable 138,000 citizens of Washington State to more incidents of abuse and harassment.

    As the sponsor of the R-71 petition, I expected Reed to line up with the homosexual militants, but not McKenna. My emotions with the AG and his cohorts has gone from disappointment, to disbelief, to anger.

    Larry Stickney, Campaign Manager
    Protect Marriage Washington

    PS. To learn more about our case Doe vs. Reed, please visit our website at or

  4. Although I would vote McKenna over Inslee any day, I don’ see McKenna as an ideal conservative candidate. Along with what Larry mentions above, we have McKenna saying,

    “he would not replicate Walker’s attempt to undo collective bargaining rights.

    “Collective bargaining is a right. It’s not the problem. The problem is politicians who give away too much at the bargaining table,” McKenna said.

    If he does get elected governor, McKenna said he’d work with unions, rather than “terrorizing them.”

    I don’t see getting public unions back under control as “terrorizing them.”

    In 2008 he came out against the party platform of supporting banning of birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens

    Also in 2008, another article claimed he said he was “pro-choice” when it came to abortions. It doesn’t say if it was a limited view or over all.

    I’m sure there are other examples of his being a moderate and not a conservative, but just use these.

    I don’t know Hadian and haven’t yet met him. But, if we are to ever take our country back from the establishment party’s leading us around by the nose, we will have to begin by at least looking at what people like him have to offer.

    If we can do better than McKenna, we owe to ourselves to try.

  5. Hey Lew. Is he going to come down to Vancouver to have a chat with us?

  6. Jeremy, he left me the comment of “And yes- I’d love to come to Clark County very soon- let’s set something up!” on facebook.

    So, it’s now a matter of getting it set up. I’ve asked for as date range when he would have the time.

    We also have several races going on locally and don’t want to distract from them, so we’ll see when we can get him down here and where.

  7. Right on Lew, Larry & K.J.!! After hearing him several times & interacting with him, I believe Shahram Hadian is real deal! Of course, everyone needs to do their own due diligence, and that will happen when they get a chance to hear him speak & then ask any questions they might have.

  8. That’s the intent, Cathy. Let’s meet him and see what he has. I like what I hear so far.

  9. I believe if we let him come down to the most populace area of the state outside of the puget sound core, he might get some good exposure down here. And that might help his candidacy some. Though I doubt the republican party is going to help him out much unless their front looking runner turns out to be a bigger turkey ~ albatross…

    And to your comments on Rob McKenna, does that not look like a good and new post for your blog, Lew?

  10. I personally Know Shahram & his family! I got to know him while working on his 2010 campaign for state legislatire. He is a humble man of integrity who lives out what he speaks. He is articulate & knowledgeable and very approachable. I watched him as he spoke with & listened to concerned citizens. He would make an awesome governor & it is time that we the people speak from the bottom up & not from top down! BUT we must get out from behind our computers & WORK to make it happen!

  11. I have chosen to support Rob McKenna because of what has has been able to do with the management of the AGs office. Running government agencies isn’t like running a business. As much as I would like it to be like running a business it isn’t. Rob has proven that he can implement reforms into government to allow us to get the most bang for our buck. I am a fiscal conservative and Rob has proven he can make government more efficient. As for the others there is no evidence of that and no proven ability to win a statewide election.

  12. Pete, isn’t that shutting the door before you even know anything about others?

    Rob is a moderate who has made conflicting statements. He is not a conservative and his stand on collective bargaining alone comes across as naive.

    We know nothing of Shahram down here and won’t know if we have a better candidate or not until we meet him and see what he has to say.

    For me, I’m willing to hear what others have to say before committing myself because personally, I’m tired of cherry picked candidates being all we have to choose from.

    Should it come down to McKenna & Inslee in the primary, McKenna will have my support over Inslee. But, I’ll exercise my freedom to ascertain for myself who I wish to vote for in the primary and quite frankly, after what I saw last year and what was thrown at me by the GOP because I supported a conservative Republican against the cherry-picked GOP establishment choice and didn’t just fawn all over her, that ‘R’ behind the name doesn’t mean that much to me any longer.

    I’m tired of having to settle and if I can, will back conservatives over moderates every chance I get.

    And don’t forget Pete, when you say “Running government agencies isn’t like running a business,” that didn’t stop any of us from supporting you.

  13. Lew
    I think it is important to hold local office first. It is a different beast. Manage a local government office and get the experience. If we learn anything from Obama it is experience matters. Rob has done good things with his office management. He has proven to me that he can improve government. Governor is an executive job. I think this gentleman would make a compelling Senate candidate.

  14. Pete, if we are unwilling to even listen to a candidate, we end up settling for what the party says is best. I’m tired of having a small group up in Bellevue telling me what is best for me.

    We complain about the Dems doing that and then turn around and accept the same from the GOP moderates?

    While I agree McKenna has performed somethings very favorable to us, not everything he has done has helped the state or gained favor with conservatives.

    Given how the country and state have gone with electing those with prior elected office experience, maybe it’s time we gave another formula a chance.

    And like I said, if we are unwilling to even listen, we will never know what some one has to offer.

    McKenna isn’t owed the office just because he has wanted it so long.

  15. whats to keep the “D” in Seattle from ‘recounting’ votes until the “D” running wins? like they did to Dino two elections ago?

  16. It’s really pathetic when we are reduced to picking a candidate that can “win” instead of picking the best candidate we can find.

    I would rather look around and see who is the best candidate.

  17. dagmore, I believe they have instituted some changes up there, but I share your lack of confidence in their ability for a fair count. We are who will have to ensure no squeaky counts are permitted. Our side does have election observers present when ballots are counted, but we will have to make sure who is sent in up there is on the ball, watching for fraud.

    Jack, I agree with you. That’s why there are efforts underway to get Shahram here to see just what he is about. We have time left before the primary next year and I like the idea of having choices to choose the best person, not solely what the party says our choices are.

  18. Lew
    I agee that people should look at all candidates. All have pluses and minuses and we each weigh them differently. For me experience actually reforming government is important.

  19. Pete, you are always entitled to exercise your right to support whomever you wish for whatever reason. I respect your right to do so.

    For me, however, I want to look for someone from outside the box before I have to settle on the same old, same old.

  20. If McKenna is the “establishment,” and the “establishment” put Herrera in office over my conservative candidates, doesn’t the fact that McKenna endorsed Castillo complicate your narrative?

  21. Nice stretch, but endorsements are not the same as being a supported candidate.

    McKenna endorsed Castillo long before Herrera jumped in so quickly after Baird said he was not going to run.

    You also must have missed where I said I would support McKenna over Inslee, should he receive the nomination.

    In the mean time, I exercise my right to weigh all candidates for who I think is better suited to defeat Inslee and to serve the state.

    In simple terms, at this time, no one has my support yet.

  22. I didn’t say you didn’t have a right to weigh candidates as you please, just seems like there’s a flaw in that theory. McKenna backed Castillo and continued to do so after Herrera got in the race, yet according to you he’s the establishment, and the establishment put Herrera in office. That’s muddled.

  23. Still a big stretch.

    Yes, McKenna and Herrera are establishment GOP. Neither is a conservative. Who McKenna endorsed last year or before is of no relevance to his campaign now.

    The only thing muddled is your effort to spin.


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