ILWU Heard from Again

by lewwaters

After the last little exchange with Tony Baur here, a self professed ILWU member and seeing the Columbian scrub his threatening comments, it seems he now feels I am not a “nice person.”

Click image to enlarge

What makes me not a “nice person?”

Opposing union thuggery?

Supporting workers freedom to work without the extortion of the union?

Oh well, I’ve had worse said to me by better.


Smart move, Tony.

6 Comments to “ILWU Heard from Again”

  1. Tony doesn’t seem to have any thinking skills, Lew. Neither do the members of that union. They’re their own worst enemies.


  2. Given the many investigations that are no doubt underway all over the State right now, and considering that the members of Local 21 are trying to figure out how much each of them owes on a $250,000 fine, one would think that members of the ILWU would refrain from making any more inflammatory statements, including overt threats on the website of the local rag, and especially via Facebook where the record of it never goes away.

    One of my favorite quotes from “The Sopranos” likely applies to many of the members of ILWU…

    “I got the FBI so far up my ass, all I can taste is Brylcreme!”

    Uncle Junior

    Check six Lew, and keep your powder dry…..


  3. What’s the limit on ILWU types? Is it one on the hood and two in the trunk?

    That has always confused me.



  4. I think it’s 2-10 with time off for good behavior for the first offense Kage, but if the AUSA in Tacoma decides to invoke RICO, who knows what the limit would be…..

    Hope that helps…


  5. Gosh, the ILWU sure has been quiet since Occupy Portland has been going on….


  6. I would like to know more of the above-mentioned, by Bob Koski, possible invocation of the RICO by AUSA in Tacoma, Washington. I have, as a whistleblower, been blacklisted, falsely arrested, and harassed for a long period of time. I do have corroborating evidence, particularly paperwork relative to my being registered as a longshoreman under the ILWU-PMA “permissive rule” Coast Labor Relations Committee(CLRC) Item 21-62 Item 2J for sons, and now of course daughters, of deceased longshoreman almost twenty years after my Father’s death, and after years of being repeatedly denied, in writing, as untimely under the same rule. My Father passed away in 1968, his plug number in Local 10 was 4075. To my knowledge an UNPRECEDENTED situation of which few or none will speak or comment. An embarrassment to all parties concerned. If am able to communicate with someone who is reputedly objectively honest then I would look forward to the opportunity. There has been a long term commitment here by several socio-political entities to continually violate the civil rights of someone to keep a
    matter quiet. There is much between the lines here. My name is Joe Gianforte, formerly A book #8724 ILWU Local 10. This local is in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area. My telephone number is (510) 614-2763 and my E-mail is Thank you.


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