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October 5, 2011

Council Candidate’s Disregard for Traffic Law Catches up To Him

by lewwaters

Cory Barnes

I have maintained a neutral stance in this year’s Vancouver city council election and will maintain that stance. While I neither support nor oppose any of the candidates, when one shows such total disregard for the law as has Cory Barnes, it cannot be allowed to just be glossed over.

Unlike others who have misread business regulations or forgotten to reregister their car in a timely manner, Barnes being “cited and released early Monday for speeding and driving with a suspended license,” given that it now comes out that he has a “string of 11 traffic infractions in Clark and Cowlitz counties over the last four years, with one additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia” and his license being suspended over his non-payment of fines is a death knell for his campaign.

Vancouver council candidate cited for driving with suspended license

Barnes is quoted as saying he had “failed to pay for prior tickets and he was unaware the state had taken action against his driver’s license as a result.”

Hello, what do you think the state does when you ignore at least 4 of those traffic fines, Cory?

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