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October 6, 2011

Occupy Portland Mentality

by lewwaters

Can society survive with such thoughts ?

Miss the point! @rileyh1278 Why should I have 2 work for anything? … But I’m too busy protesting capitalism. #occupyPortland
Op_BillMurrayOp_Bill Murray

wife is on the train @ NE7th . train is stopped, someone pulled emergency stop and ran from train between 11th & 7th #occupyportland
October 6, 2011

Another Candidate Slips, Another Flimsy Excuse Given

by lewwaters

Did somebody slip something in our water here in Vancouver? Did we somehow wake up to find our ability to select good ndidates for office had been short-circuited over night?

By now it is all over town about city council candidate Cory Barnes failure to pay traffic fines, driving on a suspended license and his flimsy excuses for it. Whether or not he will drop out remains to be seen, that is entirely his choice now. But, it’s also obvious he will not be elected and unless a viable write-in campaign for a really upstanding candidate is quickly mounted, Larry Smith is sure to retain the council seat, most likely with  landslide win.

But, last evening, as we were still shaking our heads at the news on Cory, yet another local candidate was revealed to have troubles much worse than Cory’s.

Vancouver School Board Candidate Bob Travis was revealed to have posted on his facebook page “racy” photos of scantily clad young ladies, some captioned “jailbait,” a term we men know to mean “underage,” and “young people mimicking sexual positions.” It was revealed that he also had overcome a long drug addiction, which I applaud. But, the photos of young ladies and his excuses also leave me just shaking my head.

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