Fine Tuning Ignorance

by lewwaters

Poet and Philosopher George Santayana is credited with the quotation, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” early in the 20th century. In various forms, it has been repeated since in an effort to warn people to educate themselves in historical matters, one most notably being “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it” in an epigraph by William L. Shirer in his epic book, “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

Many of us, during our years in school, found history to be a boring subject. It brought little interest and we couldn’t wait to get through the lesson for recess, lunch or something more interesting to us. I know my own interest in the subject didn’t pique until the 10th grade when I had the good fortune of being taught World History by Mrs. Pauline Watkins in her final year of teaching before retirement from South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida.

Tragically, it was in her class that we saw a sad day in our own history unfold as President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Perhaps that is why seeing the ignorance, the lack of education and paying attention to World History irritates me as it does as once again, we see masses of people taking to the streets and “occupying” parks, centers and even Wall Street with their unrealistic demands, some not even knowing why they are protesting, just going along with the flow.

From New York City to Portland, Oregon and several cities in between, people are marching and chanting slogans they have no idea have been heard before in variations that helped overthrow monarchies and even legitimate capitalist government, to usher in socialism and at times, socialist communism.

None having succeeded in improving the plight of the people escapes today’s protesters as they imagine forgiveness of debt they ran up, or as they demand jobs as a right while chanting capitalism has failed, not realizing having a job is capitalism.

Just as Hitler successfully painted the Jews as the cause of post World War One Germany’s troubles and the Bolsheviks painted the bourgeois as the cause of Russia’s economic plight towards the end of World War One, socialists in America are painting the wealthy and corporations as the cause of today’s economic woes.

“End Corporate Greed” is a common slogan heard from many who haven’t the desire to create their wealth through hard work or who have been misled to think corporations have stolen what is rightfully theirs.

Elected Government officials and wealthy liberals preach “redistribution of wealth,” but somehow don’t offer to redistribute their own.

We hear chants of how the wealthy need to “pay their fair share,” many repeating the chant oblivious to the fact that the top 5% of wage earners pay 70% of the income taxes while 50% of lower income pay no income tax and even receive refunds.

As was found out in the early 1990’s when Democrats led the charge of imposing a “luxury tax” on expensive items, boats, private aircraft and jewelry, the wealthy just don’t buy those items when they are unfairly targeted, putting manufacturers out of business and thrusting middle class workers out of work.

Also ignored is the philanthropy of many in the wealthy class in their ongoing financial support of charitable causes such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Even as they pay the bulk of income taxes, they fund such causes to benefit those less fortunate and in return, they are targeted by those who desire only to see America brought to its knees and a socialist neo-communist system imposed.

Many are mourning the passing of Steve Jobs, a college drop-out who created an empire in Apple Corporation and brought home computers and many other technological advances to the people of the world. Even the “occupiers” protesting “corporate greed” are seen using those devices to inform the world how they are “bring down the man” in protesting the very “greed” that brought them the devices they use.

Under a socialist neo-communist system many have been convinced is the answer to their own lack of entrepreneurship, innovators like Steve Jobs would never have gotten off the ground, there being no incentive to even start as their dreams would only be taken over by government bureaucrats.

Instead, these “occupiers” listen to the likes of wealthy movie maker Michael Moore as he decries wealth, while filing lawsuits to increase his own. Or people like Roseanne Barr, former comedian who calls for “beheading” those who make over $100 Million and don’t give it up, while she clings to her own $80 Million.

Frances Fox Pivens has even spoken to the “occupiers” egging them on. Pivens sees her and her deceased husband, Richard Cloward dream of causing a collapse of the American system, first published in 1966 and known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy being fulfilled today.

They fall back on cries of wealthy Billionaires like Warren Buffet, who cries he doesn’t pay enough taxes and that he pays less than his secretary; all the while fighting payment of back taxes he never paid on his firm, Berkshire Hathaway. Nor does he pay his secretary more so she too can pay more taxes.

Historic and current examples of where these movements and what harm each has brought to citizens remain ignored or marginalized. The Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Red China, all have oppressed citizens and liberties all for the “common good” they are told.

The Soviet Union collapsed upon itself. North Korea is on the brink of starvation. China, making moves towards capitalism but still mired in communism pays union workers less that $2 an hour. Cubans sit around in poverty worse than they saw before the Castro revolution ousted President Fulgencio Batista.

Our country was founded on the principle of equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

Yes, history is a boring subject to many youths and adults alike. Ignorance of decades of history blinds so many to where they are really headed.

116 Comments to “Fine Tuning Ignorance”

  1. People who are willing to work and pursue the “American Dream” don’t have the time to sit around on their butts and “protest”.

    Lazy bums and shiftless pukes always have the time to sit around and whine and bitch about what everybody else “has” because they’re too lazy to work for their own fortunes.

    The world owes no one a living and no one owes anyone a living. That’s exactly the way it should be.


  2. Very good essay Lew, and right on target.

    In America, only two things separate a middle income or lower income person from becoming a millionaire or billionaire: Enterprise and Competence.

    Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a millionaire (or billionaire!), but I realize that I’m too lazy to become one, and probably lack the competence to attain it anyway.


  3. Do you realize how you would be attacked and hated if you did become a millionaire, Craig?


  4. The Marxists and dumb go-along-cuz-its-cool types are easy targets but don’t dismiss the direction this stuff is going and the motivation behind it. If you guys simply laugh it off and ignore the consequences then we’ll end up pushing helicopters off the deck. Things are going to get worse (for decades maybe). This is the beginning of revolt. Split out the Marxists and make a deal with the rest.


  5. I don’t see anyone “laughing it off”, Martin. I see a lot of people pissed off at the anarchist morons and their shenannigans, though.

    I don’t see any reason to “make a deal” with anyone on the Left in any case. Lefties have only shown that if you give the bastards an inch they will take a mile and spit in your face as well.


  6. The sagging form of dress is the pennacle of ignorance!
    We, as a nation, and world, need to work to dispell this problem with our youth!
    My campaign to support this extinction is better exemplified in my cd: “Pull ‘Em Up! Please!”.
    This cd can be reviewed
    I implore us as humanoids to ban together on this!


  7. One thing that I doubt these fools understand is a lot of their wealth and retirement accounts are tied into this some how. So if they tax the rich, are they not going to have to TAX themselves further with all of those mutual and retirement funds that have billions or grouped into umbrella organizations worth trillions of dollars?

    Some times I begin to shake my head when I see those protests walk around chanting ignorance. And honestly, they ARE part of their own problem.


  8. It’s so tempting to name-call and throw around meaningless adjectives at you people, but why bother? It gets us nowhere.

    It’s time for you conservatives to WAKE UP to what’s going on in this country right now. The masses are PISSED OFF and they have every right to be. The really sad thing about all this is that you probably agree in principle with a lot of what we’re fighting for. You’re just completely blinded by partisan and ideological hatred, and that’s just pathetic.

    I’ve got news for you people: this is turning into a labor movement. And guess who’s in labor unions: The POLICE. And everyone else who makes this country run: firefighters, transportation workers, nurses, teachers, et al. When this reaches a critical mass, you best figure out how to fall in line because nobody who matters is going to be with you.

    30 years of conservative/neo-liberal economics (as practiced by EVERY president and congress from Reagan to Obama) has gutted and hollowed out this country economically. We’re a shell of what we once were because our politicians have bought wholesale into unregulated corporatism and “globalism.” Capitalism is broken people. Badly broken! Almost everyone else realizes it, why don’t you?


  9. Don’t let yourself be deluded. This is nothing more than a communist inspired push to destroy capitalism.

    You say we agree with you in principle? Where were you for the Tea Parties when we were complaining about government corruption and over spending?

    Oh yeah, probably there with the rest of the liberals saying we were Nazi’s and a racists.

    Capitalism is far from broken, that is the old communist line.

    There is no free ride, no matter how much the elites in the Democrats tell you it will be.

    Try looking to Cuba, Red China, the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Vietnam, there are several examples in history all repeating the same old lies you are falling for.

    If you really want the country better, time to rein in government that is stealing your liberties.


  10. “Capitalism is far from broken, that is the old communist line.”

    Poor Lew. You’ve drunk the kool-aid full-on haven’t you? Capitalism is your GAWD and it shall not be questioned, no matter what. “The problem with capitalism is that it has government holding it back.” That’s probably your next line, isn’t it?

    C’mon brother, I’ve read your stuff. Generally speaking, you’re not a stupid man, even if your tactics are incredibly lame. Even someone as ideologically dug-in as yourself can’t believe that capitalism is healthy right now.

    To be honest, you can’t argue economics with people who treat it as a religion. And frankly, if you can’t even recognize the underlying problem (corporatism/corporate influence on govt,) then how can debate proceed. 🙂

    It really speaks to your style that I said nothing remotely Marxist, yet you seem to have labelled me a Communist a couple times.

    As hard as it may be for you to wrap your brain around, there is VAST grey area between laissez-faire capitalism and communism. Only once Conservatives realize that can a rational conversation take place.


  11. Koosh ~ As some who does lie in the middle between the left and right, I don’t believe in labeling someone honestly. We’re all in the conservative and liberal in other senses.

    Do I think that people are going to bash each other over political lines? Probably so.

    But in the end, I do believe in some fairness, hard working and sacrifice. Some times, I do wonder if people in this country know what that truly is? If you don’t know what means, go to a country like India, South American countries and some 3rd world countries that live on 1/10 of what we do here, even in the poorest regions with loads of crime. We are still richer in our poorest in if you dare to compare.

    Instead of sitting in your armour with your laptop or computer desk, please do tell me how people who live on less are doing so much better than us? And do they blame others for their problems?? We have choices here, luckily. Even for the poorest amongst us. Even without handouts, we’re so much better than most of the world.

    And complaining on one political side or another isn’t going to in a paritisan way is not going to save us. One thing I have such a hatred for is just plain uselessness of time, to complain back and forth with no movement forward.

    From the comments you have posted, the latter seems to be what I am seeing from you and Occupy groups throughout North America. I can tell you there are people who are working to better our situation instead of wasting time causing problems, doing sit-ins, getting arrested and making us the laughing stock of the world.


  12. Wow Kooosh, Conservatives are very “aware” of what’s going on in this country these days. The masses are really pissed off because the Left has trashed the Economy and is trying to turn this nation into a third-world Socialist country. The Democrats are openly governing against the will of the people.

    That pisses off every real American.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Capitalism if the government and the Left would just stop trying to destroy it and enslave the people. Capitalism makes this country run, government does nothing but screw the country up.

    Btw, you should really demand a full refund on your mail-order “troll” course because it isn’t working. You better come equipped with something to discuss other than “talking points” if you’re going to show your face here. This isn’t The Columbian. We take names and kick ass. Be forewarned.


  13. @Jeremy: You must really think I’m stupid if you expect me to believe you occupy the political center. Nice effort though!

    @Jack: You should definitely come down and counter-protest. Speaking for myself exclusively, I’d LOVE to see a tough guy like yourself come on down and tell us what you think IN PERSON. You guys take names and kick ass, right? So yeah, get your gang together and hit the streets! Bring the noise dude.


  14. Dearest Jack:

    I want to help you out. As I’m fairly certain you don’t know how to protest, Ive worked up a couple simple chants that would be applicable to your counter-protest:




    I’m sure those went right over your head. Still, funny to me.




  15. Koosh, I guide you to my reply to Representative Jim Moeller (49th legislative district)

    Don’t even try to soft shoe your way with me. I’ve seen communism up close & personal. I know it when I see it and where it is coming from.

    You may be fooled by those who have filled your head with the nonsense, but I’m not.


  16. Koosh ~ Oh, I am more centrist than you possibly want to believe and that is your given privilege under the constitution. Honestly, I have better political torments to do than stand out in the rain and running around Portland camping with the OccupyPortland and Seattle crowds.

    I would rather go out into our beautiful forests in the Pacific Northwest, that is where I am more deserving and needed. Or I could just go to my city council, board of county commissioners, state politics in Vancouver OR speak with my federal representatives on the subjects that I really feel need attention.

    I really do wish you the best, Koosh. But I really do feel you and the protestors are really wasting effort, time and energy down there. I bet there are 1,000 good non-profit agencies and groups that all of these protestors could donate their time to instead.


  17. Gee Kooosh, you sure sound wet behind the ears so I’ll give you a little “advice”:

    So far all you’ve posted is a bunch of childish taunts and meaningless gobbledegook.

    If you actually have something other than mocking rhetoric or “talking points” to discuss, please post it. Otherwise buzz off and go troll somewhere else.

    You’re talking with adults here and not a bunch of little Leftist anarchist punks. We’re very happy to kick your unwashed little smart ass.


  18. We hear calls in the press, on the radio, and television to save different endangered species.Man has been asked to set aside land, change our cultivation, harvest, hunting and fishing practices for the sake of endangered species.Well, I am convinced after 33 years in Education that our battle cry needs to become “SAVE THE TEACHER!”


  19. @Lew: Well, we’ve reached an impasse. When everyone who disagrees with you is simply an ignorant pawn in a communist plot, how can discussion proceed? It’s unreasonable and completely irrational.

    @Jeremy: You seem like a sincere individual and I appreciate your civil tone. That said, all you’ve done is present false choices and disparage peaceful protest.

    @Jack: To be blunt about it, you seem to be a bitter and angry human being. I posted to this blog in an honest attempt to shed a modicum of light on what’s going on. For my efforts, you’ve called me an unwashed anarachist troll that deserves a beating. Lew knows how to shut me down on his blog if he so chooses. Why don’t you let him worry about the state of discourse.

    Anyway, it’s been fun guys. As usual, an attempt at discussion with conservatives has been largely unproductive. Thanks for playing and see you next time. o/


  20. Not everybody, koosh, just those who blindly follow along without a clue what they are asking for and those who aren’t intelligent enough to research history and see where this has gone on before.


  21. Naw Kooosh, I’m perfectly happy to kick your miserable unwashed ass. I enjoy doing so, in fact. It gives me great pleasure.

    I guess you aren’t very good at “reading comprehension”, Kooosh. I told you that this isn’t The Columbian and that we are adults here. We don’t need to shut you down, we just kick your little ass and watch you shut yourself down. If you want to play with a bunch of Liberal wussies, go visit The Columbian. They’ll love your type there.

    Come back when you grow up and actually have something to discuss. We’ll still be here waiting…


  22. @Lew: This is another serious problem with debating people like you: you’re just condescending as hell. I’d compare credentials with you, but what’s the point of that? Newsflash: you’re not in on some special set of historical facts that everyone else isn’t. In fact, your grasp of history doesn’t seem to extend back even 4 years. We’ve tried your absurd experiment in Hayek/Friedman style economics over the past 30 years. To say the very least, it’s created an entirely dysfunctional US and world economy. Time to FIX IT. Unfortunately, there appear to be no FDRs who can save capitalism from itself this time.


  23. @Jack: why behave like this? Seriously, you’re the adult and I need to grow up? One word: Irony.


  24. Gee Kooosh, you started the “condescension”. Maybe you don’t read your own crap?


    1. There have always been and always will be “rich” people.

    2. Our Economy has always been “Capitalist”.

    3. The Economy has always been “Trickle Down” – it’s never been anything else.

    4. FDR didn’t “fix” anything. He just foisted Socialism upon America.

    5. Go back to school.


  25. I’m just teaching you some things that you seriously need to learn, Kooosh.


  26. And *I’m* the one with talking points. Completely random too. Nice one.


  27. I’m so sorry that you can’t refute my facts, Kooosh. Like I said before, “go back to school”.


  28. You expected me to engage your points after how you’ve behaved? You’re not a serious individual, Jack. You’re just throwing random BS against the wall to see if I’ll bite. You’re going to have to do better than that. 🙂


  29. Gee Kooosh, please document a time when there were no “rich” people.

    Please document a time when our Economy was not “Capitalist”.

    Please document a time when our Economy was not “Trickle Down” and please tell us what type of Economy that was.

    Please document something that FDR “fixed”.

    That’s your homework assignment for tonite. Either complete it by tomorrow or your ass will fall off.


  30. “Man Up” or “Woman Up”, Kooosh. You started it, and I’ll finish it.


  31. My ass will fall off? 😀


  32. Yeah, I’m really going to take you seriously. 😀


  33. That’s why we don’t take you seriously, Kooosh. You’re not discussing anything, your only purpose here is to troll.

    Like I said before, present a point to discuss or buzz off.

    The title of this article is: “fine tuning ignorance” and that’s exactly what we’re doing here. “Fine tuning” your ignorance.


  34. You don’t get it, do you? You don’t get to dictate to me what I reply to. YOU are not worth my time. You say things like “FDR did nothing but foist socialism on America” and imply that the concept of “trickle-down” economics is 200 years old. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding about, well, a lot of things. Why would I spend any time trying to educate you? I know people like you, Jack. You’re the kind of person who will simply shift the debate or deny facts when they are presented. Why would I bother?


  35. You were right about one thing: you’ve shut me down. At some point rational discussion breaks down, such as when one party says “write me an essay addressing these random points, or you lose the argument.” It’s an interesting tactic.

    Ta, Jack.


  36. Kooosh, this is a discussion blog. It’s not a place for you to shoot off your mouth without anything to back it up. Make a discussion point. I did. I made several. I don’t see you doing any discussing. All I see is you pulling up your panties over your head.

    Either present some facts to discuss or take a hike. The choice is yours. We don’t piss around here.


  37. Btw, I notice that you didn’t present any examples of what FDR “fixed” or any proof that what he did wasn’t Socialism.

    Also, you haven’t told us what the Economy was supposed to be if it wasn’t “Trickle Down”.

    Go back to school.


  38. Toooooo much. Good grief man.

    “We don’t piss around here.”

    You keep speaking for the group, and you’ve done it several times. What’s THAT about? The only thing for certain is that YOU won’t shut up.

    I’ve made perfectly clear that I’m done with you and the exact reason why. Deal with it, and stop acting like an adolescent who isn’t getting his way. This will be my FINAL post in reply to you.


  39. Gee Kooosh, I sure don’t see anyone taking me to task for what I’ve said or anyone coming to your “defense”, do you?

    I think you’re “done” with trolling here because it isn’t working. Maybe you could try growing up and stating your facts for discussion.

    Do you have any facts?


  40. LOL Koosh, if you think I have been condescending, you ain’t seen nothing, son.

    One problem for you, I recall much of history beyond 4 years ago. In fact, I participated in parts of history you probably only read about in books.

    FDR saved nothing for anybody, but started us down the road to socialism. In fact, he prolonged the Great Depression, not led us out of it.

    Thank God there are no FDR’s ready to repeat his BS.

    Ever wonder who initiated the run on the money markets that brought us TARP 1 under Bush? And, why we have never been told who it was draining our money markets to where we were within a couple hours of collapsing the economy? Why, wasn’t it Democrats who brought it to Bush urging an immediate bail-out that he went along with, after Democrats in the House & Senate passed it?

    Socialism is not an answer. For all of its faults, capitalism is what formed a middle class and is what made this country great.


  41. Lew: Well go on then. I’m interested in the history that you participated in and how it relates to the discussion. And I’m genuinely curious, not just being a smart-ass. I sincerely hope you’re going to do better than having fought communists in Asia.

    And yes, FDR did save capitalism. I’m sure you’re aware that in the late 20s and early 30s there were vast swaths of the American populace that were ready to full-on embrace Communism because of the failures and inequities of Capitalism in the 1920s. By implementing the WPA and Social Security, FDR was able to put over 3 million people to work and take millions of the elderly out of abject poverty. And yeah, those are/were SOCIALIST programs that literally saved capitalism. This is to say nothing of all the banking regulations that FDR imposed.

    Again, this is that VAST grey area that exists between laissez-faire Capitalism and Communism.

    I encourage you and your political party to continue going after Social Security and Medicare for being the SOCIALIST programs they are. They really are! There is nothing the American people like better than when you talk down entitlement programs for old people. No really, that’s a winning strategy for you guys. DO IT and do it all the time. Please. 😀

    Your up is down, black is white, Orwellian take on TARP is utterly hysterical. The Republican Treasury Secretary and Fed Chair came to a Democratic congress on bended knee in a panic saying that the sky was falling if a rescue package wasn’t implemented immediately. I have a LOT of problems with TARP, but to attempt to completely shift blame from Bush to the Democrats isn’t to acknowledge the reality of what happened. And frankly, I don’t know how you expect to be maintain any credibility when you say such outlandish and obviously inaccurate things.

    Meanwhile, you’ve completely neglected to address the underlying issue that created the mess in the first place: banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies and quasi-governmental institutions running amok in an unregulated environment. Thank you Gramm–Leach–Bliley and Bill Clinton.

    Wow, this went on forever. I’ve got to get to sleep. I apologize for any spelling and/or grammatical errors. No time to proofread this shit. Increase the peace! o/


  42. Poor Koosh, is that really the best you can do?

    Yes, I know there have been people ready to embrace communism. That doesn’t mean the rest of us should though, does it? Why mess with America now? There are several communist utopias you could travel to. Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Red China, even Venezuela is headed there. Any who think that is what they would like is welcome to go try it out.

    Don’t fool yourself with FDR. Even he saw the WPA did not accomplish what he wanted and ended it. You really should have read the articles I gave you. A recovery fueled by the private sector was well under way when Roosevelt’s policies squashed it, prolonging the depression into WW2.

    You can ignore facts all you want and rely on DNC talking pints, but that doesn’t change thing.

    Hate to tell you, I have no political party. I’ve been in both major and left both, seeing they have nothing of merit to offer. The blog is not named Clark County Republican, but Clark County Conservative.

    As for the root cause, we have the Community Reinvestment Act, mismanagement and a fraud scandal at Fannie Mae & Freddie mac, that Democrats refused to help Bush rein in back in 2003 and of course that run on the money markets you just glossed over yourself, with no one speaking of who it was doing the run. Get that released and maybe we can see where this fiasco originated. I imagine you don’t want to know who actually began it, though.

    The rest of your diatribe is just that, senseless and bogus DNC talking points, not even worth addressing. Well, exceot for one point. You cry about the GOP wanting to go after entitlements for seniors? Democrats raided Social Security long ago and now it is a ponzi scheme relying on IOU’s and what little comes in from younger people. And Medicare? LOL, you don’t read much beyond DNC talking points, do you? If you did, you’d realize Obamacare is set to cut $500 Billion from Medicare.

    I needn’t worry about my credibility here. It is you, the visiter who has no credibility if all you can do is spew bogus Democrat talking points.

    Try pulling your head out of Obama’s ass and do some actual research.

    As for my history? Well, let’s see, I was in South Florida when Batista was ousted, during the missile crisis, during the JFK assassination, witnessed Democrats turn fire houses and send dogs to attack Blacks struggling for Civil Rights, went through the 1972 Olympics in Germany, damn near was sent to the Middle East during the Yom Kippur War, lived in Clark County when Mt. St. Helens erupted, survived a few hurricanes and no need to list anything else for you to ignore.

    But, at least you admitted your comment was shit 😉

    Try reading the articles I gave you and get yourself educated. You really need it.


  43. I’m going to completely ignore almost everything you’ve said and tell you why. Then again, you’re not at all interested in a serious discussion, are you?

    I’m really not the kind of guy who enjoys spending all conversation arguing about tactics, as this is not debate class. That said, here’s a list of infractions (in order of importance) that make meaningful discussion with you impossible:

    #1 Building strawmen: attributing meaningful opinions and motivations to me that I have in no way expressed. This intellectually dishonest CRAP has gone on NONSTOP since I first commented. Incredibly irritating.

    #2 Fundamentally misinterpreting historical events and presenting them as supporting fact/evidence.

    #3 Citing right-wing “think tank” articles as evidence (See #2,) and ways for me to educate myself. Seriously brother, nobody does that in honest discussion. It’s just not done. I wouldn’t do it to you, so don’t waste my time with links to partisan Koch Bros. drivel.

    #4 Generally being insulting and condescending. I’ve taunted you guys clearly, but I haven’t been insulting. My head’s up Obama’s ass? Really? Also, comments such as “do some research” and “get educated” are transparently condescending and meaningless. You’re not smarter, better read or more educated than me, so stop pretending you are! We simply have fundamentally differing views on certain important matters.

    #5 Misrepresenting yourself as some kind Independent. You can call yourself a Martian for all care, but it doesn’t change the fact that your every word oozes of naked partisanship.

    #6 Presenting living through natural disasters as some sort of credential. I won’t embarrass you with my credentials b/c it doesn’t matter. Either you know what you’re talking about or you don’t. I just find it mildly amusing that you provided that litany, as if it was meaningful in any way. Of course, I’m joking about this being an infraction. I just found it too hilarious to pass on. 😀

    You performed better than Jack, but the difference was marginal.

    There’s a better than not chance that I won’t be checking back on this particular thread, so please don’t bother with much of a response. I’m sure you’ll want to respond to maintain some dignity, but this has pretty much run its course.

    Have a nice day! *hug* o/


  44. That’s quite an eloquent list of gobbledygook totally unrelated to what has been posted.

    LOL, I always get a kick out of people like you who think they run my blog. You don’t, nor do you make or enforce any rules, only me.

    You don’t like what I write and are unable to actually address points? Your problem, not mine.

    Your list is most laughable and not worth my time.

    So, as I said, you just keep your head up Obama’s ass.

    Your grading fails.


  45. Gee Kooosh, we were waiting for you to start some of the “serious discussion” you mentioned, but you never did.

    Perhaps you just can’t “get your motor running” before you “head on down the hiway”.

    Maybe someday you’ll grow up.


  46. Apparently, Koosh doesn’t have an issue with using a capitalist-created computer (or iphone, or ipad, or whatever electronics he is using to post) and the network he is using.


  47. There’s always lots of hypocrisy on the Left. That’s because Lefties are such phony bastards.


  48. Hey guys, it’s me again. I just had to come and post a link to this youtube video POSTED BY Tea Party celebrity Victoria Jackson a couple days ago. Apparently she went down to OWS to interview and debate some protesters:

    You fellas were the first thing that came to my mind while watching. Why? Because it reminded me so much of our interaction. See if you can make it through the whole thing. It’s FANTASTIC. Please send to all your friends. Enjoy!


  49. Hmmm, lots of corporate made protest signs. If you think inequity is a problem, start your own company and take the same risks.

    Koosh, research the outcome of the early 1990’s luxury tax Democrats slapped on the wealthy.

    You might also enjoy James O’Keefe going through Occupy Wall Street

    The thing on Gandhi is funny too. While he got a lot of credit, they never talk about of the actions by the Indian Army behind Gandhi that actually threw the British out.

    No. 3,-Another-View-point/1h4d3o.u/

    The rest of the rant was just as funny. I love how people have recreated the Bible to make Jesus something he wasn’t and now speak for him today.


  50. James O’Keefe? Never heard of him. Oh wait, wasn’t he arrested and charged with a felony, and later reached a plea bargain to a lesser charge. Isn’t he on probation for another couple years.


  51. Anyway, just wanted to show you that. You’re right about everything, of course. You should definitely send that video to all your friends b/c she certainly made the protesters look the fool.


  52. Sorry to triple post, but I just had a brilliant idea for you Lew. Write an article about that video. Put the video up on your main page and explain to your peeps how unintelligent those protesters are, point by point, like you just tried to do with me.

    I know you hate it when people tell you how to run your blog (you scolded me for it,) but it would really please me. Do a brother a favor?


  53. If I have the time, I just might.

    You would do well to read the links I gave you, they disprove a lot of what the one dude said.

    LOL, Obama an Eisenhower Republican?

    You didn’t fall for that, did you?


  54. Actually, if you knew very much about the Bible, she did allow them expose their mistranslation and misunderstanding of scripture.

    I wouldn’t have wasted my time with such arrogant misinformed nutcases as she did.


  55. They tried to make a bigger fuss over than it merited and it went south on the Dems. So, the trumped up an allegation of misdemeanor entering a federal building under false pretenses.

    They really struggled for that one.

    Trumped up charges is by product of political activism. Unless you are a liberal then there are no rules and no one to care.

    Just the same old double standard.

    And, I still enjoyed his video more.


  56. Listen, I’m going to answer your question. I only ask that you don’t ask me to explain anything. Seriously Lew, I’m interested in a debate with you anymore and I’ve more than clearly explained to you why.

    Anyway, my honest opinion is that DDE was to the left of BHO. While I’m at it, I believe Nixon was to the left of Clinton in many ways.

    To be completely truthful, I’m not even sure Reagan could survive in the Republican Party right now, and that’s the honest to goodness truth as I see it.

    Unless you understand just how right the center has moved over the past 30 years, this probably makes no sense to you. And beyond that, conservatives have REALLY gone over the edge into madness in the last 5 years. It’s inexplicable and dumbfounding to witness.


  57. I wish I could edit. “I’m interested in a debate” should read I’m NOT interested.


  58. Another triple post. If you feel like you’re too busy to challenge the protesters, maybe you could just post the video? I mean, she made/posted it and she’s one of the right’s celebrities (she’s on Fox News sometimes, no?) so I don’t see why that should be a problem for you. Sooner the better.

    Way past bedtime. G’night!


  59. Koosh, your skills at goading are woefully inadequate.


  60. Koosh, you get funnier with every post. BHO is about as left a person we have ever had in the White House, next to Jimmuh.

    You come across as fairly young person with a head filled with book knowledge. Only problem with that is the books are all too often wrong, history being rewritten to favor the leftist point of view.

    The Republican Party too is filled with moderates, not conservatives. Even they fight to conservatives for their moderate points of view, spineless attempts at looking conservative from time to time. Their goal is to not make too many waves and get along, so they can keep their cushy elected offices. Insulting Republicans has no affect on me as I told them to jump in a lake too.

    Your take on Eisenhower and Reagan is laughable. I’m old enough to remember Eisenhower, although I wasn’t old enough to vote for him. Snippets carefully lifted from some of his speeches to make him appear liberal are easily countered by reviewing the entire speech.

    Funniest is the left’s new found love of Reagan, who they immensely hated while in office. Are they now admitting they were wrong then in opposing so much of what he proposed?

    That you claim the center has moved right leaves me wonder what you are on. The country has moved so far left it is pathetic.

    I’m left wondering if you even know what the right and conservatism is.


  61. One thing that Eisenhower shared with BHO is spending too much time on the golf course.


  62. There is a lot of things many younger people do not know about Eisenhower, Jack. Mostly because they depend on short snippets from speeches.

    My favorite is the so called “Military Industrial Complex Speech” actually his farewell address to the nations. They leave out 99.9% of the speech to fall on one sentence.

    He also said in the same speech, “We now stand ten years past the midpoint of a century that has witnessed four major wars among great nations. Three of these involved our own country. Despite these holocausts America is today the strongest, the most influential and most productive nation in the world. Understandably proud of this pre-eminence, we yet realize that America’s leadership and prestige depend, not merely upon our unmatched material progress, riches and military strength, but on how we use our power in the interests of world peace and human betterment.”


    “A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction.”

    “Our military organization today bears little relation to that known by any of my predecessors in peacetime, or indeed by the fighting men of World War II or Korea.”

    “Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions…”

    They somehow always miss those words.


  63. Lew ~ As someone who has discussed Truman and Eisenhower speeches, I use the full quotes and context and so do the people that *I* am around.

    So you want to stand in correct there. There are some who may take those quotes out of context, meaning or thought but please do not use a big broad brushstroke over the younger generations.

    Some may do that but not all…


  64. Jeremy, you should know me well enough to know that I mean my words to those who do lift single sentences out of context and not everybody of a certain age group. In fact, the “Military Industrial Complex” quote is taken out of context by several im my age group, they are who started misusing his words.

    My words on younger people was that they cannot recall the times or the man as they weren’t yet born. It would be like me saying how I recall FDR. I have to rely on books for him as he died 3 years before I was born.


  65. Notice how postive Eisenhower spoke of America. Compare that to the words of the apologist Leftist puke that we currently have in the White House.


  66. Lew ~ Ahh, ok. I get your point. Its not the age of the people, its a generality of the people of any age group that use the subject out of context. Got it. Understand.

    And I can agree, some people come up with their own ideas on the subject and choose to utter idiocy with a wrong context. A good example was Michelle Bauchman’s use recently of John Wayne Gacey as a good starter.

    So i apologize for my misstatement. You might say I get bothered under the collar when someone uses age in that way.


  67. I think I’ll leave this as my last post on the subject. We are going to get near 100 posts and I really cannot any thing more nor want to read a bunch of posts that are of a subject I am not interested in being flooded with.


  68. Trying this again, sorry if it double posts ——–

    There is no love the left for Reagan. Quoting Ronald Reagan has become fashionable on the left as a way to throw his words in the face of the current crop of right-wing extremists (aka the GOP/Tea Party.) It’s an easy and fun game to play.

    This kind of thing will happen when you so thoroughly canonize someone, especially after such a short time.

    Perhaps you’re thinking of Ron Reagan. I’ll admit it, I do love him a lot.


    I read that 700 people showed up to the Occupy Vancouver march yesterday. Way to go Vancouver! Probably leftist media propaganda. I’m curious about what was the largest Tea Party protest in this hood? 100? 200? Hmmmmmm.

    Then again, the TP rarely turned out in numbers unless some numskull (i.e. Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin) was going to take to a stage in some grand corporately funded event.

    Say what you want about the Occupy movement, but we’re not uninteresting and we’re committed. Lew asked me earlier why I wasn’t on-board with the TP. Here’s why: TP supporters are fucking BORING. No activist worth a shit wants to hang out with a bunch of cranky 50+ fat white people. Well, that among a lot of other things, but I digress.


    950 demonstrations in 80 countries
    20k in Time Square
    Occupations continue in most major US cities and many small towns.
    Tens of thousands in the streets of Europe.

    Jig’s about up fellas. Time to choose sides, the people or the large corporations. It’s really as simple as that. Every progressive I know, myself included, believes strongly in a healthy amalgamation of well-regulated capitalism and democratic socialism. That said, this bullshit is going to STOP. A corporate plutocracy that distorts democracy and breeds economic dysfunction is unacceptable.

    The peaceful people’s revolution may or may not have to wait for spring, but this isn’t going away.

    \o Occupy Justice. Occupy Peace. Occupy Everywhere. Join us. o/
    (I made that up. You like? :D)


  69. Yes, a whole 700 or so showed up and that is big news, 8 articles in 3 days.

    1500 showing up to a Tea party last year wasn’t newsworthy, though. Bias much?

    Funny on Reagan, you claim no love and throwing his words in our face. But, to do so you have to grasp at straws, quote out of context and try to make his words mean what they didn’t. You end up looking more foolish than anything.

    All of your fancy words just show you have drank the kool-aid and are pushing for what you don’t even know, communism. Should you get it, if you don’t regret it your children sure will.

    I don’t expect it to go away. It’s been around for over a century and even after it failing everywhere tried, dullards still push for it and cry and whine after they get it.

    You want fancy slogans? Try Occupy a bar of soap or Occupy a Paycheck. 🙂


  70. I don’t see most of America suporting the unwashed rabble in the streets, guys. I see a few kooks joining the other kooks, but it’s hardly an earthshaking “movement”. Most of America is yawning…


  71. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Media is blowing this “occupy” thing way out of proportion in an attempt to “make news” and in a failing attempt to re-vitalize the Democrat voting base.

    Democrats really don’t have anything to “celebrate” these days, and things are really looking down for the Lefties.


  72. That’s obvious, Jack.

    Just look at how the Columbian is gushing all over the Occupy anything but a bar of soap in Esther Short park yesterday 😉


  73. Yes, a supposed “700 demonstrators” and all of the recent news articles, vs. one news article for 3000 runners in the breast cancer marathon today.

    4 times as many people turned out for the marathon than did for the “occupy”. Maybe it’s just that The Columbian doesn’t like people who shower once in a while.


  74. Lew: I took a careful look at your photographs of the April 2010 gathering you mentioned. It was a decent crowd, but I see absolutely no evidence of 1500 people. A fair estimate based exclusively on those photographs is 200-500.

    If you’re not going to draw any media and you want to cite a statistic as fact, you should probably get someone high on stage and stitch together a panorama so that crowd size can be determined.

    I’m not saying 1500 people were not there, but your claim is not verifiable.

    Agree that it’s probably not fair that the local rag didn’t cover it, but it’s largely unproductive to whine about such things.


    Most of the rest of what you guys have said is more of the same and I won’t dignify it.


  75. Koosh, you weren’t there and my photos did not capture the entire scope of it. For the most part, I was there in support of a candidate and didn’t get out amongst as much as I could have.

    Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant, but I can assure you the attendance was massive, much more than Saturdays Occupy event.

    I could argue that this Saturday’s gathering wasn’t near the 600 to 700 claimed since I was actually there, but will give them benefit of doubt. Both events were well attended, which isn’t the point.

    The point is 9 articles now fawning over a local Occupy anything but a bar of soap event and not one mention of the other.

    Brancaccio is blowing smoke out his butt to claim they are not biased.

    My blog is clearly identified as a conservative site. You come here expecting to see conservative issues promoted. I do not claim objectivity as does the Columbian. And clearly, like much of the rest of the lamestream media, as biased as I am, I present more objectivity than they do.

    If the openly admitted to their bias, I would have no problem or argument over not covering events equally.


  76. Here is a short video and a couple of other still from the rally that I did not post last year. Apologies on the poor quality of the video. It was taken with my old camera and was in Mov. format, not the better quality MP4 I get with the new camera.

    While not an aerial shot showing the whole crowd, you can easily see the attendance was large.


  77. It’s never “unproductive” to tell the supposedly “unbiased Media” that they’re obviously a bunch of biased bastards. The Media needs to know why no one is buying their crappy newspaper and that no one is buying their little smart-assed “charade” either.


  78. Here’s the thing: that entire center area of the park is perhaps an acre in size. If you JAM packed it one person per square meter, that’s ~4000 people. This appears to be nowhere near what would called a “loose density” crowd, which would be one person per three square meters (if they were covering the entire acre.) I’m sorry, but I don’t believe this is even a thousand human beings. Several hundred seems right to me.

    That’s my impartial amateur analysis. I’m not downplaying your crowd or commenting on it as it compares to this weekend’s crowd. Without an overhead shot, it’s difficult to judge.


  79. You can try to marginalize as you wish, it doesn’t change the fact that the attendance was massive.

    As I said, whether you wish to believe it or not is irrelevant. People that were there know.

    By the same token, since there was no overhead shot, Saturdays Occupy anything but a bar of soap rally was what, 50 by your estimation?


  80. Esther Short Park is called a “5 acre gem” by the City of Vancouver.

    Maybe Kooosh doesn’t know how to Google.


  81. I used a semi-scientific method to approximate your crowd, given what I’ve seen and know about the size of the park. I’m sorry if you disagree with my amateur analysis. Next time more thoroughly document your events and I won’t have to rely on such methods to verify your claims.

    I believe the 600-700 number on Saturday came from the VPD. Feel free to send them an inquiry about how they arrived at that figure. Not my problem.

    Kooosh said:

    “I’m not downplaying your crowd or commenting on it as it compares to this weekend’s crowd.”

    What was ambiguous about that? How was I attempting to marginalize ANYTHING? Even after I provided a clear disclaimer, you still couldn’t help yourself.


  82. …and maybe Jack doesn’t know how to read the things I say.


  83. Sorry Kooosh, I see every “distraction” you try to raise. Lew has a simple point – the local paper is heavily biased. It’s obvious, and even you can’t cover it up.


  84. Jack, just give it up. You tried to fact-check me and fell flat on your face. That’s what just happened. Now you’re changing the subject.


  85. I’m sorry Kooosh, what “fact check” did I “attempt”? I just pointed out that the City calls Esther Short Park a “5 acre gem”. It’s a little “more” than your “one acre”.

    Better go back to school.


  86. I’m sitting here thinking “is this guy serious? nobody is this stupid.”


  87. You shouldn’t be sitting on your thumb, Kooosh. It’s harmful to your bottom end. Perhaps you should try yoga instead.


  88. Maybe one of your friends who cares about you more than I do will explain to you what just happened. You’re completely oblivious.


  89. Kooosh, every time you try to tangle with me you get “squoooshed”. Maybe someday you’ll learn…


  90. It’s not a bad idea Jack. Perhaps if you bury your fact check fail up a bunch of posts, it’ll just go away. 😀


  91. Sorry Kooosh, you’ll have to point out the “failure”. I would recommend you try taking an enema. It might clear up your cluttered “thinking”.


  92. Koosh, you can read it for yourself, “A five-acre gem in the heart of Vancouver, Esther Short Park is the oldest public square in the state of Washington. It was established in 1853, when it was bequeathed to the city by its namesake.”


  93. Naw man, it’s much funnier to leave it hanging out there.

    I’ll say this: read my exact language and how you chose to refute it.

    When you attempt to correct someone, particularly if you’re going to be condescending about it (“Maybe Kooosh doesn’t know how to Google,”) you gotta be careful. It’s pretty humiliating.

    And then, even after I’ve told you that there might be a problem, you can’t figure it out and continue talking smack. That’s pure comedy gold for me. 😀


  94. OH GOD, LEW IS DOING IT TOO!!! This is FANTASTIC. I’m just going to wait for this to play out. You guys let me know when you’ve solved this apparent riddle. So funny guys, really. THANK YOU.


  95. You’re a legend in your own mind, Koosh and impress no one but yourself.

    So far, you have shown me nothing of interest at all, just some self deluded superiority complex.


  96. I guess Kooosh doesn’t like to Google. He would rather get “Squoooshed”.


  97. You should check out this video in its entirety. It’s fantastic Occupy propaganda:


  98. Yeah, it’s propaganda all right. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with the pukes “protesting” in America.


  99. Trying to compare the situations in Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya, and throwing in MLK into the mix to the “Occupy Protests” here is like comparing apples & oranges.

    In the first place, Americans have freedoms that the people in other countries can only dream about. The foreign countries mentioned had or have very tyrannical governments.

    MLK was marching over 50 years ago. That’s all been fixed.

    In the second place, the “Occupy Protesters” have no solid issues to point to, only vague “complaints”, whining, and a desire for more hand-outs from someone else’s wallets.

    Greed and envy do not equal “oppression”. Demonstrating to take something away from other citizens does not constitute a political “right”.

    “Occupy Protesters” can more easily be compared to spoiled brats throwing tantrums to get something that they want but that they’re not “entitled” to.

    That being said, I seriously doubt that most of the “Occupy Protesters” even have a clue about what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.


  100. Funny thing, Koosh, honest liberals are already seeing this thing as a farce:

    Others also have visited it and are exposing the stupidity of it:

    I love the part about “Nationalize the Fed.” You just cannot make up such stupidity.


  101. You got the “honor” of the 100th post Btw, Lew.


  102. Honest liberals? You mean ones who express a single opinion that you want to associate yourself with?

    The 24/7 physical occupations themselves are a tactic. The size of them isn’t terribly important. What’s important is the media/public attention they generate and the number of people they can bring to the street when a call to action is made. And finally, many of them are there to eventually be arrested for non-violent civil disobedience, thus creating a sympathetic PR situation that increases the size of the movement as a whole. It’s unclear if you (or TNR’s Walter Shapiro) really understand how this stuff is meant to work.


    I didn’t follow your link to the for obvious reasons, but what’s funny to you about “Nationalize the Fed?” The Federal Reserve is not a fully nationalized central bank. Not really debatable, so it’s interesting that you felt so inclined to ridicule this.

    Is it news to you that the Fed is an independent hybrid public/private institution? Your poor attempt at ridicule can only lead to the conclusion that you were completely unaware of this significant detail.

    Again, if you’re going to be condescending, it’s a good idea to get your facts straight. This one borders on embarrassing.


  103. That you choose to remain ignorant is your choice, but don’t think your ignorance of facts grants you any specific intelligence.

    I have yet to be condescending, just pointing out the facts.

    The only one embarrassing them self here is you.

    If you had read the article you did not “for obvious reasons,” you would have seen the one proposing to “Nationalize the Fed” also stated when challenged, yelled at the author to, “go check my f–king facts — it’s privately owned.”

    Kind of sounds familiar to me.


  104. Technically the Fed is privately owned, so that’s not factually inaccurate either. It’s unclear that this is ownership in any true sense of the word, but it does issue shares to private banks and pays a dividend. It’s an incredibly convoluted institution, but again, the idea of “Nationalizing the Fed” is not a novel idea.


  105. LOL, it’s public. No, it’s private. No it’s public. No, it’s technically private. No, it’s public/private.

    LOL, it’s whatever you wish it to be depending on your argument.

    And on the other side, you have Paulistinians wanting it ended.

    It’s hard to keep up with since you all are all over the place.


  106. lewwaters said:

    “I love the part about “Nationalize the Fed.” You just cannot make up such stupidity.”

    You can try to squirm your way out of this however you like, but it’s abundantly clear to me what just happened.



  107. The only thing abundantly clear is how over impressed you are with yourself.

    When you can make up your mind, fill us in.

    You impress no one but yourself.


  108. My goodness Squooosh, you should really learn how to Google:

    “The Federal Reserve System’s structure is composed of the presidentially appointed Board of Governors (or Federal Reserve Board), the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the nation, numerous privately owned U.S. member banks and various advisory councils.

    According to the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve is independent within government in that “its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government.” However, its authority is derived from the U.S. Congress and is subject to congressional oversight. Additionally, the members of the Board of Governors, including its chairman and vice-chairman, are chosen by the President and confirmed by Congress”. – Cheap Wikipedia Article

    So therefore, the Fed is already “nationalized”.


  109. Did someone drop you on your head when you were an infant? You’re just completely oblivious.

    Now, do yourself a favor and go look up the word “nationalized.”

    Stop humiliating yourself.


  110. Fortunately for you guys I don’t check in on this blog very often. No, Seriously. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and it’s often cringe-worthy.

    I’m genuinely dismayed by the general lack of knowledge about even the most basic information. Even worse, when you’re challenged and then checkmated on facts, you simply REFUSE to accept it.

    Guess what? Sometimes you’re going to be wrong. And based on what I’ve seen in this thread, it happens ALL the time with you guys. Most people with dignity will simply accept their error and move on, but not you guys.

    Okay, I’m finally done. This just is not worth another minute of my time, but it was sort of amusing to me while it lasted. I’m going to leave you with this, I sincerely hope you’ll take the time to study it:

    Take care fellas. o/


  111. Gee Squooosh, according to Merriam-Webster, the definition of NATIONALIZE is:

    transitive verb
    1: to give a national character to
    2: to invest control or ownership of in the national government

    Note the part about “invest control”. Now read back in the Wiki quote I provided above. Do you see where the NATIONAL government CONTROLS the Fed?

    I guess you’re the type that needs a chalkboard and crayons.

    Go back to school.


  112. So sorry that you got your miserable ass kicked again, Squooosh. Maybe one of these days you’ll dry out behind the ears.


  113. *pat* *pat* byebye Jack. Better luck next time.


  114. Poor Squooosh, delusional to the end. Tsk! tsk!


  115. Karaoke time: “We’re so sorry, uncle Albert, We didn’t mean to boom your bloody atom bomb…”.


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