Marxist Protesters Stop Civil Rights Icon, Rep. John Lewis (D. Ga) from Speaking

by lewwaters

From the YouTube description:

“Many curious citizens and media outlets came to the first Occupy Atlanta event, and were visible shocked and confused by the consistent Marxism employed by the group. People abandoned their individuality and liberty to be absorbed into a hypnotizing collective. The facilitator made it clear that he was not a “leader” and that everyone was completely equal; words often spoken by leftists, but in this case they actually applied their philosophy. Into this surreal and oppressive environment, Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights hero and icon of American leftism, came to speak as has so often done at left-wing rallies and events in Atlanta. He is practically worshiped in Democrat circles, and was visibly stunned to see these Marxists turn him away. It was reminiscent of previous Marxist revolutions in history when those who ignorantly supported the revolutionaries are, over time, purged and rejected for the “good of the collective”, when their usefulness has expired.”

H/T Chicks on the Right

Lewis left Woodruff Park, still in support of these Marxist loons.

Congressman John Lewis at Occupy Atlanta

“I support the protesters in New York and here,” Lewis told CL before leaving Woodruff Park. “It is the right time and the right place to be… It is the will of the people. When I was young we did similar actions. It is grassroots democracy at its best. I think something good will come of the moment.”

Sad that a man of Lewis’ stature and intelligence cannot see how he is being used, and cast aside.

Another angle of the incident. Please note the faces and expressions of Blacks participating once Lewis is denied speaking.

One Comment to “Marxist Protesters Stop Civil Rights Icon, Rep. John Lewis (D. Ga) from Speaking”

  1. They only shunned Rep. Lewis because Lefties are arrogant little bastards. They don’t think they “need” him.


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