They Turned Down a Congressman Speaking For This?

by lewwaters

Video of the Occupy Atlanta actions immediately after Rep. John Lewis was denied a few minutes to address the block here

Remember, an announcement is information. A proposal is a, well, err, a proposal.

Got that?

It appears too that Whitey still calls all the shots down in Atlanta, Georgia.

3 Comments to “They Turned Down a Congressman Speaking For This?”

  1. Well they are good little sheep and would fit right in down at city hall where the council simply wants everybody to be in agreement with their views and follow their lead. They should move to Vancouver since our council just voted to stop issuing permits for new businesses or the expansion of existing ones tonight. They would have a perfect excuse to protest rather than work.


  2. Well, if the City does cost the County their grant money for the Biomass Plant, then the County ought to be able to sue the city for the amount of their losses.

    This city council is sure a bunch of arrogant, dictatorial jerks.


  3. Here is the Columbian’s account of it:

    Maybe once Stuart returns from New Orleans, where he and Jeff Hamm are at a Transportation convention checking out the latest in electric trains and hearing new creative ways to stick us with more taxes to pay for it, we will see a few sparks fly.


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