Part-Time Occupiers to Descend on Vancouver, Washington

by lewwaters

I guess better late than never, an “Occupy Vancouver” event is planned to be held in Esther Short Park this Saturday, October 15, 2011. Unlike other “Occupations” around the country, supposedly showing their disdain for something, passing out free condoms, not bathing and being a general nuisance, “Occupy Vancouver” is slated to be held from noon to 3PM.

The facebook page for this part-time protest states,

“Join together with your fellow citizens to show this nation that we are aware of the injustices, and that we will peacefully assemble in solidarity with the International Day of Occupation on October 15th.”

“This is NOT a movement against authority, this is NOT a movement against police, this IS a peaceful movement of awareness!”

“Thanks for your support! Come voice your ideas, we have three proposed general assembly meetings over the coming days to talk about the event next weekend, and to listen to the public before the event. Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th, both at 2pm at Esther Short Park near the center band-shell. And also, Wednesday the 12th at 6pm, same location.”

Apparently they already started their occupation and since we all missed it, they plan to do it again.

Odd how it isn’t a “movement against anything,” but “awareness.” Awareness of what? Your guess is as good as mine.

Curious to find the comment below from the Columbian’s Cami Joner, interested in covering the event and reaching out to the part-time malcontents.

How many Tea Party events and other conservative rallies have just been ignored by the Columbian? Oh sure, they have covered a couple, but by and large, they like to bury their heads in their collective print and ignore such things, just as they did for the Bridging the Gaps II event this past weekend.

Many participating in the various “ocuppy’s” around the country don’t have a clue just what it is they want, they just protest, following along blindly with whoever steps and begins speaking, as long as they speak against conservatism and private enterprise.

It’s little wonder the socialist Democrats from D.C. have come out in support of these malcontents, while each of them rests comfortably in their luxurious mansions, fly around the globe on our money, ride in chauffer driven limousines and SUV’s all while complaining about corporate CEO’s being greedy.

“I support the message to the establishment, whether it’s Wall Street or the political establishment and the rest, that change has to happen,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who recently increased her wealth by 63%.

“We realize that Occupy Wall Street is calling for systemic change. We are honored to join you in this call to take back our nation and democracy,” said Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream founders, Ben Greenfield and Jerry Cohen who sold their interests in the company for $326 Million.

Unlike other areas where protesters have opted for illegally camping out, defying laws and not bathing, Vancouver’s quasi-malcontents will assemble in Esther Short Park, listen to whoever steps up to tell them how wrong it all is in America, while they use corporate made iPads, iPods and cell phones, subscribed through corporate wireless services, will drive to the town center in their corporate made vehicles, even in a corporate made bus, many wearing corporate made designer clothes to hear someone badmouth corporations.

Then, they will climb back in their corporate made vehicles, drive back to their corporate made homes filled with corporate made furniture, corporate made furnaces for warmth, take a nice warm shower in a corporate made shower heated by a corporate made water heater, sign on to their corporate made computers linked to the internet through corporate internet services to boast to all of the facebook buddies that they made a difference for a couple hours by chanting “hey hey, ho ho, blah, blah, blah.”

In the meantime, the raise the blinders to Major Levitt and city council, the county commissioners and the C-Tran board ramming corporate made light rail down their throats, ignoring past votes against it and not even allowing another vote of the people to determine if we even want it.

Some people just have their priorities all fouled up!

5 Comments to “Part-Time Occupiers to Descend on Vancouver, Washington”

  1. It’s interesting that the so-called protesters can carry around signs glorifying a psychopathic killer like Ernie “Che” Guevera, and at the same time castigate people who run companies (like Ford, GM, McDonald’s etc.) and advocate for their death (as did Roseanne Barr recently). Actually, at least they are being refreshingly honest – unlike Dan Walker who piously calls for “a peaceful movement of awareness”. What a crock.


  2. It should also be noted, Craig, that had Tim Leavitt, Bart Hansen and Jeanne Harris had their way last year, they would be permitted to hold this “Expressive” gathering this weekend, without first getting permits, insurance and paying fees to the city.

    It was the usual hoard of Tea Partiers who showed up and spoke against the proposed ordinance last year.

    They ridicule us, scoff at us and demean us all they can, but if not for us, they would have lost their right along with ours.


  3. Buncha occupussies…


  4. I’m sure there are enough unwashed little punks in Vancouver to make a “get-together”. What do you want to bet that Jim Moeller will be down there with them chanting along with the rest of the mind-number robots and urinating on the sidewalks?


  5. Domestic violence is a political crime
    Governmental intervention into anything usually creates nameless, faceless bureaucracies, solving nothing, complicating everything, and resulting in higher taxes. The government has definitely made its way into family violence:
    “Like many crusades to stamp out social evils, the War on Domestic Violence is a mix of good intentions (who could be against stopping spousal abuse?), bad information, and worse theories. The result has been a host of unintended consequences that do little to empower victims while sanctioning interference in personal relationships.”
    Every few years a new “crime de jour” is created. This phenomenon begins with a legitimate social problem needing to be addressed. Examples in recent years of “crimes de jour” include “Driving While Intoxicated” and “Child Sexual Abuse.” The tragic consequences of isolated worst-case scenarios of these crimes are highly publicized. The nation is inundated with media coverage and informed the problem is not being adequately dealt with by the criminal justice system. Crime victims form support groups (such as M.A.D.D. — Mothers Against Drunk Driving), and these support groups in turn create lobby groups. The lobbyists influence the media, judges, and politicians. Political candidates sense community outrage and run campaigns with platforms designed to solve the “crime de jour.” After each campaign year and legislative session, new laws address perceived omissions, loopholes, and provide additional punishment for those convicted of the “crime de jour.”
    The enactment of such special interest group legislation officially converts the “crime de jour” into a “political crime.”
    “Some crusaders openly argue that domestic violence should be taken more seriously than other crimes. In 1996, the sponsor of a New York bill toughening penalties for misdemeanor assault on a family member (including ex-spouses and unwed partners) vowed to oppose a version extending the measure to all assaults: “The whole purpose of my bill is to single out domestic violence,” Assemblyman Joseph Lentol said. “I don’t want the world to think we’re treating stranger assaults the same way as domestic assaults.”
    True domestic violence must stop
    No rational person condones violence toward anyone, particularly a family member or intimate partner. In America there are many tragic domestic relationships that involve battered men, women, and children. A true victim in a violent intimate relationship needs immediate support and protection. A true batterer needs to face the legal consequences of their actions.
    But the term “batterer” is commonly misused in domestic violence debates. Battering does not refer to a single argument, nor does it mean the occasional conflicts that many couples have that may grow to yelling at each other and some pushing or shoving. Rather, battering involves beating and verbally abusing an intimate partner over a long period of time
    Unfortunately, the politicians and authorities do not see the difference!!!
    To the self-proclaimed saviors and protectors of abused “victims,” any allegation of domestic violence means the relationship must be one continuously engaged in abusive behavior.
    “The domestic violence entrepreneurs and state officials live in a different world from us. A sense of nameless vague threat is always in the background. To hear the pros talk, all the men they deal with are batterers, sexual abusers, or virtually time bombs of violence. Repeated cliches like “at risk” and “a safe place” and “maintaining safety” pepper their sentences. Yet, in many cases, there is no evidence of violence or any kind of serious harm to children, merely an accusation by the mother. But in the DV industry, when the accusation is made, the case is closed.”
    If an argument between intimate partners and spouses is the benchmark for domestic violence, then almost every couple and family in America would be defined as an abusive relationship. This governmental overreaction, and dragnet targeting of normal families and relationships, and treating them as criminals has led us to massive injustice across the nation

    Examples of what is not domestic violence
    Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, have arguments. Does that now mean, or justify, a trip to jail and a criminal conviction with lifetime penalties?
    Human beings make mistakes, cause accidents, and act immaturely at times. Everyone has past conduct they wish could be taken back. Part of being human is sometimes hurting those loved the most. The absurdity is to classify a single, out-of-character, nonviolent act as “criminal.”
    For instance, it is not domestic violence to:
    • Yell and scream at our girlfriend, spouse, or another household member, even if the neighbors hear it;
    • Use profanity during an argument with a girlfriend, spouse, or household member;
    • Engage in minor pushing incidents with a girlfriend, spouse, or household member;
    • Engage in consensual sex that may be loud or rough, e.g..
    • Engage in horseplay, wrestling matches, and pillow fights or similar mock combat even if accidents result;
    • Hold the arm or hand of a girlfriend, spouse, or household member while arguing;
    • Restrain an intimate partner to prevent them from hurting themselves or another family member;
    • Momentarily block the path of a girlfriend, spouse, or household member;
    • Throw and break items during an argument, or engage in consensual S&M;
    • Awake violently from a nightmare, or react violently when someone awakens you suddenly;
    • Say hurtful and mean things to a girlfriend, spouse, or household member;
    • Use self defense to stop a girlfriend, spouse, or household member from attacking you.
    • Serve, or have served in the Armed Forces of the United States, nor is such service a reasonable basis for “fear” in a rational and sane individual.

    Which professionals directly benefit from a community-based Victim Violence Center?
    • Medical: Physicians, S.A.N.E (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners), and Nurses;
    • Law Enforcement: Police Investigators, Patrol, Polygraph Operators; Supervisors, Staff;
    • Legal: District Attorney’s Offices; Assistant District Attorneys, Investigators, Staff;
    • Social Services: Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, Caseworkers, Investigators, Supervisors, and Support Staff;
    • Employment Offices: Employment Agencies, Workers, and Staff;
    • “Forensic Interviewers”;
    • Substance Abuse Centers: Substance Abuse Counselors;
    • Child Related Vendors; Counselors and Therapists;
    • Housing Authorities; Placement and Personnel
    • Counseling Services: Mental Health, Rage and Anger, Battering Intervention Prevention Program Counselors, Marriage Counselors, Family Counselors;
    • Women’s Advocacy Group Personnel
    • Women’s Shelter Placement Personnel and Shelter Personnel
    • Victim Advocate Services Personnel (Advocates to Support Victims and Monitor the Individual Case from Arrest Through Trial).
    Who on the above list benefits if no arrest and charge are made?
    Ultimately, this begs the big question:
    • Is the government interested in the quality or the quantity of domestic abuse cases?
    “This industry is an octopus. It’s got its tentacles in more and more parts of everyday life. It’s a political movement…This industry doesn’t answer to anybody. They’re in it mainly for the money…The industry’s problems may be about to increase, because it is becoming clear through scientific research that the whole premise of the movement and the industry it spawned — that “domestic violence” means bad men hitting helpless, innocent women — is just plain wrong.”
    this is another is an example of why we do not have jobs. My girlfriend is in jail and has been there for 91 days now because the guy who raped her call 911 when we had an argument.
    She reported the rapend the Vancouver Washington Police Department has refused to help her. There was a report made i have talk to VPD and all I get is we will check into it..


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