Democrats Come Out In Support of Occupy Wall Street

by lewwaters

Any doubt left that the Democrat Party has lost touch with mainstream America and is more interested in the destruction of America as we have always known it is laid to rest;

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While the Democrat Party now demonizes corporations and continues to lay all blame on everybody else but them, they now come out in support of a disjointed group of malcontents whose goal is a total disruption of your life so they can receive a free ride. Democrats forget their own complicity in the continually degrading economy as they ask for more Billions in stimulus, promote bypassing of congress by Barack Obama to implement his radical leftwing views and continue to promote a socialist takeover of America.

The Chart Below, supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows where unemployment has been since the year 2000 to date.

Of note, ever since Democrats seized both houses of congress, in January 2007, unemployment has steadily increased. Once they had all control of government, with the inauguration of Barack Obama in January 2009, unemployment skyrocketed passed 10% and remains about 9%, at a time they had complete control with filibuster proof majorities and a president in complete agreement with them.

And, that is the fault of Republicans?

And now, they are fully supportive of protesters who are so disjointed they cannot articulate why they are protesting intelligently?

How can any of you ever vote to keep a Democrat in office or hand them back the majority?

9 Comments to “Democrats Come Out In Support of Occupy Wall Street”

  1. you sir, are an idiot


  2. That’s the best you can do?

    Let me guess, you’re a progressive?


  3. libtard, is that the BEST you can do?


  4. I have a really DUMB question I would love to pass along to these adults acting like children. How many of the TOP democrats own a business that is incorporated?

    If you look real seriously, I bet a GOOD percentage do. So if they go on and on and on and on blathering like Lew and Kelly shows, how many top Democratic leadership have businesses or for other reasons, JUST to escape the tax burdens or for directing finances/financial structures?

    Lew, Kelly, Jack, Martin and ?, Am I wrong with this comment? Look at all the tech mavens from Sillicon Valley/Hollywood who give to the Democrat party as just one example.


  5. My belly laugh of the day comes at the expense of the City of Portland, who had to disconnect the brand new electric vehicle charging station in front of City Hall, because the douche nozzles “occupying” Portland were using it to charge their cellphones, laptops, smart phones, video recorders, and any other electronics you can name.


    My favorite picture from New Yawk is the honey that posted a pic of herself with her list of grievances, complaining about incurring $150,000 worth of student loans that she was demanding forgiveness of, while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in “Minority Women’s Studies”. Further, she was pissed because she could not earn enough in her chosen field to pay her existing loans, live in the manner she was accustomed to, and incur even more student loan debt while pursuing her Master’s Degree in the same subject!

    I don’t know why the Dhimmies are so reluctant to join these occupussies out there on the front lines, because THIS is their constituency. These are the people who elect them.

    These are the spoilt, ungrateful, (and probably born our of wedlock) spawn of the crew that elected Premier Hussein, Sam Adams, David Wu (repeatedly) and has voted to approve every wacky tax increase and uber-liberal ballot measure that came before them over the last 14 years that I have lived here. These people are the result of being born and raised while immersed in some of the deepest Liberal-Progressive wacked-out bullshit in and around the Portland public school system that anyone has ever read about. It should be no wonder these people have no agenda, because they have been raised and taught from birth to have absolutely no brains, no ambition, no personal pride, no boundaries and certainly no values or standards; (especially including personal hygiene…). These “occupations” are nothing more than a chance for the usual suspects to misbehave in public, and dare anyone to try and stop them while they all trod on the Constitutional values they all bleat so loudly that they are expressing. 90% of the participants in and around this area are the usual miscreants, dirtbags, homeless, students skipping high school and college classes, and every single nutjob within 25 miles with a bongo or a bucket to beat on and an anti-social axe to grind.

    Since I have lived here, nothing has said “Springtime” in Portland like the smell of teargas in the air, and if it were not for the fact that the Mayor of Portland is a eunuch, the Police would have cleared the public spaces over there days ago. These morons think they are engaging in some kind of “American Spring”, eh? Well it isn’t Mayday in Portland, but I urge the Portland Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff to call in the clans on these assholes soon, and clear the streets.

    Same goes for this demonstration in Esther Short Park. I think Vancouver PD needs to have a zero tolerance policy on public misbehavior. I do not want to see pictures of some paid protester abusing our local Police just because he’s being paid $350 a week, with a cash bonus once he bails out of jail.

    Machiavelli said “It is much more secure to be feared than to be loved”.

    Time for Portland PD to bust some heads, and clear the streets.


  6. Yes, the demonstrators are dorks, but does anyone here REALLY BELIEVE that unemployment numbers would be any different with a Republican in office?! Guys, you may want Rs in office for a lot of reasons but nobody is going to “fix” the U.S. economy. What we need are leaders who understand the situation and can land the plane safely.


  7. Martin, you’ve been coming here long enough to know that I don’t necessarily support Republicans. If they are really conservatives, I might support them.

    That is what the Tea Party has been about, correcting the wrong direction on both parties, but Dems are too far left right now.

    The R isn’t what is important, conservative is. I do not knowingly support RINO’s.


  8. Martin, RINO and Rockefeller Republicans most certainly assisted the entire DemocRat Party to put us in the position we find ourselves today. Just because there is an R next to the name does not mean they are not closet Progtards who like nothing more than to play nice with Dhimmies so they will say nice things about them.

    The lesson of the Tea Party from the 2010 elections is, “We ain’t finished yet!” Send guys like Marco Rubio reinforcements! Expand the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives. Vote big spenders off of City Council here locally.


  9. Has anybody “noticed” the absolute “silence” lately from from the Republican Party itself? They’re obviously on “lunch break”.

    The nation obviously wants Conservative candidates. The Republican Party obviously wants RINOS.

    Therein lies the “difference”.


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